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  1. Anne36

    Unable to wear N95 or papr

    I hope it works out for you. I work in LTC and we do not have any Covid but have been ordered to wear N95 masks ever since our facility got a stockpile back in September. It's very hard to wear a tight fitting facemask and shield all shift. Compliance is not 100%. Luckily we have not had anyone sick or die of Covid.
  2. As to the vaccine I have no doubt it will be made free of charge by our employer or the government. Our tax dollars will pay for it. Will it be tested safe or effective? No, there will not be any time for proper safety trials because it is a "warp speed" job. This will not stop it from becoming Mandatory. https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2020/05/28/state-bar-calls-for-mandatory-covid-19-vaccinations-regardless-of-objections/
  3. It is sure looking that way. We have been lucky and not had any Covid where I work but we are now required to get a Covid 19 test once a week. It is mandatory and we do not know how long this will go on. It is highly political and I would dare any so called experts to demonstrate or prove that it is effective in stopping the spread. There is no way to do it especially with the number of cases in a rapid decline right before all this testing began. Newest headlines point to millions of tests being made available by the new year. We can see that our employer is making us available to use up the covid tests national guard has so thoughtfully brought in. We thought they were going to be for sick people but now we are primarily testing people with 0 symptoms multiple times.
  4. If you are dissatisfied with your current job you probably won't like nursing either. The pay will be less than you make now. The workload won't get any better. I am actually ready to leave nursing as soon as I can find a job that pays close to what I make now. Our newest job requirements include getting nasal swabs every week for Covid. I can't imagine what they will come up with next. When I started nursing I never dreamed that part of the job would be routine invasive medical testing. Good luck to you.
  5. Anne36

    Fear and Anxiety

    I'm not even afraid of covid anymore. I'm more worried about losing my basic freedoms and human rights. We don't have the right to direct our own healthcare and keep a job at the same time in the state of michigan. Forced testing now. Doesn't matter if you are not sick of just got tested. It's called Economic terrorism at its finest. I am far more stressed that I'm being told I need a swab stuck up my nose to work than thought of getting covid.
  6. Anne36


    No, our entire building is being forced to test again. Last time we had no positive. They text you and give 48 hours to come in and get tested or no job. It's sick. There is no end game to this . How often do we have to be forced to test? Who is making this up as we go along? Is it appropriate to be forced to receive healthcare at my place of employment? What about privacy?
  7. Anne36

    New Admission Documentation

    Yes, I have seen second shift stay till 2 a.m. Doing an admit. They are supposed to complete their admits even tho their shift ends at1030 and we take admissions 24/7. Management nor corporate cares. I just hope they are not clocking out even while being told no overtime.
  8. No, we are not being told to wear masks at all times, in fact we are being told to ration our usage carefully. Only understand access to masks. No covid cases currently but there are facilities nearby that have them and we know of staff that has been directly exposed so it is only a matter of time before it happens. I think we should all be wearing masks but we do not have enough to take that step.
  9. I understand because I happen to be in a similar position. The longer I have been at this facility the more duties I have been given along with more residents to care for. Corporate is driven by profits and puts us in a difficult position. I've seen Nurses cry at work because of the stress. I would search for something different if I were you. Long term care has turned into a circus with the acuity and expectations for care at end of life. I should not be doing such things as calling lab, pharmacy and Dr in the middle of the night. I do not work in a hospital but sometimes I feel like it. Difference is we have 50 patients instead of 5.
  10. Anne36

    Health Insurance costs

    The cheapest family plan where I work is $660 a month. (that is 25% of my take home per month) The deductible is $3000 , 80/20 PPO, $40-60 co pay for office visits. I cant afford it right now so I am without insurance. I am probably going to shop in the marketplace.
  11. I only call the Doctor for emergencies on third shift. If there is no standing order than I write a communication to the Doctor for the request or I pass it on to the next shift. If I am unsure about a dressing, I do what I think is best at the time (without writing an order up) and leave a message for the care manager and a communication for the Doctor.
  12. Anne36

    LPN who does not want to be an RN?

    I have been an LPN for over 3 years now and I get the same comments and questions. I have no intention of going back to school for my RN. I do not want to work in a hospital setting or take on more responsibility than I have now. In fact I have thought of exploring other career paths to improve my income that do not include nursing at all.
  13. Anne36

    How long after graduation did you take the NCLEX?

    I took the nclex 3 months after graduating. I studied for about 4-6 weeks before taking the test and passed the first time.
  14. Anne36

    snf duties at night?

    On midnights I start by doing midnight meds, stock carts, treatments such as bandage changes, skin assessments (they want all of these done on midnights if possbible), some residents get up at night, mostly the ones with behaviors. Last night I got hit over the head with a clipboard as one snuck up behind me at the nursing station. Charting, careplans, pharmacy. Depending on the night, anything that goes on during dayshift, patient care, calling the Doctor if needed, etc. In the morning we start morning med pass until the day shift shows up, this means a mad rush the last 2 hours of the shift. In other words we have plenty of work to do on midnights, Ive missed breaks many times.
  15. Anne36

    No shift differential

    The Long Term Care that I work for does not pay shift differential ( I work Midnights), but they do pay holiday pay. This is my third year and I am still not getting a week of vacation time yet. First year, no vacation, second year was 3.5 days. I would take vacation time upaid and have had a few of those days but last time I got someone to cover my shift for me so I could take a day off, they wouldnt allow it. I have had almost no vacation in the last 3 years and Im very burned out.
  16. Anne36

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I was told at work today to not ever chart that I called the Doctor or that I informed the Doctor via the Log book (Nurse to Dr communication) about a problem with a resident. Wouldnt it look like I did not share information or follow up on a problem?