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  1. caliotter3

    Where Do Nurses Look for Jobs

    Former hh employers have sent mass mailings to nurses on the list of licensees that are obtainable from the Board. I have responded to these post cards.
  2. caliotter3

    Pay per visit rates

    That rate is low even for an LPN doing regular follow-up visits.
  3. caliotter3

    What will the California Board of Nursing want?

    You can rest assured the answer to this is NO. But, yes, many people graduated from the Excelsior (prior name Regents) College distance nursing program prior to December 2003 and were approved for licensure in CA before the change in policy. Ask administrative personnel at Presentation University about their graduates becoming licensed in CA. They should have no problem giving you an upfront answer.
  4. caliotter3

    Free teaching labor

    At one of my practicum sites, the nurse got "paid" in the sense that taking on a student nurse to precept gave her a ticket punch on her promotion to Nurse II 'to do' list.
  5. caliotter3

    12 patients for a new grad to much?

    Not light in the sense of the true definition of light, but light in the sense of what the assignment could be in LTC/SNF. I regularly worked a hallway with a census of 80 and was the sole licensed nurse in a facility of 52. Whatever happened in those venues I dealt with, good outcome or not. Not surprising that this fact of life contributed to me eventually leaving this area of nursing altogether. I doubt that I am the only one who left or will leave, partially because of this issue. Urge the OP to do the best they can until they can no longer do the best they can. That is about all one can say.
  6. caliotter3

    I have decided to retire!

    Yes. I'm in this category or would have retired four years ago. But congratulations there. You deserve this time in your life!
  7. It looks as if your outcome with this instructor is a foregone conclusion. Make a copy of all your email attempts to communicate with her as they will be evidence needed when you have to take your issue to the department chair.
  8. caliotter3

    Aveanna Takeover of Maxim

    Apparently Maxim also suffered from their federal legal troubles a few years back. Aveanna is the name change iteration of Pediatric Services of America combined with Epic Healthcare out of Texas. Millions of dollars of fines to the federal government probably has quite an impact on business that doesn't immediately go away once the fines are paid and the big shots have been canned. Gentiva changed their name too. Another industry impact on extended care home health operations has been the moratorium on new home health agency startups that only recently was lifted. Since homecare seems to be the ripe festering grounds for fraud, the big boys must no longer be interested in the risk. Impact on Maxim employees? Those who already have second jobs with Aveanna (Premier for instance), will find themselves out of one of their jobs, as Aveanna isn't going to care to pay overtime to any employees to hold two full time workloads.
  9. caliotter3

    Method 3

    If you are a CNA or a HHA, see if you can get a job doing pediatric care at a home health agency. It is worth going in and talking to somebody about it. Good luck.
  10. caliotter3

    New BSN Program at PPCC?

    Heard a rumor that the four year nursing degree program has been approved for Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs CO. Anybody know anything about this? Could not find any info in a quick search. The idea of a four year program originating from a two year school is intriguing to say the least.
  11. caliotter3

    Threatened by employer

    He was under stress when he said that, but that does not mean it is not true. Of course, that is the stance of probably 99.9% of employers. Most just don't come out and say it beforehand, that's all. If you are unnerved enough by what was said and how things appear at this point, take the advice of others and look around for that next pasture. But don't for one minute think that because someone does not say something inappropriate while in an aggravated state, that you are any more covered elsewhere, than you are at this place. No employer looks out for the peon. That is a given.
  12. caliotter3

    Advice please I’m torn.

    From my prior experience with similar situations, get away from that employer, as well as that case, period. Like yesterday.
  13. caliotter3

    job forcing app on personal phone

    This. I resent that my employers automatically expect me to maintain a cell phone so that I can literally be available to them at all hours. My phone currently is malfunctioning and they always make a remark about this. However, I have bought the last worthless cell phone for the near future. The broken phone works part of the time and I am making do with that. I call the employer often enough to keep in contact. If they want me to have a nice, "working" phone, then they can either provide me with one, or raise my pay so that I won't have to do without in order to buy yet another piece of junk.
  14. caliotter3

    Over 70% of Nurse Staff Turnover is Due to Bad Leadership

    I have found that management style or behavior can be drastically different from one individual to another. I have never left an employer due to bad management. My need for a paycheck is too great. However, when an employer has forgotten about me, I have made the conscious decision not to return the next time I am looking for work. I do not care to take the chance that I may be disappointed more than once by the same management actions even if it comes from a new individual.
  15. caliotter3

    OMGosh! Did I really lose all my "likes"?

    I find it fascinating that every one of my approximately 37,500 Likes From Before disappeared except for exactly One, from the year 2015. Other members got more than a random One Like migrated over, some a few dozen or so. That, of course, puts those people ahead of the Game. Just look at the differences between what is posted on the Leaderboard/under the member's name on posts and what is posted on the right hand side panel and you can see this for yourself. So, yes, it was physically possible to bring the Likes forward. To be fair to ALL members, exactly One Like should have been brought forward or exactly NO LIKES AT ALL. Don't enforce the perception of favoritism. That is so such a turnoff. The site loses credibility when individual members feel they have grounds to feel that they are being marginalized.