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  1. lilredbedhed

    Physician Office RN

    Hi Guys....I am on the hunt for a job working in a Physicians office near Morgantown, WV. My problem is that I have always worked in a hospital and I don't know where to start as far as negotiating a wage for an office job. Could anyone offer some insight as to what office RN"s make in that area? A starting point would be so helpful! Thanks in advance!
  2. lilredbedhed

    WVUH......any info???

    Hi! I graduated from school with my ADN in May and am currently undergoing orientation at Ruby for a GN position. I must say I am feeling VERY overwhelmed... but also excited! Does anyone here have any input as to what WVUH is like as an employer? Have they been fair? I heard that on a med-surg floor that it is realistic to expect to be on your own after 3 or 4 weeks of precepting. I am also thinking about re-enrolling in school this year to get my BSN, but am scared to ask them to accomodate my schedule...I may have to cut back my hours to do this. I don't want to ask too much since I am new. Does anyone know how often raises are given and the percentage a raise normally is? Wondering if it is performance based or across the board? I had 2 other job offers but chose Ruby because it has such a wonderful reputation...I am just hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew!!!! Thanks in advance for any information you might have!
  3. lilredbedhed

    Glory to God, I did it!!

    Congratulations! And a well deserved one at that...! I know what a long, hard road nursing school is, the commitment and dedication, and the sacrifice you make to take on this endeavor. I hope that nursing is everything you want it to be! Good luck in all you do!
  4. lilredbedhed

    Hey, New Grad!!!!

    Hi...I am graduating on May 16...have my finals next week (fingers crossed)! I am starting a job at Ruby Memorial in June. I had 3 offers of employment in the area and chose to work at Ruby...I am pretty excited about it...although I am also very nervous. I decided to go with a med/surg floor instead of a specialty for now because I want to get some general experience. Not sure yet about the first paycheck thing...I want to start a few accounts such as savings, college for son, retirement...etc. Won't be much left over after that...lol. I am also looking forward to a new car sometime in the fall before the snow flies! Oh and we musn't forget starting to pay off those lovely student loans....:-(
  5. lilredbedhed

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    MomofStudent...You are SO RIGHT. From my experience in nursing school, it seems as though a lot of my classmates are just expecting the flood gates to open and the jobs to come pouring out. It's tough out there!
  6. lilredbedhed

    Elkins WV says HI!

    Thought I would join in and say hi! I live in Fayette Co. Pennsylvania, but will be working in Morgantown starting on June first. I will be graduating from school in May and accepted a position at Ruby. I am excited but MUCHO nervous! Any advice for working at Ruby? Thanks guys, and....NICE TO MEETCHA!
  7. lilredbedhed

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    Hi, I am in S.W. Pennsylvania...I have interviewed at 3 hospitals and have been offered 2 jobs so far...one of them in Morgantown at Ruby. I still have another interview coming up next week at yet another hospital. I am so confused! LOL. Starting pay is between 19 to 21 an hour generally. Insurance is not a consideration for me because my husband has excellent insurance. Most hospitals in this area have done away with the student loan reimbursement programs...shoot! One of the main things for me is the shift. One hospital is offering all nights with a 10% shift differential and 3 12 hour shifts. The other is offering 2 16 hour shifts and one 8 hour shift, but is self scheduling and not all night work, however shift differential is only 60 cents. So right now I can not decide what to do. It is so hard when you have interviews in different weeks, and then some hospitals will offer you a job right away and some hospitals wait a month or so. Then they all want an answer within 1 or 2 days. You almost have to accept the first offer while waiting on the second and end up having to call and tell the first you have changed your mind. Then they are not happy campers! I wish I knew a better way to handle this. Well, either way, I am grateful that I have a job offer in this economy.
  8. lilredbedhed


    Not all of our boyfriends are physicists who can cover most of the bills. My husband works pretty hard, and right now he is covering our expenses too. I don't buy 300 dollar purses or get my hair and nails done on a monthly basis. As a matter of fact, I have never had a manicure. I pick up part time work when I can. It is HARD right now making ends meet. It costs money to raise kids and make your house payments and rent. We all don't have sisters or brother's to move in with, we have our own homes to make payments on and we all don't have room to spare! I think its fantastic if some people are not having a hard time, but let's appreciate the fact that we are all in DIFFERENT circumstances....some better than others. Nursing school is hard, and takes up a lot of our time, so let's encourage each other, and have some understanding!
  9. lilredbedhed

    Mon Valley Hospital

    Hi Everyone...I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about Mon Valley Hospital in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania? I recently did a clinical rotation there and thought it was pretty nice. Any thoughts? Does anyone know anything about the pay scale, how often you are up for review/raise, or the benefit package? Appreciate your help!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am doing a concept map on a pt with ulcerative colitis and came up with these nursing diagnosis: 1.diarrhea related to intestinal inflammatory process 2.Chronic pain 3.Impaired Skin Integrity r/t diarrhea 4. Risk for deficient fluid volume 5. Knowledge deficit I have all of my interventions and rationales, but I am having a hard time prioritizing them in order of importance....I am thinking the order in which I listed them...I know that deficient fluid volume is very important but it is just a "risk for" so I did not think it would come first...anyone up for some teaching!? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  11. lilredbedhed

    OB clinicals...Am I gonna vomit?????

    I'm with AZMOM on that one.....no way!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. lilredbedhed

    uterine rupture

    Yes, I have looked in my textbook, it does not have much in-depth information on the subject of uterine rupture. Just an overview. That is why I was asking for info!
  13. lilredbedhed

    uterine rupture

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping there is a l/d nurse here who can help me with a few questions. 1. Is it normal for a mom for contractions to cease immediately after a uterine rupture? if so, why does this happen? 2.What are the IMMEDIATE nursing interventions in a case like this? besides preparing client for immediate c-section? are there any other nursing interventions besides prep for c-section? Thanks everyone, I love this website!
  14. lilredbedhed

    Nurse extern interview

    Hi Guys, I just found out today that I got an interview (at the hospital I've been trying and trying to get in at) for an externship this summer. This is so important to me. I have never been on a job interview this important before and I was wondering if anyone had any idea about the types of questions they may ask...any help or advice would be so, so appreciated! Thanks, me
  15. Hi Everyone, I am doing nursing diagnosis and rationales for an OR experience that I had on Friday. The woman had surgery on her vulva for VIN and I am required to do 3 diagnosis and rationales. Here is what I have so far: 1. Acute pain related to tissue trauma, secondary to vulvar surgery, manifested by grimacing and verbalization of pain as a 7 on a scale of 0 -10 with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain ever felt. 2. Risk for infection related to inadequate primary defenses (broken skin) secondary to vulvar surgery. My question is this: do you think that disturbed body image would be a good nursing diagnosis? does anyone have any other suggestions? I need 3 diagnosis. We didnt actually see the patient except during surgery, so we dont really know how she felt afterwards, this is just something we are doing by "assuming". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!