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OR, Telemetry, PCCU, Med/Surg
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Knorremeisje specializes in OR, Telemetry, PCCU, Med/Surg.

Used to live in Phoenix, AZ and worked as a CNA/Unit secretary. Now I'm back in Belgium, in nursing school and working part-time as a CNA in the OR.

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  1. Knorremeisje

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    Actually they changed the pre-requisites on January 1st 2008. So lots of people were asking about the pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements at the infosession. We were told that as soon as you can apply to MCC you can apply to BNF. They also said that Banner pays for you co-requisites if you take them while you're in the program. I realize that it's hard (if not impossible) to combine the co-requisites with the actual nursing program - however, I'm almost done with BIO202 at Mesa CC over the summer and I've already signed up for BIO205 during the fall. MCC decided to add my proof of registration for BIO202 and BIO205 to my application and send it through anyways explaining that I wasn't aware of the change in pre-requisites. I was just very surprised that they changed them, without contacting any of us who did attend one of those infosessions or without adding this information to their website...
  2. Knorremeisje

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    I don't know if any of you guys knew this but besides being on the waiting list for the Maricopa Nursing Programs you also need to have finished BIO202 and BIO205 in order to apply to the Nurse Fellows program. When I went to the info session last February I was told that you could apply as soon as you applied to the Maricopa program. Well, when I sent in my application last week I got an e-mail back telling me that they can't process my application without transcripts for BIO202 and BIO205. So... that gives me another semester and by then I'll be able to apply to the JCL program in January as well. I'm kind of disappointed in Banner for providing incorrect information... Oh well...
  3. Knorremeisje

    CNA QUESTIONS, please help!

    I took my CNA classes at an LTC facility so I did not get to choose where I did my clinicals. I think that if you go through a community college you can choose between a couple of facilities that your school offers. About the clinicals, I didn't get to do clinicals until the very last week of my program. They did all the lectures in the first 5 weeks and then the last week I had clinicals Mon-Fri. You might want to ask your program director, though. It can be different for you. Hope this helped a bit!
  4. Knorremeisje

    BIO 202 at RIO (online)?

    I took BIO201 online at Rio over 16 weeks. It was terrible. I enjoyed every other class I've taken online, but not this one. Maybe combining it with CHM130 and ENG101 was not a good strategy either. However, I still got a high B and ended up doing okay. However, it did urge me to take BIO202 in person! So I'm taking BIO202 over the summer at Mesa CC.
  5. Knorremeisje

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    Anyone else applying for the October cohort?
  6. Knorremeisje

    Psy 101 Online

    I took this class through Rio as well and passed it with 100%. It was by far the easiest class I've ever taken. Every other week you write an essay about something from the 2-3 major parts that you found most interesting. You don't even have to read the entire chapter to do that. As was said before, you know in advance what will be asked on the final, again writing about those topics you chose, about your discussions, etc. , Are you still going for Rio or are you going for another cc?
  7. Knorremeisje

    HESI study guide-entrance test

    This is the one I have: http://www.amazon.com/Admission-Assessment-Study-Guide-HESI/dp/0965667839/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1211133093&sr=8-3
  8. Knorremeisje

    HESI study guide-entrance test

    I have the official HESI study guide and would be happy to sell it to you. Send me a PM if you're interested. :)
  9. Knorremeisje


    You can't even apply to nursing school unless you score 50% or higher in math and 60% or higher in reading. However, it shouldn't be a problem, it's not the hardest test you'll ever take and decently prepared anyone can score at least 70%.
  10. Knorremeisje

    About getting CNA job at hospital in AZ

    Yes, put all your previous job experiences on there, even the non-medical ones. They can still inquire about your work ethics and standards even though it wasn't a job in the medical field. Also be sure to list any classes that you took that look good on a resumee. For example, medical terminology, anatomy, Spanish, etc. After all, you make your first impression through your resumee! Good luck!
  11. Knorremeisje

    About getting CNA job at hospital in AZ

    I got my CNA training through a LTC facility and did not have a hard time finding a job at a hospital after that. I think it took me about 2 weeks from the time I started sending out applications until the day I actually got hired. Make sure your resumee looks good and send it to as many hospitals as possible. They ARE looking for CNA's ALL the time, although they might prefer an experienced one, many are willing to train you and teach you how to do things their way. :) Good luck!!
  12. Knorremeisje

    ASU vs. MCC Really?

    In the end most employers care only about whether or not you have your licence. When it comes to getting a job in critical care, I think your best chance is to work as an extern in critical care - no matter what program you're in. Your BSN will actually give you an advantage when you start to climb the corporate ladder. Many BSN programs focus on leadership in contrast to AAS programs. Usually charge nurses, clinical managers, etc. all have BSN's.
  13. Knorremeisje

    Cna & Pct?

    I was trained and licensed as a CNA. I was then hired at a hospital that mainly used PCT and they trained me there. Because PCT's don't need a license, there is a vague job description. It depends from hospital to hospital - certification is therefore hard to get. Unless you get the actual certification at a school. I made the same amount of money as a CNA. So don't expect getting paid all that much more. I recently got hired at a different hospital that doesn't use PCT's at all and I make more money there as a CNA than I did as a PCT. It really blows that I can't do many things I used to do, though. Hope this helps!
  14. Knorremeisje

    Advice for a foreigner, someone?

    The timeframe for pre-req's depends on whether or not you are going for AAS or BSN. Usually 2 years is plenty for the pre-req's for the AAS. However, for the BSN 2 years is the bare minimum in most cases.