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  1. It can be. I really think it just depends on the individual and their particular circumstances. For me the material wasn't hard so much as my procrastinating and lazy study habits. That made getting my LPN, ADN, and finally Bachelor's much "harder" and more stressful than they had to be. For others it's the material itself. And for some it's not the material or bad habits but they're juggling kids, job, marriage issues, sick parents, bills, etc on top of that. Or a combination. I knew one woman who failed out of the program 3 times because they couldn't pass a mandatory math test in the first semester but she was getting A's and B's on everything else. Everyone's situation is different. If you find yourself having an easy time of it then just be grateful. I'm pretty sure if I look back I can think of a few students who didn't seem to have much of an issue with nursing school at all. I just think in a sea of complaining they weren't going to talk about how smoothly everything was going for them .
  2. Jasel

    crisis care

    Had my first crisis care pt myself on Monday. Think it depends on the hospice but from the little I saw they are there to provide comfort/assist when needed. Although honestly I'm not sure what the ones who came for my pt did specifically. I know the CNA they sent for the day had tried to feed her, and the nurse for the night did help me hold her head up so I could give the pts medication. It didn't seem too involved. But not too much you can do for a DNR pt who is actively dying besides provide comfort and support.
  3. Jasel

    New LPN... taking it all in

    It took me probably at least 6 months before I felt comfortable on my own. I'm glad you got a good orientation. They offered new nurses 20 days of orientation which I quickly realized was just a sly way for them to get 20 days of work out of you -_- You'll get a feel for it though. Fortunately I didn't get anything too heavy thrown at me too early and as I progressed it became easier and easier to deal with unexpected situations thrown at me. Also realize you can't please everyone and sometimes patients are going to have to wait or be disappointed when things don't go their way.
  4. Jasel

    Stay or go??? Need advice!!!

    Really sounds like you should leave but you're just nervous about it and having to start all over in a new facility. If I was in your situation I'd go if the pay is as good or better than what you're getting and you can get the hours you need.
  5. Jasel

    Any tips you can give me for managing time?

    I usually start by trying to make sure that I have everything I know I will need done ahead of time to make things go smoothly as possible. I'll give you the general gist of my shift this past Friday evening. I had 18/21 patients of this unit and am familiar with all of them. 2:25p: Arrive on unit. Patient wants me to call doctor to get her a pass for Sunday. Promised I'd do it the day before but I was too busy so took care of this immediately. Finished doing that by 2:30p 2:30p: Get keys from nurse I'm relieving, he's too busy to help me count so I count while he sat at the desk and it was good so I kept the keys. 2:35p: I go around to all my g-tube feeding patients and remove their old g-tubes and throw them in the soiled linen/trash room. 2:40p: Grab some folded scrap paper and a prescription refill order sheet 2:40p: I know I have 8 heparin injections I have to give on my shift so I pull them all up ahead of time and leave them in the top of the cart (Keep your cart locked when you're not by it, if state comes in the building discard the syringes immediately) 2:55p: gather alcohol pads, glucose strips, finger prickers (bleh forgot what they're called), and alcohol wipes 3:00p: Get the blood sugars for my 4pm accuchecks, record them in the MAR, and flag any insulin doses I'll have to give during my med pass. 3:20p: Run to supply room on the other side of the building where we keep our feedings. Shove 2 diabetic boosts in one pocket, 6 feeding tubes in my other pocket, have 1 Diabetasource feedings under each arms and 2 in each hand. Balance my way back to my unit. 3:25p: Place feedings on cart and look at the desk to see Admissions left me an re-admission. Yay! (ugh) 3:25p: Fill out the necessary paper work for my CNA for the admit, get my short report sheet filled out with as much info as I've been given so far so Im' ready when the nurse calls and leave it at the desk 3:40p: Label all my g-tube feedings with patients names,dates, rates prime them and hang them in each room so they're ready to be connected. 6 of them so it takes me about 20 minutes. 4:05p: Start my med pass. I finished around 5:45p which was about the time the admission came and also got 2 more accuchecks for 6pm. And I got report from the hospital she came from in between then. 6pm - 8pm: Trying to reach doctor, working on admission paperwork, assessing admit, calling the pharmacy, DCing foley, getting ABT from convience box, stopping another patients feeding at 6, giving dilantin at 7, restarting the feeding at 8pm 8pm: Start my 9pm med pass. 9:15pm: Finish 9pm med pass 9:15pm - 10:30p: Get RN to hang PICC (LPN's can't hang PICCs in IL) for a patient's ABT's, finish admits paperwork. 10:40p: Night nurse arrives to relieve me and I give report. If you mentally run through some of the things you know you'll need to do, even if it's something thrown at you last minute you'll find your much better equipped to manage your time when you get things out of the way ahead of time. Pulling up those syringes, getting my accuchecks, and hanging all those feedings probably saved me another 30 - 40 minutes on my med pass. Not to mention the time I would have lost to work on my admission. Good luck with your management skills. It's a process developing them but you will:)
  6. Jasel

    Guys: what made you want to go into nursing?

    I went into nursing for job security. And what I read about the field made it sound very flexible. I do enjoy what I do however although there are some days I don't feel like going into work at all: P
  7. Anyone know if you can do Indiana State U's LVN to RN program without dealing with the College Network?? Everytime I try to look into it I get those non-stop harassing calls from TCN. Plus I've read WAAY too many negative things about them online.
  8. Jasel

    Trach suctioning. Bullet vs. no bullet

    I'm not familiar with "NS bullets". What are those exactly?? Anyway if the trach is almost plugged or just really thickened up I'll just take the whole thing out and clean it. We only have one trach patient at our facility who has been there for years. She also gets atropine drops SL BID to help clear up secretions which works pretty well from what I've seen.
  9. Jasel

    2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    Location: Evergreen Park, IL Hourly: $20, no differential, no experience
  10. Jasel

    Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor?

    I've been a nurse 4 1/2 months and am only 26. It's happened at least 8 or 9 times.
  11. Jasel

    Why do nurses have to "eat their young"?

    In 2 days it will be my 4 month mark at my first job. I've never had to deal with the entire "eating your young" phenomenon that I heard so much about. But I honestly think it's because I'm a male.
  12. Jasel

    Finally accepted:D

    Passed the NCLEX:)
  13. Hi. I'm not sure if we're allowed to post links on this site but you could check out http://www.dosagehelp.com/
  14. Jasel

    just found out I'm pregnant!

    Congratulations. Your school should be willing to work with you as pregnancies in nursing school is not uncommon.
  15. Jasel

    Finally accepted:D

    Well I'm happy to say that today was my last day of nursing school. I passed the ATI and am done with the program. I'm glad and nervous at the same time. Glad that I finished, and nervous that I don't feel like I know a quarter of what I need to be a nurse. Overall though I'm just glad to be done. It was a lot of hard work but I know it will be worth it. My study habits didn't improve either: P Thanks once again for the advice and well wishes. Just figured I'd let you know in the end it was appreciated :) edit: And yes nursing school did introduce me to coffee : P