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  1. scooby72

    Help from my OB/GYN friends?

    Thanks for the info. My post does probably sound silly to you you guys and gals that see this every day but I'm used to dealing with the "little people" so this situation is out of my comfort zone. I will definitely brush up on the suggested topics. Last I heard - Mom is progressing quite nicely and will probably deliver tonight. When she comes back to work she can bring on all the baby questions - I've got that down pat
  2. scooby72

    Help from my OB/GYN friends?

    First - let me thank you all in advance for allowing me to jump on your board. Need some advice. I had an interesting day today! I'm a School Nurse and my day went from strep to lice (always fun) to various psych meds to "I just started my period"" to possible wrist fx from skating in gym to "I think my water broke!!" Yikes!! This is the first time this has happened to me in my 12 yrs. Young teacher G2 P1 (See - I did pay attention in that OB rotation years ago) toddles into my office. I saw that she was "leaking." I am trying to wrack my brain for what scant OB knowledge I have. So this is what I did: Contractions? "No - just some general tightening across belly." How many weeks? - "37.5 (whew) VS stable. No - don't finish your lunch. Called her OB (come to the office) and her hubby (Guess you won't finishing those errands today) and basically just kept her calm and kept the "Looky-loos" out of the area. It did get me thinking though - Is ther anything else I should have done? I have two more teachers due within a few weeks. The only interaction I usually have with the pregnant staff is to let them know what's going around that could harm them and baby, occasional BP checks, and answer "normal" pregnancy questions. This obviously wasn't "boil the water - I'm gonna birth a baby" but what if it was or if she wasn't so close to term? At what point or under which circumstances should I activate EMS?
  3. scooby72

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Weird names.... My sisters and I went to school with a Candy Kain, April Rains, Sherman Tank, and a Crystal Surface... James Dean a groomsman in my wedding. Working as a School Nurse I have come across a few wild ones as well: Blazin' (apparently both a girl and boy name - I've had both), Daisy-Boo (middle name Heaven - kid you not), Lavender and Violet (sisters), Cobra, Poe'Nay. The worst one so far: Damian Lucifer (first and middle name - poor kid!) Oh, and I've had an Omer Omer (first and last name - no middle name). At first we thought it was a cultural thing - they had immigrated to our country less than ten years ago. But the strange thing was that the other kids in the family - older and younger - had distinctive and pretty common first names - maybe they just had "writer's block" the day he was born.