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  1. Is this true? Australia Will Hold Applications For Their Foreign Nursing Jobs! http://www.nursingjobsabroad.net/australia-will-hold-applications-for-their-foreign-nursing-jobs/#content
  2. Hi guys! do you recommend bridging programs through consultancy firm here in the philippines?
  3. echo23

    Qualities of an ER nurse!

    Hi king, Im from philly same as yours and im new at ED..I just started my rotation since monday and i gotta say it's overwhelming..I mainly observed the flow of nurses and know all the protocols in my hospital..I gotta say that Im loving the ED Environment..Well goodluck, Hope you will soon become an ER nurse. My advise would be, you should know the protocols of the ED first before engaging in a warzone area..hehe.. =)
  4. echo23

    Rules for the ER (long)

    you're lucky ed you only got 4 patients. I usually have minimum 15patients at ED in an 8hour shift. but still i love my job. =)
  5. echo23

    Saudi- MOH

    Hi judea, I saw your private message to me regarding the KSA. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it. I'm sorry i couldn't reply back because I have no permission to reply on private messages. Thanks anyway.