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  1. Hi guys. Im very interested to work in Norway. I call this a desperate move. I visited an agency just this afternoon. And i'm impressed by the way they explain to me all my queries regarding work for Norway. I'm very eager I will push through. I have a friend who already registered for SAFH under that agency. I'm planning to pass all my requirements by next week. =)

  2. Hi king, Im from philly same as yours and im new at ED..I just started my rotation since monday and i gotta say it's overwhelming..I mainly observed the flow of nurses and know all the protocols in my hospital..I gotta say that Im loving the ED Environment..Well goodluck, Hope you will soon become an ER nurse. My advise would be, you should know the protocols of the ED first before engaging in a warzone area..hehe.. =)

  3. Well, more info about my application at osmak goes this way>>>

    I passed my documents for application May of last year. Then they texted me on August for the Nursing exam, then a week later they sms me for my psychological exam, 3 days after the exam they again texted me for psyche interview, then about two weeks after the interview, they texted me for my final interview that happened on september... I waited then follow up, waited then follow up again..until I received a text on 27th March from osmak to pass all my original documents and informed me to prepare for my medical exam and the training will soon start...That's my application story at osmak.. bow..hehe.. =)

  4. Im 24. I've been a registered nurse since i was 22. I took nursing for four years since it is the curriculum here in my country. I still dont have a pay job so far because it's so hard to become employed in a hospital due to overstaffing of nurses. I only attend trainings and seminars. I hope I could work in the US since nurses are well compensated there. ;)

  5. Its not important to pass all the 19 requirements. I even don't have a voters affidavit and police clearance. Im sorry to say i don't have the list because i misplaced it. But i can tell you the documents i passed last year as far as i can remember. All must be photocopied.

    1. Diploma

    2. TOR

    3. RLE Summary

    4. Recommendation Letter

    5. Good Moral Character

    6. PRC License Card

    7. Board of Rating

    8. Board Certificate

    9. PNA ID

    10. ANSAP ID (if any)

    11. BLS ID (if any)

    12. Trainings and seminars certificates

    13. Birth Certificate

    14. NBI Clearance

    15. Police clearance

    16. Voters Affidavit

    17.Community Tax Certificate



    I dunno the other two, hehe.. but they will still accept if you have lack requirements they will give you time to accomplish it. I hope this will help. Goodluck on your application. ;)

  6. Its not important to complete those 19 requirements. Im sorry i dont have the list, i think i misplaced it but then i'll write down what i can remember when i pass my requirements last year. All must be photocopied.

    1. Diploma

    2. TOR

    3. RLE Summary

    4. Reccommendation Letter

    5. Good Moral Character

    6. PRC License Card


  7. Hi judea,

    I saw your private message to me regarding the KSA. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it. I'm sorry i couldn't reply back because I have no permission to reply on private messages. Thanks anyway. ;)