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Spazzy Nurse has 9 years experience as a RN and specializes in Mental Health, MI/CD, Neurology.

Married to my best bud. 5 years ago we changed our names to "Daddy" & "Mommy" and welcomed the coolest little man on earth. His baby brother arrived in early 2006, and somehow he manages to be the coolest little man on earth too. 🙂

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  1. Spazzy Nurse

    Minnesota Roll Call

    I live in the eastern burbs. I've always lived in MN and for a few years in northwestern WI. The winters get to me after a while, but do like living here. I don't have anything to compare it to. :) I'm an RN, splitting my part time hours between two psychiatric treatment programs and one board and lodge for MI/CD clients. Been doing it for 9 years and I can't see myself doing anything else.
  2. Spazzy Nurse

    "Private" CPNE workshops?

    I was just curious about these "private" workshops, not the ones put on by EC or the publishing companies. It is my understanding that they are put on by former students? I had just never heard of this before and was wondering who these people are and how much they are charging for their workshops. When I was still a student, there was a student who bought and rented a hospital bed, IV pump, and loads of other supplies and equipment and would invite people there to practice with him. He referred to this as a "workshop" which I thought was pretty funny. I took EC's workshop too. I recommend taking theirs to everyone, since they are the actual horse. :)
  3. Spazzy Nurse

    St. Paul Techies

    Ok it's St. Paul College now. I forget that. Anywho, I was in that area the other day and had some time before I had to be where I had to be, so I swung by the school. I hadn't been there since 1997 on the day of my pinning. How weird it was going back! The big store area downstairs used to be the main office. The upstairs looks exactly the same! It was like I never left. I saw Jude Franko. She smiled as soon as she saw me and said she remembered me but didn't remember my name so I told her. She was so smiley and nice (wasn't like that when I was a student!! :chuckle) and was all interested in what I was doing now. It was fun going back and seeing all the current students milling around the area before class! It really does seem like yesterday. :)
  4. Spazzy Nurse

    Several CPNE questions

    Re: your #4 question---- if there is something that is a tough call and you just don't know the answer to (like the question you posed) you can always ask the primary nurse what they have been doing. I had a situation like this where I was unable to feel any pulses in a lower extremity. I asked the primary nurse how they have been getting the pulses and she said that a dopplar had just been done so that pulses did not need to be checked. I invoked CDM on that one and it was just fine.
  5. Spazzy Nurse

    adn and cna

    I have always said that a person has not really had a JOB until they have worked as a CNA. That's a job. It's such a very, very important job with skills that you will use for the rest of your life should you enter the healthcare field. It's not always pretty, but you quickly develop a strong stomach and every job after a CNA job seems easier and smells nicer. :wink2: I wouldn't trade my years as a CNA for anything. Not only did that experience made my schooling first for LPN and then RN a million times easier, but I think that it made me a better nurse. Plus you can always tell nurses who have been CNAs. They were easy to spot when I was an aide. If it is a 2 year LPN, wouldn't that be considered an associate degree? I always thought 1 year LPN was a diploma and 2 year LPN was a degree. (I'm glad we're talking about this--- I've always been confused about it!) And heyya, Pbelle!
  6. Spazzy Nurse

    Hey Wisconsin Folks

    I'm your neighbor to the west. I went through EC and was very happy with it. There are loads of EC students over on the Distance Learning/Indep. Study board. Take a hop on over there.
  7. Spazzy Nurse

    L.P.N to R.N trough RUE?

    :yeahthat: I went with them and am sorry that I did. PM me for details.
  8. Spazzy Nurse

    "Private" CPNE workshops?

    I've seen "private" workshops mentioned in a few posts and was wondering what the heck these are? Are they former students putting them on, through publishing companies, or what??? How long are they? And how much do they cost?
  9. Spazzy Nurse

    EC CPNE workshop

    I went to a workshop put on by EC prior to my CPNE and I was VERY glad that I did. I thought it was money very well spent. Like medicrnohio, it calmed my nerves. I went when I was 98% ready to do my CPNE and the workshop helped me to get that last 2%. It's great that you have wonderful skills--- just remember that the CPNE rules aren't necessarily like the ones that you live by in the real world. You have to play by their rules. I tested with a woman who did care plans for a living. She immediately failed her CPNE because she did her care planning how she does them--- not how EC wants them.
  10. Spazzy Nurse

    CPNE Failure

    I'm so sorry it was a rough weekend for you. I've been there so I understand completely. You know exactly what you did wrong and you will not do those things again. You have come so far and worked SO hard---- please don't give up. You can do it. You are one step away from being done.
  11. Spazzy Nurse


    Ditto. I know several other people in other states who it has worked out real well for as well. Good luck! :)
  12. Spazzy Nurse

    Flu Clinic

    Check out the job section in the papers too. Every year I see ads wanting nurses for flu clinics.
  13. Spazzy Nurse

    adn and cna

    CNA = certified nursing assistant (or certified nurse's aide) ADN = associate degree in nursing I have my ADN and I am an RN. Would people who have a 2 year LPN degree also say that they have their ADN? (Sorry to answer your post with another question!) A CNA ranks slightly above an HHA---at least it did back in my aide days....maybe things have changed. I was a CNA and that automatically made me a HHA when I applied to a home health agency. I don't believe a HHA would automatically be a CNA though if the situation were reversed (make sense?). Please, someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Sorry I can't help out with any of the exam questions. I guess I didn't help out with any of your questions though, did I.
  14. Spazzy Nurse

    The College Network?

    Just remember, it was College Network who told you your courses will transfer, NOT EC. As you probably know, CN is in NO WAY affiliated with EC. EC has the final say in the matter of courses which will transfer. CN can give you somewhat of an idea, but nothing is for sure until EC says it.
  15. Spazzy Nurse

    GRID, Mnemonics for CPNE

    I love seeing stuff trickle down to new students! :) Just keep in mind that things may have changed since those were written. I know there have been a few changes since I did my grid and mnemonics. Get this..... a couple years back I gave my grid to a fellow EC student, and then I saw her SELLING it on eBay!!
  16. Spazzy Nurse

    Good luck in Madison, Barbiedee!

    go barb!go barb!go barb! you can blow this thing out of the water, barb!! you've worked hard and you so deserve to pass! my mind will be in madison this weekend!! by the way, at the end when you pass, you'll get to write a little message in a book. what a cool thought that we'll both have one in there! :wink2: