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ohmeowzer RN is a RN and specializes in ob/gyn med /surg.

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  1. ohmeowzer RN

    Heel slipping in nursing clogs

    I wear Algeria they are comfy
  2. ohmeowzer RN

    Nursing and the supernatural

    I love this thread
  3. ohmeowzer RN

    You should know better

    I'm only human ! Anything with bacon ... I'd build a big bacon castle and eat my way out of it if I could
  4. ohmeowzer RN

    Help with lab interpretation !

    I loved this thread I have a very interesting patient ,she is 50 positive ANA , family history of Psoriatric Arthritis and she is showing signs of Psoriatric arthritis . Nail problems , swollen joints painful heels , conjunctivitis , set also has a history of Psoriatric lesions in her scalp and Hands that come and go. Yet her sed rate normal and normal CRP .. WBC count around 4 , is it possible to have a normal sed rate and have Psoriatric arthritis ? What other labs would be helpful ? I feel bad for her because her joint pain Is intense has hip pain although her X-ray was normal I can't help but feel there's more to this than the labs we have show . She has a referral to a rheumatologist , anyway thank you in advance , sorry if any typos I'm exhausted
  5. ohmeowzer RN

    Best home health agenciesin LV

    What are the best home health agencies to work for in Las Vegas for home visits ? Who has the best benefits and pay ? I don't want to do staff relief at hospitals just home visits ? I need health insurance and 401k ,,, thank,you
  6. ohmeowzer RN

    Call offs

    How many calls offs are you allowed in a rolling calendar year .. We have 4 and we get a verbal at 5 and level 1 at 6 . they don't care if a family member is very ill and you call off it still counts , no excuses , if your son is sick in the hospital they don't care . What bothers me is we have a supervisor just takes her name off the schedule if something comes up with her family so she never has call ins, I on the other hand had a 6 year old get sick and had to call off ,they wouldn't take my name off the schedule like the supervisor would do hers . She refused to take my name off so I wouldn't get counted as a call in ... But if it was her she would just remove her name . I am now at a level 1 with a nasty write up .... And I guess that's how it is , thanks for letting me vent ... I can't do anything about it oh and im a widow
  7. ohmeowzer RN

    pt received the wrong blood

    we had to send a pt to the ICU today because the nurses who gave and witnessed the blood for him didn't check correctly. made me sick to my stomach ,,, never in my day have i seen a pt's safety above being in a hurry ... they had to turn themselves into the board and lost their jobs .. they are waiting to hear from the board if they will be investigated or not .. the pt is still in ICU ... will he ever be able to receive a blood transfusion without antibody problems ?what are the pt's long term effects from receiving a unit of the wrong blood? how do they reverse the wrong blood in a pt's system? dialysis? thank you in advance
  8. ohmeowzer RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I worked in a nursing home and the room was for 2 pts , my patient was dying I pulled the curtain between the beds for privacy . After I pulled the curtain a few moments the pt passed away ..when he took his last breath the curtain shook in back of me . It was like his spirit shook the curtains it was coming out of his body ... I was scared and ran out of the room!
  9. ohmeowzer RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I don't know how he would know ?
  10. ohmeowzer RN

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    My fav thread !
  11. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    I do agree with you ... I even have older pts who never say please or thank you and I thought they would be the ones with the most manners .. I grew up with very strict manners my grandmothers were victorian and well educated and rich . I am grateful I was raised with manners .. Anyone else go to Emma Willard in Troy Ny ? I loved it there and was taught manners as a young child ..
  12. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    hi I'm from NY , I love cats and apple pie ... Are we introduced ?
  13. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    haggis is a toughy .. I'd have a rough time with that one
  14. ohmeowzer RN

    Miss Manners for Nurses

    I would say well I'm on a diet and I shouldn't .......but yessssss I want that pie .. I changed my mind please give me a big piece and do you have vanilla ice creme ? Piece of cheese? Then I would say no thank you to a second helping .. To be polite ... Secretly praying they make me take another piece .... ... Then I would politely say " yah know blueberry pie is very yummie" just offering a statement ... Lol ......I've never met a pie I didn't like ... My aunt Bess would turn over in her grave at my manners ... lol she graduated from Wellesly and was very prim .. I loved her a lot even when she told me " take your elbows off the table , you weren't brought up in a barn " she really was my fav I loved her I think of her often especially when I find my elbows on the table
  15. ohmeowzer RN

    Suicide by antibotics ?

    Lol I was thinking how did you do this , why and fish antibotics? For fish are they even antibotics? Well I guess they are ... I think he will never fully recover from this .. What's so bad in life you have to overdose on fish pills? Sad
  16. ohmeowzer RN

    Suicide by antibotics ?

    Thank you I've never heard fish needed them .. Emergent you gotta do what you gotta do at least you didn't take 500 and I'm sure a lot of people do it that can't afford a dr .. I just never knew about them .. It's very interesting ,, thank you for posting hugs