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gentlegiver is a ASN, LPN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. gentlegiver

    Why Nursing staff harm thier charges??

    Can someone please tell me what would make people harm the patients placed in thier care?? I keep reading about Nurses and CNAs and other staff abusing, neglecting and even killing thier charges. I don't understand why they feel the need to do this. Yes, I take care of patients who are abusive to staff, some are aware of what they are doing others are not. Still I would never knowingly or willingly do harm to any of them.
  2. gentlegiver

    Dead bodies?

    I consider it an honor to do post-mortum care. It's the last job I can preform for my pt and thier families. That said, while doing the care I talk to them and sing to myself (usually Amazing Grace). I once had a 98yr old lady pass. When I called for premission for RN Pronouncement, the PA who was angry about being woken up, demanded to know if it was an expected death.... my reply was "she's 98... do you think she was immortal??
  3. gentlegiver

    CPR for the frail and obese

    As a new Nurse I had a 400lb pt choke on lunch. I couldn't get my arms around the pt so one of the CNA's and I joined hands and circled the pt and that did the job. It was cumbersom but it worked!!
  4. Respectfully I disagree and have to say I fail to see how you formed your opinion. I work LTC, I watch my staff give care to thier patients just as they would give care to thier family members. We provide a safe place for those who cannot care for themselves. We watch each and every one of those people and can tell the smallest change in behavior and health. When they are crying in thier sleep, my staff and myself will go and sit with them, hold thier hands, listen to thier fears, or wrap our arms around them and hold them for as long as they need. Yes we have other patients to watch over, but each person is special and loved by us. I have seen CNA's and Nurses take turns sitting with a dying patient while waitting for the family to arrive. I have watched as Nurses took patients out to dinner or church or a movie. I have seen people take the time on thier day off to accompany a patient to the Dr's when the family couldn't. We don't care what it costs for a person to stay in our faculity, in fact, if asked most of us have no clue how much it costs to stay. The reality is that each and every one of our charges become family to us. No, they are not family by blood, but just as important, they become family of the heart!
  5. gentlegiver

    What You Do Best

    I have yet to meet a person I could not straight cath in 1 try! (The reason I became so great at it is the scents you breath in while working in "That" area )
  6. gentlegiver

    Giving Report to Medics... What do they know?

    I usually give a report on why I am sending them out, what thier baseline normally is, VS & if they are A&O or not. I usually send the last labs done on the patient so the hospital has an idea of what to test for and are not repeating tests unless needed. I also call the hospital and report who I am sending, why and what I am sending with them. My BF is a retired EMT/Firefighter, I know he has alot more experience than I do so I treat all EMT/Paramedics as if they are equal or more experienced to me.
  7. gentlegiver

    Pre-printed MARs

    Cross them out! You have no idea how much trouble it is for a new employee (or agency Nurse) to figure out what should and should not be given.
  8. gentlegiver

    Unlicensed caregiver?!?!

    I agree with Want2BANURSESOON, there are many jobs out there for home-companions. This is what you are doing, if you are worried about not being licenced, go for a class in Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA). This will also give you more experience and we are ALWAYS looking for good CNAs. (This in NOT a slam against CNAs, I have worked with more great CNAs than bad ones)
  9. gentlegiver

    "Do you wanna.......huh...........do you really wanna?"

    No, for that we need a catchers mitt!
  10. gentlegiver

    Is it as hard for Lpn's too?

    As an LPN, I beg to differ. You are very limited as to where you can work, in Massachusetts (where I live) LTC's are hiring more RN's therefore less jobs for us. I know of many LPN's who passed NCLEX and 6 months to a year later are working as CNA's because they can't find jobs as LPNs.
  11. I have to say that I have told others not to go into nursing. Between the disrespect, ever increasing amount of documentation, demanding patients & family members, and the fact that you are guilty and have to prove your innocence for everything from patient complaints to meals served. I just can't advise anyone to enter this profession with a clear heart.
  12. gentlegiver

    Disrespected daily by residents

    EXCUSE ME???? they wrote you up for telling them you don't want to put up with being insulted??? Leave that place NOW! It's not worthy of your time or well being. (sorry for the caps but this just ticked me off and hit every button on my list)
  13. gentlegiver

    Disrespected daily by residents

    I believe she meant LTC residents. I pray daily that these attitudes towards people of different races will pass with this generation. In the mean time have you spoken to your supervisor? Many places will sit the offenders down and tell them this is not acceptable. Personally I would not give up on Nursing, I would dump this job and find a new one, that attitude is creating a hostile working environment for you and you do not have to put up with it. Good luck in you decision.
  14. gentlegiver

    How are some nurses nurses?!

    I work LTC, I rarely have braces (other than wrist ones) to apply on patients. That said, I did have a new patient come in with a brace for his leg that had more straps and pieces than you would have thought possible. None of us had the smallest idea of how the darn thing went on. The DON finally called the hospital and one of thier staff agreed to stop in to teach us on her way home. Needless to say, she was smerking and trying not to laugh at the mess we made in trying to put the darn thing on (we didn't take offense as once she showed us the correct way we all were laughing at ourselves). It didn't make us "bad" Nurses, just good Nurses who were untrained in new technology.
  15. gentlegiver

    No Narc count????

    All I can say is "no narc count? - no taking the keys - no taking the floor" Always insist on counting, it will save your behind (and your licence)!
  16. gentlegiver

    What's the craziest thing you've heard over the ambulance radio?

    From Hubby retired EMT/Firefighter: Man calls at 3AM: theres a big blue flame in my window dispatch: is it a fire? Man: NO! its a big blue flame dispatch: is that a jet passing over your house I hear? man: yes I live at the end of a runway. Big blue flame was reflection of afterburner during take-off