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  1. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Thanks Lykeen :)
  2. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    I'm not opening a book for the rest of the weekend :) Yes, I will check on you every once in a while. Thanks for your support.
  3. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Looksup2sky, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the certification test.
  4. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Thanks Lookup2sky, I appreciate your prayer and good wishes. I need all the prayers and good wishes i can get :) I'll let you know how i did.
  5. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Wow, I'm so glad you took the test and passed. I did not sign up for the test. The company I work for signed me up and payed. I have to pass the test to work for the company I currently work. I plan on taking the test. I'm glad to hear the questions are close to what you experienced on the test.
  6. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Thanks for your prayers. Let me know when you are taking your test and i will do the same for you. That is a good idea to drive to the site ahead of time to make sure i know where it is. I'm taking the week that i take the test off to do my last minute studying and relax before i take it. The company I work for will not let you work for them without certification. They allow you to work for them for 2 years but you have to take the test and pass to keep working for them.
  7. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Hi Lookupsky- Thanks for your response. I have the study guide for the generalist hospice and palliative nurse which is 255 practice questions with some case studies and a friend at work gave me his core curriculum for the generalist hospice and palliative Nursing book to use to study. I've went through both books and feel a little more confident but am still a little worried. I got a 93 percent on the practice questions and it made me feel better until i read on here that someone else got a good score on the practice test and didn't do good on the actual test. I'd like to take the test you are talking about on line. Where would i find this practice test. I'm willing to pay for it. The company I work for is paying for the certification test.
  8. nursecheryl

    Is there a proper way to chart what a patient/resident says?

    I agree with other posters that there may have been a better way to chart what the patient said without using another staff members name. I have come across the same situation as well and wouldn't have written the persons name. Sort of like when you write a incident report you don't put that in your charting.
  9. nursecheryl

    Is Nursing as Stressful as Nursing School?

    I'd say the amount of stress is about the same. The reason for the stress is a little different. In nursing school the stress was related to the grades and making it through clinical, now the stress is related to patients lives, comfort and safety. Making it through nursing school was the most important thing in my life at the time, now the most important thing while I'm working anyway is my patient. But now, when my 8 hours are over I try to go home and let it all go. When I was in nursing school i had a harder time letting it go.
  10. nursecheryl

    CHPN Exam

    Just wanted to say that I'm scheduled to take the exam the last Friday in September. I've been studying but should have been studying longer I think. I'm a little scared. I was going to ask the same questions about where I can get test questions to practice.
  11. nursecheryl

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I worked in a NICU I talked someone out of naming their baby Meconium and the staff and social worker tallked someone else (16 year olds) out of calling their twin babies Shi'thead (pronounced Sha'heed and...sorry i can't remember what they were going to name the other twin. The reason we got social work involved on that one was because the kids were laughing as they were trying to think of a way to name them that would be funny. We considered it a sign of what type of parents they were about to become. It is one thing when you name your kid something like that out of stupidity but something else when you do it as a joke.
  12. nursecheryl

    Wound classification

    In the facility we work in we classify them as decubitus, arterial, venous or surgical. We also give the stage of the wound. location, dimensions by cm, drainage amount and color. smell. If we don't document all of the above we will hear about it with the next audit. :uhoh21:
  13. nursecheryl

    Modern Healthcare: Laboring for union nurses

    I'm a union nurse, when we (the nurses) are voting to strike or not to strike at the union meetings,getting a pay raise is the least of our worries. We are usually concerned about safety, work load and protecting our contract we have already fought for in the past. A lot of time we are voting to protect our patients. I can only speak about what i've seen, but with us anyway, it isn't the money that is making us vote to strike. I love the company I work for, I just don't want to see it change for the worse. When it is time for contracts the union and the agency/company is trying to change the contract. Unless you are in the negotiations you'll never know what is really going on. I've learned not to judge things when you are on the outside, because you just can't even guess the entire story. It is a lot bigger than the money. For example, one of the things they are fighting for in california is safety.
  14. nursecheryl

    about to strike, question

    Thanks for all the information and advice. I will also check out their need for home health care nurses.
  15. nursecheryl

    about to strike, question

    The home care agency I work for is about to go on strike. I have put in an application for agency nursing. I was hoping to get a job in the hospital to keep my skills in hopital nursing up to date. If we go on strike or not I plan on working their perdiem. I've been out of the hospital for 5.5 years. Does anyone know how long a nurse would have to be out of nursing to prevent them from being an agency nurse :uhoh21:
  16. nursecheryl

    Shacking Up Supervisor

    Would it be against the law to have a small tape recorder in your pocket when he says these statements so you have something to back up your story? P.S. Come back and tell us what was done about this problem and how things have turned out

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