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  1. Hello Everyone!! I was hoping y'all could give me some advice/opinions on diploma programs. I am switching careers to become a nurse and have found a diploma program offered at St Luke's hospital in PA. I like how the program offers 900 hours of clinical. However, upon graduation I want to move out of PA and to another part of the US (either the south or mid west). Are diploma graduates able to get jobs in hospitals that are not affiliated with the school they got their diploma from? Does anyone know of recent diploma graduates being hired at hospitals that are in major cities? Are diploma graduates looked at in the same light as an ADN graduate? If I did not do the diploma program, I could apply for an accelerated BSN. I know the BSN is the future, but I worry about not picking up on the clinical aspect of such a fast paced program. Any advice would be helpful!!! Thank you for your time, hushpup
  2. hushpupgrl

    jobs in nashville?

    Hello. I am thinking of going back to school to get a second degree in nursing. As of now, I am looking into getting my ADN from Aquinas College. Does anyone know if the local hospitals in Nashville (Vandy, St. Thomas, Baptist, etc) are hiring ADN grads? I do not want to invest in an ADN if I can not get a job in a hospital. Any info would be helpful. thank you for your time, hushpup
  3. hushpupgrl

    Will NP salary increase b/c of health care reform

    drs will not be higher demand. just because more people have insurance and there are not enough doctors to see these people, only hypothetically means doctors will be in demand. the reality is that people who are smart enough to go to medical school are not going b/c their salary is going to decrease b/c of obama's socialized medicine. therefore, the government will be pushing people through med school who should not be there, and in return the quality of the healthcare system will go down. as far as nurses, in the short run it may help. but in the long run, the bill will not.
  4. hushpupgrl

    How Does the Obama Health Care Plan Affect NP's?

    the law might initially increase pay in certain area's, but in the long run it will bring down the pay for everyone in healthcare(doctors, nurses, PA's, etc). there is no way our country can afford this bill. it will only cause the cost of healthcare to increase more than it is right now, and in return the taxes in our country will increase. healthcare workers are going to feel the squeeze when all of this happens. hopefully, this bill can be stopped. don't forget to vote in november and get rid of anyone who voted for this bill.
  5. hushpupgrl

    Microbiology study group spring 2009

    hey y'all...i'm definitly in for the study group! let's enjoy our time off until spring semester. i start jan 20th...when does everyone else? hushpupgrl
  6. Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their time off from school. I'm a pre nursing student and was curious as to how much of the material from microbiology and chemistry is used during nursing school. I know the A&P information is very important, but I was curious as to the amount of info that reappears from the other too classes. thanks! hushpupgrl
  7. hushpupgrl

    words of encouragement???

    hey everyone, thanks for the replies!!! it makes me feel better to know that other people have gone through the same situation. it is easy for me to get discouraged b/c everyone i know is settling down in life and i'm starting completely over. at times i feel like i'm too old to start over from scratch....friends, a job, a relationship. thanks for keeping my spirits up!! happy holidays, hushpupgrl
  8. hushpupgrl

    words of encouragement???

    Hello y'all. This is kind of off topic, but I thought I would post it anyway. I turned 27 in November and I'm completely starting over in life...switching careers and going into nursing, trying to make new friends(the one's I choose from my younger days turned out to be duds), recently ditched by a guy that I really liked...oh, and I moved back home with my parents to start nursing school. I'm kind of overwhelmed with feeling "old" and not settled yet in life. Is anyone else going through the same thing??? Has anyone gone through this??? I was just looking for some words of encouragement!! thanks in advance, Hushpupgrl
  9. Hello, I'm a pre nursing student and I was wondering what the difference is between working in the intensive care unit and working as a critical care nurse? If you can explain the differences between the 2 jobs, that would be great. thanks in advance hushpup
  10. hushpupgrl

    desales university??

    hey, thanks for the info!! what program are you attending??? cedar crest?? if you hear from your friends, let me know. have a good weekend hushpup
  11. hushpupgrl

    desales university??

    msfb, hey, thanks for the reply. in a nut shell, i'm going back to school to get a BSN after working in the accounting field for a few years. i'm currently living in the lehigh valley and am interterested in the accelerated program at desales. however, i don't know anything about it or anyone in the program. i guess i was just curious as to how the students like the nursing program, and if they feel it is a academically challenging program? just any opinions they had on the program...did they feel prepared after graduation? also....if you are in the acclerated program do you take classes with just the accelerated students or do you take classes with the undergraduate students? thanks in advance hushpup
  12. hushpupgrl

    desales university??

    has anyone on this board attended the nursing program at desales? if so, is it a good program? if you didn't attend that school, have you heard anything about it from other people? thanks hushpup
  13. hushpupgrl

    W's on your transcript..opinions please

    thanks for the opinion. i'm just freaking out that i won't get into nursing school. I know the W's won't effect my gpa, but i'm afraid it will look bad that i withdrew. but i won't withdraw anymore.....has anyone here had the same thing happen and still got into nursing school?
  14. Hello everyone. I'm taking the prerequisites for accelerated nursing programs. I have a question that I was hoping y'all could give me some advice because I'm freaking out!!! Have any of you withdrawn from a class and if so, how many? I orginally took A&P during the summer session, and I was doing very well, but I wasn't learning the material. So I withdrew, took it again with the same teacher and got an A. But then I made a blunder. I signed up for A&P2, chem, and micro, all in the same semester. plus I was working. so i had to withdraw from micro, not because I was failing, but because I had no time to work and study. I'm 26, so I'm supporting myself. Anyway, i'm freaking out that the 2 W's will kill me. My advisor told me to just get A's in the rest of my classes, and that will outshadow the W's. And my anatomy prof said he would write me a letter of rec and say that i didn't withdraw from him class because i was doing bad. i'm just freaking. any opinion/stories would be helpful. do any of you have W's on your transcript? thanks in advance hushpupgrl
  15. has anyone here gotten into or applied to west chester's accelerated program? if so, what is the admissions process like? how many letter of rec's do you need, etc? same info about drexel...what was everyone's gpa and did you gert in or not. i'm just freaking out, i won't get into any nursing program. thanks in advance hushpupgrl
  16. hushpupgrl

    question about withdrawing???

    is there anyone here who has two W's on their transcript...if so, what classes? i'm just freaking out. i didn't withdraw because i was doing bad, i actually was doing well in both of the classes. one was over the summer and i wanted to actually learn the material, and the other i had too many classes. do y'all think my good grades will out weigh the W's? thanks in advance, hushpup