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    brandy1017 reacted to kp2016 in Interesting case of the spilled pills   
    These nurses really put themselves in front of the bus here. The pills that fell on the floor should have been immediately collected and counted into a sealed envelope. Pharmacy should have them been notified that the pills were contaminated and needed to be collected and replaced.
    “Never waste medications into a sharps bins” has been a rule for a long time now. I always thought the notion that people would retrieve a drug or fluid from a sharps bin was insane, but this proves I was wrong. Likewise if the money conscious pharmacist wanted to place the pills from the floor back into stock the nurses should have declined to participate and told them to call a manager to be their witness. Over the years I’ve noticed that nurses get used as the weak link to save money and then get left with the responsibility. Never hesitate to “manager up”. When things like this happen call a manager and demand they do it personally. It’s amazing how things change when you force the managers / facility to take ownership of these problems. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to 0.9%NormalSarah, ADN, RN in Interesting case of the spilled pills   
    Gross, what if the other substances, like BLOOD from the diabetic lancets or other syringes contaminated the pills? I would have told them there’s no way on earth I’m putting myself at risk by digging them out or my patient at risk by administering them. I feel bad for the pressure these nurses may have been under with those instructions, but I do think disciplinary action was the right thing.
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    brandy1017 reacted to Here.I.Stand in Interesting case of the spilled pills   
    What the actual what??  Just following orders isn’t a defense true... and it’s disgusting true... but why is anyone willing to risk their own safety like that??  The sharps container is a one-way street!  🤨  And last I checked, pharmacy school doesn’t result in microscopic vision.  His eyeball test doesn’t fly!!
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    brandy1017 reacted to Emergent in Interesting case of the spilled pills   
    Yes, totally poor judgment, but you know what gets my goat? Prisoners get expensive treatments for free, hard working, law abiding citizens can't afford treatments and medicines. Hard working mothers and fathers go into debt paying for astronomical copays and out of pocket expenses while the indolent segment of the population gets a free ride. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to anurse4sure, LPN in Interesting case of the spilled pills   
    If these pills were so expensive, like $1000/pill that they had to be kept locked up with the narcs and counted like narcs why didn't the pharmacy bubble pack them? If you have to dump the pills out to count  there is a risk of possibly losing pills? And there is no way that I'd ever try to retrieve anything from the sharps container let alone pills to give to a patient.
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    brandy1017 reacted to Night__Owl, BSN, RN in Interesting case of the spilled pills   
    I'm not fishing anything out of a sharps container unless a gun is held to my head. I'll get fired, I'll flip burgers instead of being a nurse, I don't care. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to KatieMI, BSN, MSN in would you tell a manager how toxic her floor is?   
    Do you really think management doesn't know it? 
    It is only a question of you being able to afford to burn bridges with this place. Realistically, there are pretty few circumstances which would allow you to do it safely. Local nursing circles can be much tighter than one can imagine. But if you, say, move for a good distance or leave for grad school and do not plan to come back to the same level job and feel like doing it, then feel free.
    (foreseeing questions: I did just that in 2015 with the fire burning up to high heavens. A short two years later I was without any problems credentialed in the same place as an NP. Nursing administration people still try to dissolve into thin air when we bump into each other by an accident. And at least in two units the question of new grads abuse is not existing any more). 
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    brandy1017 reacted to nhayes1984 in Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?   
    Wow. So many responses and so much advice thank you so much guys I really and truest appreciate it!!
    I am searching for cheaper routes for sure. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to Cupcake2018 in Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?   
    Do you have $85,000 to spend on tuition? If not, and you plan to use loans to finance your education, then no it is probably not worth it. You'll be making almost $1000 monthly payments for the next 10 years or so and newly graduated nurses don't make a whole lot of money. $50-60 grand may sound like a lot, but once bills are paid and children are taken care of, it will be difficult to make that kind of monthly commitment, especially as a single parent. Go local or relocate to an area that has a more reasonably priced school. Stay away from for-profit schools. They are junk and overpriced - they prey on the vulnerable. Work hard and do well. Eventually, you'll find a good and reasonably priced program.
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    brandy1017 reacted to Jedrnurse, BSN, RN in Curiosity Killed the Cat and Got 50 Hospital Employees Fired   
    But, but, there's a terrible nursing shortage. Haven't you heard?
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    brandy1017 got a reaction from caliotter3 in Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?   
    Absolutely do not due this to yourself!  Look up www.studentloanjustice.org and read the horror stories of college students and grads who couldn't pay their loans and ended up in default.  Student loans are the worst and riskiest debt out there.  There are no bankruptcy options if you fall on hard times.  They will literally, and are currently garnishing over 100,000 senior citizens social security checks as we speak for unpaid loans.  If you default the loan can double and triple due to high interest and fees including a 25% fee tacked on the loans!  People have committed suicide over student loans!  In some states you can lose your license to practice nursing or any other job that requires a license if you default.  A few states will take your drivers license away if you default. 
    A person defaults by missing only 9  months of payments.  At first you can get by with deferments and forbearances, but in most instances the interest accumulates and capitalizes causing your loan balance to spiral even higher out of control.  In the end you will find yourself much worse off and it will take decades and possibly the rest of your life to pay the loans off.  In the meantime you will not have the money to pay your living expenses, let alone save for retirement. 
    Also student loan forgiveness is a scam and a lie.  The 10 year public service loan forgiveness program rejected over 99% of the people enrolled in the program! You read that right, less than 1% of "eligible" people were granted loan forgiveness, most often rejected for technicalities that know one could even know or foresee, everything from the wrong loans, wrong payment plan to consolidating starts the clock over, and you have to make ten years of on time payments to have any chance at all. 
    The path you are contemplating is the definition of insanity!  To spend $85,000 with no guarantee to be accepted into the nursing program, you would be better off gambling in Vegas, you could actually declare bankruptcy if you fell into debt that way.  I'm guessing your credits won't transfer because you were tricked into a for profit school and this one is the same. 
    Go the slow, sensible route such as a public community college RN program, even consider an LPN program with a one year bridge to RN.  Most BSN's aren't even paid more and we are all paid the same at the starting gate regardless of how much money we spent.
    Absolutely take the time to read up on personal finance such as Personal Finance for Dummies, Deal with Your Debt, Your Credit Score, Smart Women Finish Rich.  Take a low cost personal finance course if you have the opportunity.  Read and learn all you can about money.  As a single mom you need to make the most of every dollar you earn. 
    Lastly don't blindly jump on the nursing bandwagon.  Consider alternate careers such as ultrasound tech, radiology tech and nuclear med tech.  Research allied health jobs.  Nursing is a very high stress job and, if you work in direct patient care, dangerous to your body with a high risk of back, shoulder and neck injuries that in some instances are crippling and life altering.  Really think long and hard before you pursue nursing. 
    If I had to do it all over I wouldn't choose nursing.  I wish I had known about other options such as ultrasound tech, I think that is the best job out there for pay and working conditions in the health field.
    Good luck to you!
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    brandy1017 reacted to beekee in Under appreciated or Self-Centered   
    Do your coworkers come to you with questions or ask your advice?  Do you pitch in without being asked?  Are you in on the floor gossip? 
    Are you quick to (negatively) judge others?  Do you keep to yourself?  Do you look down on others who haven’t spent the time and money on letters behind their name?
    There could be a myriad of reasons you are not being asked to train for charge. But I think some hard self reflection might reveal the answer. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to Been there,done that in Under appreciated or Self-Centered   
    Initials and education do not necessarily make a good leader.
    There is  something  in your leadership style that management does not want. Management won't tell you, but your most trusted coworker might.
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    brandy1017 reacted to Night__Owl, BSN, RN in Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours   
    I've got a wild idea. Maybe, considering this man had just hours of time left, the MD did not want to delay his visit whatever amount of time it would have taken for him to physically arrive there. If youve got three hours left, and it takes the specialist just 45 minutes to get to the hospital, well, that's a quarter of the man's remaining life. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to Emergent in Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours   
    This is deplorable. 
    SAN FRANCISCO -- Ernest Quintana's family knew he was dying of chronic lung disease when he was taken by ambulance to a hospital, unable to breathe. 

    But they were devastated when a robot machine rolled into his room in the intensive care unit that night and a doctor told the 78-year-old patient by video call he would likely die within days. 

    "If you're coming to tell us normal news, that's fine, but if you're coming to tell us there's no lung left and we want to put you on a morphine drip until you die, it should be done by a human being and not a machine," his daughter Catherine Quintana said Friday. 

    Ernest Quintana died Tuesday, two days after being taken to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center emergency department in Fremont. 

    Michelle Gaskill-Hames, senior vice president of Kaiser Permanente Greater Southern Alameda County, called the situation highly unusual and said officials "regret falling short" of the patient's expectations. 

    But the hospital also defended its use of telemedicine and said its policy is to have a nurse or doctor in the room at the time of remote consultations. 

    "The evening video tele-visit was a follow-up to earlier physician visits," Gaskill-Hames said in a written response. "It did not replace previous conversations with patient and family members and was not used in the delivery of the initial diagnosis." 

    Hospital officials say the technology doesn't replace in-person conversations with the patient and loved ones. 

    Granddaughter Annalisia Wilharm, 33, was alone with Quintana when a nurse popped in to say a doctor would be making his rounds. A robot rolled in and a doctor appeared on the video screen. 

    Wilharm figured the visit was routine. She was astonished by what the doctor started saying. 

    "This guy cannot breathe, and he's got this robot trying to talk to him," she said. "Meanwhile, this guy is telling him, 'So we've got your results back, and there's no lung left. There's no lung to work with.'" 

    Wilharm said she had to repeat what the doctor said to her grandfather, because he was hard of hearing in his right ear and the machine couldn't get to the other side of the bed. 

    "So he's saying that maybe your next step is going to hospice at home," Wilharm is heard saying in a video she recorded of the visit. "Right?" 

    "You know, I don't know if he's going to get home," the doctor says. 

    Steve Pantilat, chief of the palliative medicine division at University of California, San Francisco, said he doesn't know the details in the case but that the robot technology has done wonders for patients and their families, some of whom are too far away for in-person visits. 

    The video meetings are warm and intimate, he said, adding that not all in-person discussions have empathy and compassion. 

    "No matter how well we deliver very difficult news, it's sad and it's hard to hear," he said. 

    Wilharm said her grandfather, a family man who kept every childhood drawing he ever gave her, deserved better. She said that after the visit, he gave her instructions on who should get what and made her promise to look after her grandmother. 

    "He was such a sweet guy," she said. 
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    brandy1017 got a reaction from Emergent in Older nurses...chasing that carrot   
    They average your 35 highest paid years of work, they account for inflation, but obviously, if you work less than 35 years you get a zero for those years which lowers your final amount.  I've read you only get about 40% of what you make to live on and that's at the full retirement age of 66 or 67.  If you retire at 62 and take social security you are cut 25 to 30%.  Every year you delay adds 8% to the total till you reach 70.  That is the reason they say people are better off working another year or two because of the increase of social security.  Check out ssa.gov to see what your current social security is worth.   It will give you all the numbers from disability (which is basically your full retirement age amount), 62, full retirement, and age 70 if you delayed claiming.  
    Married people can claim 1/2 their spouse's social security if it's more, but can no longer switch and get their own at 70 at a higher amount.  If you are widowed you can get 100% of your spouses if it is more and can claim as early as age 60 but for a reduced amount.  If you are divorced after being married for 10 years and don't remarry you can also get 1/2 your ex's social security if it is more. 
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    brandy1017 reacted to morelostthanfound, BSN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    thank you-good advice!  I also agree that mutual reciprocity goes a long way and I do, on occasion, stay past my shift to help out.  What I object to however, is the badgering, heavy sighing, and looks of disgust when I don't buckle under to these constant requests.
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    brandy1017 reacted to morelostthanfound, BSN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    Thanks Katillac.  I've echoed this same sentiment over the years.  So many hospitals' mission statements all more or less say the same thing-blah, blah, blah, ..."to provide excellent healthcare services in a compassionate and humane manner"...blah, blah, blah-just like a used car salesman!  Those lofty statements sounds good to the public, but, unfortunately, they are just lip service.  Why then are their actions, as in intentional bare bones staffing, in direct opposition to this lofty statement of "excellent healthcare service"-ha!  If the unsuspecting public only knew!  Shaking my head
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    brandy1017 reacted to Katillac, RN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    They are allowed to do it because the morale of the staff and safety of the patients are secondary to the financial bottom line to the PTB. In short, they don't care. Same reason they don't have a reserve, or staff on call. And you are right, as long as nurses continue to accept unsafe assignments, someone will give one to you.
    I've said it before: if the budget for a fully staffed facility is x, and the dollar value of absences in a given period are y, if the next period budget isn't x + y (to replace the absent staff), leadership is prioritizing keeping the budget low over the well being of your patients and the ethical treatment and retaining of valuable staff. Which leadership is free to do; where the dishonesty comes in is selling themselves and the facility as something else, typically a place that values patients and gives great care. You can't give great care if you have a demoralized staff and not enough of them.

    And thank you from the bottom of my black heart to the NMs who continue to try to do their best for their staff, especially those who pull a shift once in a while. But when you continue to allow the PTBs to staff your units in an unsafe manner, you are supporting their values, which include profits over people, both patients and staff, including yourselves. And I can understand why you'd do it, just as I understand why staff make the choices they do. But neither supports change.
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    brandy1017 reacted to morelostthanfound, BSN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    Agreed!  I've had many nurse managers and although I've known several that, on occasion, would stay over, I have never known one to come in on a weekend or on the night shift to help out.  My take aways from these responses was 'so sorry, make it work somehow'...bye!
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    brandy1017 reacted to TriciaJ, RN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    You are a gem.  Seriously.  Your staff are lucky to have you.
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    brandy1017 reacted to morelostthanfound, BSN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    Wow Klone!  I'm totally impressed with your level of dedication and commitment to your staff and your patients.  After many years of nursing, I can tell you from firsthand experience that you are a rare breed indeed-kudos!
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    brandy1017 reacted to Katillac, RN in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    My favorite:
    NM: Will you split the evening shift and work 7A to 7P?
    Me: Who's coming in at 7?
    NM: <sigh> We don't know yet.
    Me: HAHAHAHAHA.  No.
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    brandy1017 reacted to AnnieNP, MSN, NP in Any way you could stay over and work a few hours   
    If I didn't want to work extra my response was always "that doesn't work for me".  No other explanation needed.