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    Looking for info----

    I found out when I went to renew my license like I had done every year before but because I couldn't put down that I had done any actual nursing in a certain time span they told me that as of then my license was inactive and to get it on active status again I'd have to take a 6-month refresher course with clinicals again. Haven't been doing nursing for 17 years. Check with your state board.
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    Help me Obi Wan

    I say go for it. We need good nurses and it doesn't matter if you're male or female. Best to you.
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    FULL NAME required on name tag???

    with covering the last name. A patient doesn't have the right to know that much information about their caregiver. In today's scary world whatever helps keep us safe.
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    Just curious....

    In clinicals we had to wear our caps and some ugly blue striped uniforms then turn around after graduation and buy our white ones. Hated the caps-almost pulled out an IV line with one . Does look very professional though.
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    Would OR nursing be a good fit for me?

    My one regret is that I didn't pursue my interest in OR nursing. I am an inactive LPN but when we did the OR rotation it was my favorite. If I ever go back to being active in nursing I would go straight for my OR training. A lot of the hospitals train their OR people themselves. I say go for it. It's nice and cool in there, the doctors are a bit difficult at times if things aren't done their exact way but they are there so you're not on your own, and the patient is unconscious and no family to deal with so pretty good set up. One other downside is that the malpractice insurance is higher for an OR nurse. Best to you and I hope you do it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Actual Sentences Found In Patients Hospital Charts

    Laughter IS the best medicine and I feel much healthier after reading these. Thanks and God Bless.
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    How to please a woman and a man

    My favorite line from Steel Magnolias-"Y'all are too twisted for colored TV". Those recipes sound great and dangerous too,LOL.
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    The snake & the bunny

    ROFL. So funny I'm sending it to a few friends who'll enjoy it.
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    What are some of the most ridiculous things patients have asked of you?

    I t wasn't the patient who asked but me, the nurse. I was just beginning to pass meds at the nursing home and I had a med. cup with dark liquid when for some reason the first resident's room door came slamming toward me. My hands were full and the door hit me smack in the medicine cup spilling the liquid all over my white uniform top. I knew if I left it all over me it would stain (did I mention this was at the beginning of my shift). There was one sweet lady about my size (I was pregnant and not on the skinny side) who I knew was well kept. I went in and explained and asked to borrow one of her blouses. I scrubbed and soaked my uniform top in the mean time. Well, needless to say the rest of my shift was done in the brightest, polyester knit button down blouse I've ever seen but at least it allowed me to finish my shift. I washed her blouse and gave it back to her on my next shift. I'll never forget that she was so nice to do that. I learned after that to watch for flying doors.
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    Any inactive LPN's?

    Nice to hear from another Louisiana girl. It just isn't easy finding a refresher course close to me. They are offered around on a rotating basis. After only 4 years huh. I guess it is best though to have the very latest knowledge and techniques. Thanks and God Bless.
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    Any inactive LPN's?

    In other words I passed my state boards, got my job at the nursing home, worked 7 months and got my other non-nursing job and haven't done any nursing since. When I went to renew my license like I did every year since receiving it they asked how many nursing hours I had put in. This was about 2-3 years down the road. When I honestly had to reply none within that past year (the student I was hired for had passed away) they sent me a letter telling me that since I hadn't done any nursing in those 2-3 years I would have to put my license on inactive and take the refresher course to go back into the field. I've had this school job for 17 years now and I did check about the refresher course once. It wasn't offered every year and when it was offered it could be hours away from my home so I never went to take it. So that's where I stand now. I would have to quit my full time job to take the 6 month refresher course and redo most of my clinicals. Granted I would do it if I was going back into nursing full time because it's been so long and there have been numerous changes since then. As far as that nurse not taking the refresher course she must not have been truthful on her license renewal. Glad to hear from some of you all.

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