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    I need help and Im between a rock and a hard place

    If he's done it before, then to you, he'll do it again. he obviously thinks he's king almighty. Had the hospital done something about it then when he was reported you wouldn't have had to deal with it. Go ahead and meet with your attorney and follow thru. That was HARRASSMENT. And he was wrong. Don't let it slide because he'll just continue doing the same thing to other nurses. God Bless.
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    Help me to forgive them

    Mario I agree with what you're saying. The patients that can't even move themselves or turn over or even remove the debris from their bed shouldn't have to be subjected to this. A few more moments to double check before you leave wouldn't be that difficult. I have been a patient myself and found caps, etc. in my bed and thought now that's just not right.
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    Munchausen by Proxy

    Not a 100% positive case but there was a mother of one of our students that many said could possibly have done this. The child did have a life threatening disorder but it seemed like she always wanted another doctor to see him and another opinion and would require us to do many treatments on him at school that we found out she wasn't even doing at home. We all had to go through tons of special training and be observed by the school nurse. We were told if we refused we'd lose our job. We are required as aides to do any Non-complex medical procedure that we can be trained to do. I had to catheterize a student a few years back. And this has NOTHING to do with me being an LPN. When I was hired I was told I wasn't recognized, paid or could wear my uniform as an LPN. I am considered an aide like all other aides in the parish. I have heard of cases of this type and it is very sad. The parent wants all of the attention and gets it by hurting the child or making the child sick so he/she has to go in to the hospital or to see the doctor. Very sad.
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    Surgeon suspended for bank visit during operation

    Just read about him be licensed to practice in Louisiana. He'd better not come near me or mine or he'll be on a gurney looking up at the sky.
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    Surgeon suspended for bank visit during operation

    Said he had emergency debts that had to be taken care of but I think any debt could have waited until after the operation. And what was the person thinking who went there to tell him that he had his check for him? Boy did they just fall "off the back of the turnip truck and hit their heads on the asphault". If I had been that patients family I definitely would have left an impression on him.
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    Question about me and PT

    Sounds like a PT in our school system that is supposed to be there to stretch the handicapped children that sit all day in a wheel chairs. We lift we put them on the cots to be stretched and if she touches them it's a miracle. A major part of her caseload is tracking the children which means, tell us what to do with them and I (PT) don't have to touch them. She gets paid MEGA bucks to do this too. We've documented and she knows we aren't pleased with her little pop up visits to check all of us out. Amazing how some people earn their living.
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    Prescription meds without a prescription?

    That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. I bet if that company were turned in they'd be out of business pronto.
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    I failed

    Don't give up. Try again. If you want to be a nurse keep trying. Some people just don't test well. I'll be praying for you. And no it is NOT the end of the world. Tomorrow will be better.
  9. Scary ,but I'm afraid there will come a day when the crisis in both education and nursing will be at a fever pitch and the ill and our children will have to fend for themselves. They will hire people off the streets to take care of these 2 needed areas and it will be a sad situation indeed. I just pray that I'm not around to see it when it gets that severe.
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    Would you classify this as a med error? I think it is.

    Med. error! Get copy of incident report and witness this incident documented in your chart (get copy of that too)for any further discussion or litigation down the road.
  11. I want to know what state did they get the teachers' salaries from. In Louisiana everybody almost makes more than the teachers. The garbage men make $13.00 an hour. Just another government report trying to put out not so accurate information. When I was nursing part time as an LPN only 3 days a week I made more than what I make working full time as a classroom aide and that's 5 days a week. I know nurses that have gone to the bigger hospitals and have worked only weekends and make more those 2 days than what they'd make all week working at the smaller hospitals. Don't believe everything in print. God Bless.
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    Prayer Needed

    Most definitely prayers going out for you. God Bless.
  13. 2MagnoliaTrees

    codependent and chemical dependent nurses

    I bet if a study was done the percentage of "co-dependent" chemical dependant nurses would be the same % as the general population. God Bless.
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    help!!!! what would you do?

    Don't confront her, inform supervisor ASAP and then the ball is in their court and document when, where, how and what you told the supervisor in case something needs to be brought up later about it.
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    Male OB nurses?

    Dayray and mark_LD_RN I'm sure that you are both great nurses and I'm sure that you truly do give good care to your patients regardless of gender. I'm just stating my personal opinion. Only 2 men have EVER taken intimate care of me:my husband and my OB/GYN. I don't even let my family doctor (male) examine me for anything this is in any way related to "female problems". If I need any type of female exam or female procedure it's ONLY my OB/GYN that I see for that. If you were in charge of my care for anything else I would not have any problem what so ever with either of you being "my nurse". Don't ask me why, it's just the way I feel most comfortable. I, in no way ,think that male nurses are any less qualified or capable. It's just my honest personal opinion. Thanks for going into the nursing field. Keep up the great work and God Bless.
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    Yesterday was the scariest day of my life

    God Bless you and keep you and the little one safe and sound. Best to you and yours.
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    Why so closed minded? WHY?

    Wish you hadn't "gone there" about the Catholic Church. God Bless.
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    Me, a nit picker?

    Don't waste your time worrying about what those who Can't do complain about . You only answer to the one who hired you and your supervisor. The others can do their jobs and you do yours the best way that you can and let the chips fall where they may. Patients and others can see who's there just for the pay check. God Bless.
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    Medication Errors

    Gave Tagamet to the patient in bed "A" when it should have been the patient in bed "B" on night shift at the nursing home. But let me give you the background of this incident. Was fresh out of nursing school (LPN). Had never worked a day in my life nursing or otherwise. Was my first night on the job. Was the first time without a supervisor over me. Put me in a 70 patient unit on the 3 to 11 shift. Had NEVER passed meds by myself. Was the only nurse at my desk in charge of 2-3 aides. Was still passing my 8:00 PM meds at 11:00 PM. Wanted to quit after that first night. Only other nurse was another LPN at her desk with same amount of patients. Only worked there 7 months but it felt like 7 years. I reported my mistake to the day head nurse and recorded it in the chart and was absolutely scared to death. The most terrifying night of my life.
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    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    At the school where I work we had students called O r a n g e j e l l o and L e m o n j e l l o. 4 syllables each. Can you imagine.
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    Morning sickness

    Boy do I know what you are going thru. Got my job in February, got pregnant in May and was I sick. I just kept crackers in my unifrom pocket (Unsalted) and munched on those suckers whenever I got the queasies. Helped a lot.
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    Male OB nurses?

    I have a male OB/GYN but hate to be this way would not appreciate a male nurse for OB/GYN care-specially for my 2 deliveries.
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    Would you call a patient's family at 3 am?

    Don't beat yourself up over it. I hated having to make choices like that when on the night shift. Next time you'll have more insight into the situation.
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    Ok am I cracking up or what

    May need your meds to be adjusted. When my son was on Prozac he saw my brother twice that had been dead for 27 years. I bet he was taken off of that Prozac for good after that. He didn't need it.
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    oh shyt

    Definitely ask for a mental evaluation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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