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    how do we change nurses opinions on male nurses?

    You and the other male nurses have already made me change the majority of my opinions about male nurses especially in OB/GYN. I had only 2 males in my nursing class in 1984 and they were both very good nurses. I guess I just never worked with any after that so I didn't have a true picture about how professional, reliable, caring and hard working you guys are. God Bless and please continue doing the wonderful job that you do.
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    I'M excited:)

    Congratulations! God is good.:)
  3. Have a student that we tend to daily that has Rhetts Syndrome and also has scoliosis and will be having surgery around December. Her doctor told parents that he's putting in one or so screws (not a rod). He says she'll be home in 3-4 days and back to school in 3-4 weeks WITHOUT a brace or a cast. This sounds a little tame to me for the surgery that she's having. When the mom asked about how careful to be when handling her the Dr. said "when I'm finished you could drop her on the floor and everything will stay in place and be fine". Will she really be able to be handled without so much delicate care. My sister had the rod inserted many years ago and a full cast from chest to crotch. it was not simple to care for her. Just wondering. God Bless.
  4. Thanks for the info. Children with Rhetts are so special. Our little student is so happy and sweet.
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    Question about anesthesiologists?

    Thanks , meandragonbrett , I forwarded this info to his Dad. God Bless.
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    Question about anesthesiologists?

    To go into anesthesiology does a person have to go thru a nursing program first. My God-child wants to be go into anesthesiology and I was curious if any of you know about it.
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    Med. surg. techs-question?

    Around here most of the hospitals want to train you themselves. This was the first course at a technical school that I heard offered a med. surg. tech.course.
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    Med. surg. techs-question?

    Do you feel that those working in surgery should have a nursing degree first as well as a med./ surg. tech. degree? There is a program about 45 minutes away from here at a technical college that teaches classes to become a med. surg. tech. If you pass the test at the end you can do this work anywhere in the country.
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    Question about anesthesiologists?

    Thanks I thought that's how it went but I wanted to just be sure. He wants to be a CRNA not an MD.
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    Tell the truth

    Yes it was hard. Yes I wanted to quit every other day. I don't know about the RN course cause I'm an LPN but it was the hardest 13 months of my life as far as education goes. I was so sure that I wouldn't pass the state boards but I did and with a pretty decent score too. I'm so proud of myself today for sticking with it. Hubby now (hubby-to-be then) wanted to get married before I finished and I knew if that had happened I would never have made it thru. Finished school in January of 1985, got my very first job ever in Feb. of 1985, got married in May of 1985, got pregnant 2 weeks later in May of 1985, got second job ever in Sept. of 1985. That was a pretty busy year for me but I don't regret getting my schooling finished first. Was hard but was very well worth it. The job I have today (out of nursing) I was hired for only because I had nursing experience. God Bless.
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    Complication with gall bladder surgery...or just slow healing????

    I had the full blown gallbladder surgery and it took 10 plus weeks to fully feel normal agian although if I sneeze and don't hold my side it still hurts after 14 plus years. I've heard of many people who have had the scope surgery done and they are much more pain free than you describe. If it continues for a while I'd ask to be checked again. Doesn't seem normal to me.
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    What are some of the most ridiculous things patients have asked of you?

    Feel sorry for that gal when she got home. Can you say BYE BYE FELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Say a prayer for me

    Definitely prayers going out your way. God Bless.
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    RN's removing surgical drains

    After my gallbladder surgery 14 years ago the RN removed my drain tube in my room before I was discharges. Went home with the JP tube and doctor removed that when I had the staples out.
  15. I was 18 3/4 years old. I graduated high school in May of 1983 and started my nursing in January of 1984. I graduated nursing in February of 1985.
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    Most Fulfilling Nursing Experience

    Even though it wasn't very "medical" or complicated I did what my Mom always did for us, when I was a student. I had a young patient who was very nauseated and vomiting and when she finished I went into the bathroom, wet a washrag with cool water, wrung it out and gently wiped her face with it. She smiled at me and said Thank You and that it helped her feel so much better. I'll never forget that even though it was a simple thing to do.
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    Bed bath skill check

    That would have been much more realistic. We had the life size dummies but of course they didn't bend or move like a real person so it wasn't a true picture. Loved learning how to change sheets with someone in the bed and those hospital corners. We practiced our shots on oranges.
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    Most Gross,Yucky,Disgusting Nursing Horror Story.

    That is so sick. He could have died from the infection. I would have had to hurl for sure.
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    Worst med error - stories?

    I gave the right med to the wrong patient. Was supposed to be the lady in bed "B" but I gave Tagamet to the lady in bed "A". Now this was my very FIRST night on my very FIRST JOB EVER. I was left with 70 patients to give 8:00 meds to and I was still giving meds at 11:00. I almost quit my first night but hung in for 7 more months.
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    Mayonnaise treatment for lice

    I had this eons ago when I was in 7th grade. Mom had 6 children and never had any of the others come home with it. Someone tyold her to use kerosene. But they forgot to tell her JUST a few tablespoons and rub it in. She poured the kerosene on my head and my scalp started burning and my hair started falling out. Never had lice again but because Momsmoked I was worried that she'd light up and I'd go "POOF".
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    Nursing camp- link to CNN site article

    http://www.cnn.com/2002/HEALTH/08/18/nursing.camp.ap/index.html There is an "article" about nursing camps on the Cnn site. Here's the link.
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    It's official!!! I found out that I'm having a

    Prayers going out to you and yours. Happy things are well with you. God Bless.
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    Louisiana hospital offers auto to lure nurses

    Nope I'm sure a pay raise is a much better incentive.
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    Munchausen by Proxy

    Oh. l.rae that is so horrible. To think they would continuously do this to their own child causing the child's death. That is one sick Puppy. I don't ever want to face a situation as severe as that. At least now the baby is in God's hands and free from it's insane mother.
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    What could be the ramifications?

    All I can say is document what happened with who, what, when, where and how and report it. She will eventually cause a death and then who will she try to drag down with her. She burnt out and needs to change occupations. God Bless.

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