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  1. uk_nurse

    12 Hr Shifts Kick My Butt

    I know just how you feel. I work in the community now but when i worked on the wards our shifts were 14 hrs, and ur lucky if you got out on time. Also you can be rostered to do another 14 hr shift next day. Looking back i dont know how i did them and look after my 4 children too. :)
  2. uk_nurse

    Our pay

    Hi Does anybody know when we get our payrise and back dated to April the big 1%. We suppose to get the remainder this month. (1.5%) Thanks
  3. uk_nurse

    Physical exam question

    ok this is probably not part of an employment physical, but in my eyes you consented to her doing it. If you were not happy you are within your rights to refuse. Can i ask if you thought this was not part of the physical why did you consent? Remember consent does not have to be vebal or written. If you undressed by your own free will for the examination to be carried out thats consent.
  4. uk_nurse

    Need advice on leaving nursing!

    If you want to try another career and at this point of time you feel nursing is not for you. I say do it. You are a qualified nurse and if in the future you want to go back into nursing, you can do courses to bring you back upto date with your knowledge and clinical skills. No matter what career you chose just remember you can always go back into nursing. I dont think any job is worth getting so worked up about especially if it is affecting you and your family. You wont know till you try. Good Luck! :)
  5. oh no. i want to go to Australia and i too am paeds and project 2000 i am also a health visitor. i will have to look into it more. Good luck.
  6. uk_nurse

    Help and Advice please

    Hi All I have decided want to emigrate but cant make mind up to where, either Australia or New Zealand. I have children and want to make the right decision on to the best place, even tho they are both beautiful countries. Im a paediatric nurse and Health Visitor and hubby is in insurance.. car, household, all but not life and medical insurance. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. :)
  7. uk_nurse

    so happy :)

    Hi All i have just finished my last day on placement at uni!!! No more assignments etc.... i have passed but just waiting for results nxt week. The thing is my hubby and family are thinking about moving to new zealand. I have just qualified as a specialist community public health nurse (health visitor). I have been told in NZ you dont have health visitors. Is this correct? I am also a paediatric nurse but i want to work as a health visitor in the community. :mortarboard: :balloons:
  8. uk_nurse

    Jobs in UK

    im paediatric trained and left the hospital setting last sept to do the specialist community public health nurse (health visiting) course. im coming to the end and just been told that there is no job for me in my trust or any other trust at the moment due to the job freezes. i have done my nurse training and now this course. I hope things improve as im thinking of doing teacher training. I want to emigrate to Australia but my husband wont leave england...
  9. uk_nurse

    Need some advise...Please!!

    This is more or less what i said earlier on in this post. Pt not consenting to a procedure and it still being carried out = battery!!
  10. uk_nurse

    uk midwife

    Being a first time mom it is soooo scarey as you dont know what to expect. i remember those feelings and thoughts very well..The midwife is totally out of order telling your friend these things. I advise your friend to read books or get info off the net on pregnancy and childbirth. I hope she is ok and remember there are people out there other than the awful midwife who have been through prenancy and child birth who can advise and reassure her. Good luck hope all goes well with your friend.
  11. uk_nurse

    Need some advise...Please!!

    my thoughts exactly as long as the pt understood, which in this case i assume he did, because he was abusive and agressive (which is totally unacceptable) doctors should not prescribe a sedative in order for the procedure to take place and for him to keep it in place, they should have carried out this mans wishes and not done it.If the procedure was carried out when the pt refused it is classed as 'battery' in the UK (i assume in US too)and leads to disciplinary action and can be struck off the register! Did the man complain to anyone about this taking place without his consent? sorry but dont mean to be nasty here but if a pt says NO he means NO! i think its terrible the procedure was carried out and as nurse you should be acting as the pts advocate and who actually administered the sedative the nurse or doctor? As the nurse i hope you documented everything.
  12. uk_nurse

    uk midwife

    most definately not true. I have 4 children and have had lovely experiences with my midwife. Doctors only intervene if needed to. You dont have to be a private patient to get pain relief. If you ask for it you get pain relief and also midwives offer you pain relief too and so do the doctors! Patients do have a choice of what pain relief they want but sometimes this cant be given as it can cause problems with the baby such as i asked for pethidine but was unable to have it as my baby's heart rate kept dropping and became bradycardic for a few secs. what horrendous things happen when giving birth? if a complication arises whilst given birth it is dealt with there and then. i dont remember any of my midwives telling me 'horror stories' about birth just the stuff you read in the birth books eg forceps, ventouse, c- sections. if you ask a question about a 'horror story' then the midwife may have said it can happen and reassure you but she/he doesnt go out of their way to tell you such thing. One persons experience does not count for everyone.
  13. uk_nurse

    What line of nursing are you registerd in?

    i did paediatrics only, no adults. I am currently doing a specialist community public health nursing honours degree (Health visiting) which is completely different from working in a hospital and i love it!
  14. uk_nurse

    UK training = dangerous?

    i was in the last group of students who trained in the project 2000. i just want to say yes training was different to how some of you trained pre p2000, but i 2 worked just as hard, made beds, know drugs, drugs and docs rounds take charge etc etc. we did spend more time in uni than on wards but as you come up to qualify more time was spent on wards. i have also found how some pre 2000 nurses are so stuck in their old ways that they need to realise things are updated now and sometimes this causes conflict. im not saying its wrong but things move on and in years to come things will be completely different for me as times change so i will have to adapt. i just want to say because im a p 2000 trained nurse i dont consider myself in competent and ask stupid questions. i feel i have excelled and very proud of myself. i have only been qualified 2 and half yrs and have just got sponsorship to do my health visitor course, which is very difficult to get in UK. i know 2 members of staff on my ward who tried to get sponsorship for HV course and didnt and they are 'F' grades who qualified way before p 2000, so p2000 cant be as bad.
  15. uk_nurse

    When did you take off for maternity leave

    i left 3 weeks before my due date with my first 3 children, with my second son i left on the fri and he was born on the sun!!! was 3wks early. with my daughter i was on sick leave for most of my pregnancy. i had my full 26 wks paid mat leave.
  16. uk_nurse

    any ideas

    KA24? never heard of it. looked it up tho. its for NHS in london. i dont live in london but i may register and browse. im from midlands area