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  1. lorie101

    new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

    ugh still so undecided . A hospital is more about nurses. We also need more doctors. When they say not enough staff it's not always nurses. We need more PCAs, more Respiratory therapist, more physical therapist. A patients plan of care is made up of multiple teams not just nurses and each patients plan of care requires different needs. Each hospital unit requires different needs for staffing. This law is only about nurses and it only is being enforced in acute care settings NOT nursing homes and rehabs that are most definitely understaffed - they need more staff as well since a good majority of our population does reside in nursing/rehab centers. Also need for more home care. Some patients go home because their insurance won't pay for rehab, or a nursing home would be private pay so now family members have to come up with a way to mange their care that they may not have the means to do. Or patients who don't have a family, who go home to no one and end up back in the hospital. This bill proposes that it would leave to less readmissions but I teach and preach to my patients until I'm blue in the face about their care. What they do at home, whether it be compliant with meds and diet, have money for medications, have insurance coverage for home health aids or VNA determines whether or not they end up readmitted for a reoccurrence of their CHF, COPD exacerbation, etc. Healthcare as a WHOLE needs to be evaluated not just acute care facilities and mandated ratios. I cannot even imagine the ERs, what happens if a critical patient comes in and no beds? I heard the ambulance will have to stay with them until a bed opens up, then that will leave 1 less ambulance on the road. Then hospitals only have 37 days to comply to this? Which is crazy, CA I believe got a few years and they can use/count LPNs
  2. lorie101

    new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

    I have seen half yes half no on all my nurse friends. Tough law, too much uncertainty on both sides
  3. lorie101

    new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

    I am also a nurse in MA and I am leaning towards voting NO. MA cannot divert like CA can, I just cannot see how this will work and they are only giving MA hospitals weeks if law passes to make it work, I believe CA had a few years.
  4. lorie101

    new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

    yes, but I do think once an aid or secretary quits they will not rehire.
  5. lorie101

    new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

    So MASS is voting in Nov for new staffing laws. I know CA did these a few years back. Any CA nurses on here-Did you lose your aids, unit secretaries and EKG techs etc....? Conflicted about this
  6. The Devry classes are awful, so time consuming. I think you could take 2 nursing classes at the same time. Stick to one topic and keep writing about it, then you can re-use your refrences ans pieces of papers. I am in my last class Capstone and have written about childhood obesity throughout my 9 classes.
  7. I start Capstone July 5th my last class ......how is it? do I need the book? thanks
  8. Having a hard time coming up with an idea for the annotated bibliography. Any ideas ? I keep hearing that I should pick something that I can also use in Capstone Anyone know what the capstone project entails? Thanks
  9. lorie101

    Chamberlain School of nursing

    tons of info in here. Do a search :)
  10. I also looked into comparative religions but when I called she said you needed to be an excellent writer which I am not that is when chaberlain suggested intro to humanaties
  11. How is Collaborative heathcare? I am taking 2 classes next term so I an be finished in AUg . I am taking take with intro to humanities
  12. lorie101

    Chamberlain RN-BSN Humanities Course Options

    Not sure if interesting but I called and they said intro to humanities was the most popular
  13. lorie101

    chamberlaine humanites

    elective to go with collaborative that is doable....thanks
  14. childhood diabetes which you could also tie in w/ childhood obesity...which is what I wrote my paper on. Good luck!