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  1. First semester of BSN program at VSU: Nursing Care I (Fundamentals) Health Assessment Professional Nursing Development I Nursing Pharmacology
  2. dana7582

    Orientation exactly a week from today!

    I am going to Valdosta State University. I currently live 3.5 hours away from the school, but will be moving into an apartment in Valdosta on Saturday (Jan. 2nd). I have orientation on Jan. 8th (Friday) and Jan. 9th (Saturday) and classes start Jan. 11th (Monday).
  3. dana7582

    Rare Illnesses please!

    Stevens Johnson Syndrome
  4. dana7582

    Back w/ all my books, and am already stressed!

    The full size lifestyle planners from uncalendar are awesome! www.uncalendar.com
  5. dana7582

    Daily planner

    I use the full-size lifestyle planner from uncalendar.com
  6. dana7582


    When I took A&P I and II, I would make flashcards over the professor's notes and sometimes over the chapters in the book. I put a question on one side of the card and the answer on the other side. I would memorize one flashcard at a time and wouldn't move on until I knew the answer. I'd memorize 5 cards and then review those 5 again and then memorize 5 more, and so on. Then I would read the notes and chapters in the book to actually understand everything I had memorized. For the lab, I would photocopy the pictures out of the book. I would white-out the names of the parts of the body (bones, etc.) and then make copies and just memorize those. This really helped me learn the names of the parts and made identifying them in the lab much easier. I got A's in both of these classes. This is what worked for me.
  7. dana7582

    How many classes do you have left?

    The only class I have left to take is Pathophysiology since I did all other pre-reqs when I got my bachelors degree in biology.
  8. dana7582

    What type of laptop pc do you use?

    I had a cheap HP computer that worked great. I just recently purchased a Sony Vaio and I have loved it so far.
  9. dana7582

    Planner? any suggestions

    I use the LifeStyle planner from uncalendar.com. Lots of space to write things down.
  10. dana7582

    Free CNA training in Georgia

    Do you have a number for the CNA program at Georgia Perimeter? I couldn't find any information about it on the website. Thanks.
  11. I started my BSN program this past Monday. I had intended on recording lectures but when I asked the professors if I could record them they said that they personally don't mind but they don't allow it because of HIPPA. Has anyone else ever heard of this being a violation of HIPPA?
  12. dana7582

    19 Days & counting.......

    I had orientation yesterday and today. Classes start on Monday. We were told that we would have a Dosage calculations test each semester. If we don't make a 90 on each of them we get kicked out of school no matter if we are passing the class otherwise. I am so incredibly scared I am going to fail. They also told us that we have to have a 75 test average (without other stuff like papers, etc.) at the end of the semester or we would fail no matter if our overall average for the class was passing. Needless to say I am really nervous about this first semester. Three more days....
  13. dana7582

    New Students - What Are You Taking First Term?

    Fundamentals of Nursing: M 9:00am-11:00am Health Assessment: M 3:00pm-5:00pm Health Assessment Clinical: T 7:00-10:00am Intro to the Profession of Nursing: T 12:00pm-2:00pm Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical: W 7:00am-1:00pm I'm in a 6 semester program. We go in the summers. Classes start Jan. 7th.
  14. dana7582

    Fall '07 Grades!! Be Proud!!

    Microbiology w/ lab: A A&P II w/ lab: A Nursing Pharmacology: A Safety and Emergency Care: A Personal Health and Fitness: A Pre-reqs finally over with! I start Nursing School (BSN) on Monday, Jan. 7th!
  15. dana7582

    Anyone have a student planner that they love?

    I have been using the Full-size Lifestyle planner from www.uncalendar.com. No one I know has ever used one but always ask me about mine. I get a lot of compliments on it. I love it. I have been using one since I started college. It has tons of room to write important information down. I know I will be using it A LOT when I start nursing school Monday, Jan. 7th. Yikes! They also have a lifestyle pro planner that comes 3 hole punched that you can just put in a binder. Love them.
  16. dana7582

    What your Schedule for nursing school

    BSN (semester 1/6). Starting in January. Monday: 9:00-11:00am Fundamentals 3:00-5:00p Health Assessment Tuesday: 7:00-10:00a Health Assessment Clinical 12:00-2:00p Intro. to the Profession of Nursing Wednesday: 7:00-1:00p Fundamentals Clinical 2:00-5:00p Special topics class-Meals on Wheels Thursday: OFF Friday: OFF