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  1. HoneyDew70

    What size scrub pants do you wear and what size jeans?

    Grey's Anatomy selection fit me just fine and I am curvy with "strong" thighs and a good-sized bosom. The large flattered my size 14 and I didn't look boxy or bigger.
  2. HoneyDew70

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    Dr. G. Eagle, optometrist Dr. Seamen, urologist who performs vasectomies.
  3. HoneyDew70

    OB Antepartum Care Plan

    What about her psychological well-being? Anxiety? Safety teachings?
  5. Cmonkey, I do get what you are saying. On a forum, it doesn't cost more if you spell out the words as they are commonly used. I can understand it a little when you have to pay for each text sent. It makes me work harder to decipher what is being said. I have friends who use text-speak all the time and it is tiresome to read an entire email with numbers for letters, for example. This is how they also write when it comes to their paperwork and unfortunately, it causes a lowering of expectation from the bosses and work mates. They aren't taken seriously, and that is sad.
  6. HoneyDew70


    Don't quit. I am not sure why they have been "targeting" you from the start, but if you quit before you know the what the ADON wants to do to address the issue, you may never learn and grow from this experience. Is there more to the story? There is nothing for us to comment on with such scant details. I wish you all the best. Another (off-topic) thing: please use "th" instead of "d."
  7. HoneyDew70

    How long in bed for post C/S mothers?

    Yep, I think gas pains are worse than the incision pain once the spinal wears off. I had two sections myself and the first one was a mess. Thank goodness by my second time around I had nurses who were proactive in getting me moving.
  8. HoneyDew70

    How long in bed for post C/S mothers?

    When I did L&D we got them up post C/S around the 8-hour mark and they would ambulate to the bathroom where we sat them on the toilet and gave their perineal area a good rinsing off. They would say that's when they began feeling like themselves again. Any mom staying in bed longer before ambulating seemed to have more discomfort/pain.
  9. HoneyDew70

    Greatest Nursing Item You Ever Bought

    I went through four pairs of shoes before I finally broke down and bought Nike Shox running sneakers. No limping, no soreness, no tiredness anymore. That was worth the money.
  10. HoneyDew70

    All White Uniform Dress Code?!!

    Right, but not virginal white.
  11. HoneyDew70

    All White Uniform Dress Code?!!

    hear, hear! nurses used to wear aprons too. oh, and for those in love with the historical concept of nursing, the early nurses were "uncommon women." http://connection.lww.com/products/ellis/images/fig04-02.jpg
  12. HoneyDew70

    All White Uniform Dress Code?!!

    I have heavy periods, period. So no thanks to the white. I'd be a nervous wreck. When I was a young girl, I remember seeing my mom's friend with a great big "accident" on the back of her dress. This unfortunately happened to her twice that I saw. She had to walk pass our house to get home after work. This spooked me and nearly derailed my desire to become a nurse because I was so afraid of the potential for embarrassment. The hospital admin can go wear white then, since they are so keen on the color.