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  1. dcampbell

    Breastfeeding support by HCPs

    DebblesRN: Thank you so much for addressing the visitor situation. Really, that is the big problem that I see consistently. Number two would be lack of staffing/time. I wish I had a nickle for everytime a baby was just starting to latch on well and eat and there would be a knock on the door and visitors arriving with gifts and squeals of delight over the new baby. The pt. usually stops nursing to greet everyone and let them hold the baby. Also first time new moms have visions of relaxing in their beautifully appointed post-partum suites, receiving visitors and opening gifts, taking pictures, wearing gorgeous nursing gowns with perfectly applied makeup and styled hair. Many are not prepared to do the real work that is required to initiate and maintain breastfeeding. When latching on or other issues occur it really seems to throw these young women for a loop. I hate to say this, but in many ways I feel that breastfeeding is a "head game". Women need to be educated, supported, AND have the focus and determination to do just about whatever they need to do to make BF work. I KNOW that for a good number of women, they did everything possible and things still did not work out. (Including myself with my firstborn.) But I think that many of us can tell as soon as we walk into the room to assist a mother, we can "feel" the difference between a woman prepared to do what is needed to be done to make BF work and the new mother who probably won't be able to go the distance.
  2. If these problems occur (and I think they will), who will we complain to? We won't be able to complain to the government. Who regulates, oversees, or disciplines the federal government?
  3. dcampbell

    Who does this stuff? Really, you can't make it up!

    So this pt will probably be going home soon? How will the family deal with her care at home? (When she falls because they get her up.) When she becomes injured at home/or needs to be readmitted due to her dx, does your facility HAVE to take her back? Can it be suggested that she go to a facility with bariatric equipment? I don't need to tell you, but you DON'T want to have to deal with this family again, or have any more staff injured.
  4. dcampbell

    Interesting morning....

    "They can make immunizations from these donors." Please tell me more about that.
  5. dcampbell

    Who does this stuff? Really, you can't make it up!

    How about restraints for the family members! Geez! They are interferring with the pt's plan of care and with hospital policies, they need to go.
  6. dcampbell

    DEA To Loosen Nursing Home Pain Meds Restrictions

    Right on! I think family members need to know about this problem too. Then maybe there will be changes made. The media would also be a good way to get the word out.
  7. dcampbell

    NYC Hospitals Named In Lawsuit Regarding UnPaid Overtime

    Please let us know if you do this and what the response is. Thanks.
  8. dcampbell

    Caring nurse turned Raging *****

    What good advice. How can you find a "good doctor" to get your tyroid checked? At the practice I go to I can't even get to see the doctor. They will only let you see PA's unless you are dying. The PA's, God bless them, seem unwilling/unable to do or order anything. And I know how much practitioners love it when you ask for a test or suggest that you might have something that needs to be checked out. Before anyone says to change practices, you then become a "doc hopper". Even with good insurance it is hard to find someone to take new patients. Not asking for oxy, just want some blood work done. Please? Even a familily history of low tyroid gets you nowhere. sigh....
  9. dcampbell

    Woman Calls C-Section "Rape"

    I am so sorry for all that you have been through in your life. You have mentioned much about your plans for your next birth. PLEASE, prayerfully consider not getting pregnant again until you are able to sort out all that has happened to you in your life, and you are in a better place emotionally. The fact that even looking at your sweet daughter's belly button is so upsetting to you means that maybe you need alot more time to sort things out. To bring another child into the world that you might also have negative/traumatic/scary feelings toward their birth is not fair to the child. Your children might pick up on your negative feelings even though you try your best to suppress them. I am glad that you are getting help to try and process all of this. I hope you are able to find peace.
  10. dcampbell

    Thoughts on escorting patients to smoke

    Can a security guard escort and observe these pts smoking? Does the policy require that only a nurse can watch the pts smoking? If so, that is silly and can/should be changed. I say let them smoke. But there needs to be a policy change if there are only three nurses per shift and there is a chance that none of the nurses are smokers.
  11. dcampbell

    'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    Why did she refuse to have blood drawn? Was she concerned that she might test positive for something (besides being pregnant)? Did her refusal to have blood drawn contribute to the outcome? Or did it contribute to how the staff treated her? Maybe she was worried about "getting into trouble" about what was in her blood/urine. Maybe during autopsy we will find out more about what happened and if the outcome could have been better. Was there drug use during the pregnancy? After my miscariage I was back to work in two days, on an OB unit. I was sent home my first day back and ended up in my ER due to hemorhage. After I recovered, I was able to go back to work---with babies. It was not easy, but moving on can be a healthy response to grief. These people need to go back to work IMHO. What jobs did they have before? Did they have jobs before? I feel terrible for this couple. But, if there were drugs taken, lack of prenatal care, refusing basic tests, and switching hospitals: then I DON'T think the hospital is TOTALLY responsible. The hospital doesn't win any awards though. I know lack of insurance can be a problem. My mom works for social services and I am surprised at all the services available to pregnant women. My mom and her coworkers bend over backwards to get women signed up for prenatal care, and more. Citizenship is not even taken into account. But the women DO have to sign up/show up/do something to help themselves get onto these programs. She might not have known she was pregnant, but for some reason she did not even want blood drawn. Why?
  12. dcampbell

    What to expect at my visit to pain management .

    Thank you canoehead for your comment. You said that she had these spasms for six years, does that mean that she got better? What seemed to help her get better, or did it resolve on its own?
  13. dcampbell

    What to expect at my visit to pain management .

    Thanks for your concern. I did just what you suggested. I wrote out my thoughts about how things were going for me and gave it to my PM doc. Things went very well. He wants me to be able to say "yes" to more things, and prescribed tramadol for several times a month. It has been very helpful and I feel happy to be able to participate in more activities. I am still amazed at how shy I felt talking to my doc. I felt like I was being "wimpy". I would recommend to anyone to write things down like I did. The process of writing things down, helped me to gather my thoughts. Plus, I think the doctor probably liked having the details written down for him. He read it before he came into the exam room and it saved him some time, plus he had, in my own words, how I had been feeling. The office has me complete various forms on my pain related to different activities, but by having a letter from me, I think it gives them even more information on how they can help me. I appreciate those of you who work in PM, it can't be an easy area to work in.
  14. dcampbell

    Death of the Physical Assessment

    To the OP: I wonder how much you were charged for this "examination"?
  15. dcampbell

    Snow- at what point do you call out?

    1) So from many of the above threads, I am hearing that we should have 4WD vehicles? Some people cannot afford these type of vehicles, not to mention the extra gas required and the impact on the enviroment. 2) If on the way to work, one is injured (in a car wreck or just walking down their driveway) on the way to work, are they covered by workman's comp? Will the hospital pay for your damaged car? Increased insurance rates? 3) If a hospital will fire someone for not coming in to work during a blizzard, do you think that the hospital will REALLY stand by them if they are injured coming in to work? Will you lose your job if you are unable to work anymore due to an injury? I would like the hospital to put --in writing-- that they will cover you for doing "whatever you need to do" to get to work.
  16. dcampbell

    Nurses/patient care/cell phones

    These phones can really be a bother. I think that they are another way for management to get out of hiring enough people. How many med errors occur because a nurse was distracted with the constant ringing of the hospital cell phone? What about the breaches in sterile or clean technique because the nurse is rushing to answer the phone? Interupted assessments? Disrupted communication between the nurse and pt due to the ringing and constant stepping out of the room to answer a call?