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iloveclay has 10 years experience and specializes in orthopedics, med/surgery.

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  1. iloveclay

    Gotta question

    Check your license status online with your state to see the status. That should be your guiding force. If it your license is not restricted then really no need to disclose your past. And really what you do is between you and your higher power, meaning you know if you are jepardizing your recovery.
  2. iloveclay

    Are drug addiction and alcoholism disabilities?

    My blood is boiling just reading these comments. These comments are being being made by ignorant people who are operating on myths. I am 54 and have been on SSD for 1 yr. I have bipolar disorder and two hip replacements. I applied at the urging of my sister. I was approved the first time. I have worked since I was 17.....12 yrs in nursing and 15 in engineering. I cannot work now due to my physical limitations. My physical limitations affect my personal life as well. I do not wish for my life to be like this and am offended that I am "milking" the system. May be you should get your facts straight. But we are talking about two different programs, SSI and Social Security Disibility.
  3. On second thought, you might to check with an attorney. There are attornies out there who are former RN's. CHeck out this website: http://www.taana.org/ This firm is in your state, KY http://www.nursing-jurisprudence.com/consultations.html It might be a little premature. A thirty minute consult is $100, might be worth it. I had my license suspended and went back and reaplied for reinstatement and hired an attorney. She was familiar with the BON and knew all the ins and outs. I had my license reinstated in Dec 2007. Hang in there!!!!!!!!
  4. Marijuana stays in your system for 14 to 50 days. It would have been nice if you had did your homework before indulging. But it is too late for that. It's in the past. Nothing you can do to change that. It also seems you would be a prime target for a urine test if you were on vacation. I'm pretty sure regardless of whether you quit or not, the incident will be reported to the BON. It may be best to go in and see what happens. I'm not so sure you should quit. It will be a lot harder to find a job if reported and you're in some sort of program with the state. Maybe your hospital will work things out with you, if you have had no other dirty urines and are a good employee. It really doesn't matter if you "confess" since you already failed the urine test. What you might tell them is, the circumstances of what happened. Let me know how it goes. I assume you go back to work on Mon and you won't get any sleep tonight.
  5. It sounds like you might be familiar with your hospital's policy about drug testing etc. It might be helpful to revisit those policies. If indeed the test comes back positive, I imagine, they will report you to the BON. But I emphasize, you need to check the policy book. It really is a sorry state of affairs, where companies are doing random urine checks. I've worked as an engineer in the automotive field and that is not done in our world, not even for the hourly guys. I did have to submit a hair sample when I first was hired in. As for question 1, you may not get the chance to quit, if indeed the test is positive. I'm sorry these are difficult questions to answer. But my guess is, if positive, they MAY fire and report you to the BON. Some people will tell you to self report, it looks better. Just go to in work and see what happens from there. Not really an answer but you just to wait and see. I'm sure you're panicking and anxious, normal responses. I know I would want to know right now what is going to happen. Is the first instance of drug or alcohol use for you? I'm so sorry for your predicament and can feel your pain. I was in your shoes 22 years ago. was found diverting and was fired that day and they reported me to the BON and my license was suspended for 6 mos. I found another career as a mechanical engineer and have worked in that field since 1993. Hope everything goes well and if they do report you before you can then get yourself to a treatment center or be evaluated by a therapist to see if you have a substance abuse problem.
  6. iloveclay

    Losing Hope for Recovery

    You know i don't think it is necessary to share every detail. Just sharing that you are taking pain medication prescribed by a MD is really all the group needs to know. What it is , how much is too much information. I know AA/NA etc are there to provide support but really there is a limit to what needs to be shared. I feel people in their early sobriety feel the need to spill their guts in the meetings ( I did) but this sort of situation (details, how much what it is, etc) is best left to be shared with a few trusted soles, ie a sponser, a good friend. It would best to find a sponser to help you deal with this. In a group setting like this, there are just as many people as there are opinions. You could end more confused. Sorry I just went back to your post and saw you are not in early sobriety. So disregard my staement re early sobriety. Good luck dealing with this and may you find some relief from the pain.
  7. iloveclay

    Wondering what to do! HELP

    Thanks for the feedback. Just some more info for clarification. I does seem like I am giving up. I am not working, on disability for the hip replacements and bipolar disorder. I can make a certain amt of money each month w/o affecting my benefits. So I subbed for a 2nd grade class on Thurs. I did a fair amt of walking, but not too bad, more than a normal day for me. By the time, the class was over I could barely walk, I was limping badly, I have less ROM in my right knee and stairs are difficult. I can barely manage to walk around the block. I am scheduled to start receiving Supartz injections into my knee next Wed. You get 5 inj for 5 weeks. My clinicals start May 7th. I don't think my instructor will be quite as forgiving as 2nd graders. I guess we'll have to see how the 1st and 2nd inj go. So lots of unknowns, that will be discovered here in next couple weeks. I've also decided to start my job hunt now. Perhaps visit a hospital I was told was recovery friendly. But the narcotic restriction may rule out floors as well as the 12m 7am restriction. and the financial part could prove difficult as I am short $600 dollars each month. I have been living off the retroactive/back pay I received last yr but that is going to run out next yr. And paying for group will make that happen a lot sooner. I am not being negative just realistic. So in 2 weeks I will if my mobility improves. If that improves then I would do the clinicals then on to HPRP and looking for a job. So really it all hinges on how successful the Supartz injections are. My OS says I will need a knee replacement sometime in the future. So here's hoping the injections work. It is a crap shoot with them.
  8. iloveclay

    Wondering what to do! HELP

    I am getting ready to start MIchigan's HPRP program. I have read on the board of others' trials and tribulations of finding a job. I lost my llcense many years ago (1986),, found another career(engineering in Mi automotive, not so hot right now). I got laid off in June 06 and decided to apply for reinstatement of my license. My reinstatement was approved and I was required to take the NCLEX and do 80 hrs clinicals. The only way to do the clinicals was to take a class, the class is almost over, clinicals start soon. My dilemna is that I have had 2 hip replacements and may need a knee replacement soon. I am 54 and receive Social Security. It's not quite enough to pay the bills. Between all restrictions from HPRP and my bad limp and the financial burden, I'm not so sure it's worth it. Is finding a job that difficult? Any input would be appreciated.
  9. iloveclay

    Drug addicted nurses

    I know I will be in the minority here but I need to tell my story. I was fired from my job in Sept 11, 1986 for drug diverting. I was taking Tylenol w/codeine. I went to tx the next day for 2 weeks and then to long term treatment 500 miles from my home. Talk about an adjustment. I felt like I was going to the end of the earth. I went on to find a job as a DON in a small nursing home. My nursing licence was suspended in 1988. I then decided to return to college and received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I attended AA meetings and had a sponser. I graduated in 1993 and moved back home. While I was in college I had, what I was to later find out were mood swings. In 1996, I went to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with depression and put me on an antidepressant. Unfortunately I was misdiagnosed. I continued to have mood swings, crying spells with no reason for them. I had a good job, a new car, a great family and yet I was still unhappy. I continued on this route til I saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed me bipolar and got on Lithium and Depakote and am now well controlled. I must interject that I was not using nor drinking alcohol but I was up and down til 2003. Haven't used anything since 1986. I am doing really well and occasionally have a glass of wine or a beer. I have been prescribed pain med for 2 hip replacement surgeries. Oh, and no meetings. I really don't consider myself an alcoholic or drug dependent. Maybe others would argue but I know myself and how I feel today and I have no urges to use drugs to deal with anything. I'm not sure what others think but I know myself and I know that 23 yrs ago I was having some personal issues and it was just the start of my mental health issues that went on undiagnosed for a number of years. My psych doc says I was using to make up for the messed up nuerotransmitters in my brain.
  10. I'll try and keep this short and sweet. Back in 1986, I was fired from my job as an RN for diverting. I subsequently had my nursing license suspended for 6 mos and 1 day in Feb 1989. I applied for reinstatement in May 1990 but was denied. I then went on to school and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1993. I went to work in the auto industry and was laid off in June 2006. And thought maybe I would return to nursing. So I reapplied for reinstatement. I hired an atty and had an administrative hearing in April 2007. The law judge's decision was that I had met all the requirements and my license should be reinstated. Next, it went to the BON and they accepted the law judge's decision and ordered several things. 1. I had to take the NCLEX. I did in October 2008 and passed. 2. Do 80 hours of clinical. I am taking a class at the local college and will be finished in June. 3. Last but not least is HPRP. I had started HPRP a year a ago but since I couldn't practice(no license) . They allowed me to complete the NCLEX and the clinical first. So that time is almost here. My problem is that last yr when I started all of this. They threw the book at me. 2 yrs of weekly group meetings, random urine drops, seeing an addictionist, a narcotic restriction, restiction on when and where I work. At that time, I had no medical insurance. So that was another problem. I'm writing because in the intervening years I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2003 and my pschy doc said I was using to avoid feeling depressed and to avoid the mood swigns and crying spells. I had all thses mood swings, etc my whole way through college and always attributed to the fact that I had no money, no car and college was hard for me. ANd yet after I finished college and was working I continued to have the mood swings. So in my heart I know I am not a drug addict or an alcoholic. I have not used since that day I was fired many years ago nor do I drink. A year ago I saw an addictinist who was questioning the omission of attending AA and having a sponser from my tzx plan. I stopped attending AA meetings when I graduated college. I waited in this jackass's office for 5 hours on Good Friday to hear all of this. I was so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I am to begin again with HPRP. Now I have Medicare and am receving SS disability for two hip replacements and my bipolar disorder. I really don't have a problem with random urine drops since I don't drink or do drugs. I do think maybe they could decrease the length of time for probation but they won't. This all happened so many years ago that I really don't even think about it. Part of me, just wants to forget about all the hassle but SS disability doesn't pay all my bills. I do have the option of subbing(teacher) since I have a enough credits. I am really questioning if I want to go through all this crap. It is making me feel very angry and resentful . I am really debating if I want to follow through. Any input/advice would be appreciated. To me, it just seems to be a non-issue. It all happened so long ago. Thanks Debbie
  11. iloveclay

    Thank Gods its over

    Good going Betty, it's so nice to see so many of the October group passed. :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:
  12. iloveclay

    To Kaplan or Not to Kaplan

    I used Kaplan but only the Qtrainers...a friend lent me his CD. I did pass BUT I would not put all my eggs into one basket. The questions are similar to those on the NCLEX but NCSBN has this course http://www.learningext.com/products/rnreview/review.asp They write the NCELX questions. I used this as well. I think Kaplan may lull some people into a false sense of security. Their Qtrainers don't touch on all the content that there possibly is. I also used Saunder Comprehensive Review for RN's. It has a CD with over 4000 questions. It's about $45.00 for the book. I, think, a combination of Saunder's, Linda LaCharity's book Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment and NCSBN is what helped me the most. IMO you really need to know your content and be able to apply that. Continue to explore this forum and it will help make your decision clear. You will probably find a lot of opinions but you know your strengths and weaknesses. Here is their website with several options. $299 Qbank 1000 questions. This option doesn't offer the Qtrainers. The online course is $418.00 which has Qbank and Qtrainers. The whole shebank above plus 30 hours classroom time. http://www.kaplannursing.com/Nursing_Domestic/NCLEX-RN/View-Kaplan-Programs/NS_nclex_overview.html?cid=1775225 Good Luck
  13. iloveclay

    Making It Back From A Surrender In Tx

    PEPPER! I sent you a PM.
  14. iloveclay

    NCLEX-RN Oct!! tips! pls!

    congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nurse:
  15. iloveclay

    Did Anyeone Got A Lot Of Repeated Question N Pass?

    I had two questions about the same medication.....Fosamax and after that I have drawn a complete blank about any other questions. I can't remember any other questions at all. I passed with 88 questions.
  16. iloveclay

    any nclex takers in october-share study tips

    Actually I waited from the beginning of July (when I took the test) until the end of August for my results. They were mailed and yes it was a 2 day test paper and pencil. THe exam was broken down by subject: Medical, surgical, peds, psychiatric and obgyn.We had to score at least 350 and it did tell us what our score was. I took mine in Michigan.