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  1. tonicareer

    Moonlighting Nurses

    So you think this woman I work with made up her pay scale and works retail just for fun? Most of the all nurses site is complaining about pay and work conditions - is it all made up? Attacking me rather than working to make life/payscales better for other nurses made you feel better? McDonalds here pays minimum (5.15 not 7.00) retail pays about the same. Pay scales are low here. I said she worked in a doctor office not a hospital and pay here is very low in doctor offices because the economy is so bad. I said rural - not Indianapolis, not Fort Wayne, not near Chicago. I said she couldn't move because she was married and it wasn't economical to commute. It is no wonder nurses are having trouble getting improvements in conditions and pay - attacking someone and saying they are making it up as they go does not show a team spirit in improving nurses pay scales. We need to stick together - not attack one another.
  2. tonicareer

    Fundamentals Reading, Ivy Tech Indianapolis

    I think you should read the whole book this summer - then reread as assignments are given in the fall. Maybe you can contact the instructor and find out the order of readings too. I recommend learning speed reading - I learned it over 20 years ago and it is a lifesaver. You can even get index cards and starting making study cards ( I buy them at dollar tree or walmart in mass quantities). Good luck! Congrats on entering a nursing program.
  3. tonicareer

    Indianapolis hospitals that pay for grad school?

    Most of Indiana is rural/small town. Very low wages and no tuition paid for. Now maybe Indy or near Chicago pays better - but most of Indiana is suffering economically. Very few LPN programs or RN programs - most of those very expensive and competitive to get in to. I know LPN's making 7 dollars an hour and RN's making 9. They can't move because they are married and long commutes don't work when you have a family and high gas prices and bad weather. If you are making good money that is great - but plenty of people in Indiana are not making good money. Why not specifically give us the names and websites of these hospitals that pay tuition? Tell us what you earn and where you went to school? Give us details. Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. tonicareer

    Moonlighting Nurses

    The midwest economy is really bad. I think the economy in other states will go this way too unfortunately. It seems to be spreading across the country.
  5. tonicareer

    Credit reports

    I work in retail right now and yes the employers I have applied to do all kinds of checks, criminal, credit and a drug test (UA) and these are just parttime minimum wage jobs. I am sure in nursing they have to do even more checking.
  6. tonicareer

    Moonlighting Nurses

    This is rural/small town Indiana. The LPN was making about 7 an hour and no benefits. Typical wages. Going an over hundred mile round trip might gain a dollar or two an hour - but with gas prices and bad winter weather and wear and tear on cars - it isn't worth it. This is what jobs pay here unfortunately. In some cases people can't move.
  7. tonicareer

    Indianapolis hospitals that pay for grad school?

    Indiana is a poverty state - I just don't think any hospitals here will pay for grad school. I don't think most will pay for anything.
  8. tonicareer

    CNA classes?

    Try Ivy Tech Laffeyette - it costs about 600 bucks now - you will have to really nag at them for the info. CNA work pays lousy in Indiana - like minimum wage - and I have heard horror stories about how CNAs here are treated.
  9. tonicareer

    Moonlighting Nurses

    I have been talking to nurses in my area who are having to moonlight in other jobs due to the low wages here. Only 1 hospital in the county - low wages and not alot of clinics or medical offices. All of them pay low wages. When gas was cheaper they could drive to larger cities (very long commute and often bad weather) but now they said it isn't worth it. They can't move cause they are married and they live here due to husbands job (some are farmers). They often work in an office setting as an LPN or RN during the day and moonlight at nights and weekends in retail or such. How common is this? They don't even get insurance benefits at their jobs. Is this just the area I live in or what?
  10. tonicareer

    Free Online Class

    Some of you will find this amusing. http://nursing.about.com/od/education/a/whybecomeanurse.htm
  11. tonicareer

    IVy Tech Students

    Sure is! They accept no transfer credit from any college - you must retake all classes. You must pay all the money upfront before beginning classes (like 10,000 bucks). You must be available for classes and clinicals 24/7 - they have a huge drop out rate too! I cannot afford to throw away all the classes I have already taken and do them over!!!!!!!! This is why Indiana sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. tonicareer

    Roadblocks and Choices

    Sunny John - yes Instate tuition in other states is cheaper - but you have to live in those states between 1 and 2 years to qualify for instate tuition - I like how you have seen how bad Indiana is. If I had the money to move - I would do so for sure - even if I couldn't go to nursing school - but you have to have money to find a place to live - and I don't qualify for financial aid either since I already have a BS in another area.
  13. tonicareer

    Roadblocks and Choices

    If I had the money for Deaconess and plane tickets - I would just enroll at a private traditional college. Money is also a major factor for most students. Please do not tell me about financial aid - I am in a situation where I do not qualify.
  14. tonicareer

    Ivy Tech Lafayette letters of acceptance

    Ivy Tech has selective admission into it's nursing program - they have a packet of info they can give you with the details for either LPN or RN. All nursing programs in Indiana are selective (in otherwords you have to do certain things to get in - prereqs, tests, physical, references, personal interview). The programs are very competitive to get into - often there are 400 to 800 people applying for each slot at each Ivy Tech or other colleges in Indiana. For instance I have all the prereqs with a 4.0 but so do other people - so I haven't gotten in - after a certain number of years your classes time out and you might have to repeat them. I would go to the interview with a list of questions - ask for the packet of info, gather all printed documents there and then go home and read them and then ask more questions. Purdue is more expensive than Ivy Tech and their nursing program is probably just as competitive to get into. Just taking a bunch of classes won't help to get into a school - you need to know what classes to take specifically and must get a certain grade to stay in a program. For instance if you take a biology class at Purdue - it might not be the correct biology class Ivy Tech requires for it's nursing programs - same goes for Anatomy and Physiology and other types of classes. Make sure you know what to do - it is up to you to know because advisors don't always give you the correct info. Good Luck!
  15. tonicareer

    New PN Program?

    Is Ivy Tech beginning a new LPN program in Grant County or not? They list one for 2005-06! Currently they only have an LPN to ASN program. Not even an entry ASN just an LPN to ASN - really stupid IMO. You have to leave the county to do the LPN and then come back. The Marion Community School program is awful - way to expensive and I have heard bad things about it (they accept no transfer credit -including not accepting Ivy Tech credit). I wonder if Marion - Grant County Ivy Tech has one - if they will only allow laid off Thompson employees into the program? No one else can get any help in Grant County because that is the only laid off employees anyone cares about.
  16. tonicareer

    Anyone else going to an ADN pgm w/ BA already?

    Don't live near Chicago - but the cost of living there is way to expensive - those colleges are way over priced too.