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Cath Lab/Stress Lab/Cardiology Case Management

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  1. dianah

    Please tell me what to do

    Thread belongs in off-topic area here: https://allnurses-breakroom.com/ Closed for now.
  2. dianah

    ADN and NCLEX query

    Here is a link to the California BON requirements for taking NCLEX. https://www.rn.ca.gov/applicants/lic-exam.sh As Silverdragon has indicated, you will need a SS # AND your education will need to meet the BON requirements
  3. dianah

    Need help with manual blood pressure readings

    Blood pressure readings don't sound the same on each person. Some are bounding in your ears, some you can barely hear. Agree, ensure your cuff is the correct size for the arm size, and that your stethoscope fits your ears correctly, and is positioned correctly (in your ears and on the arm). Just take loads of blood pressure readings, and you will become more familiar with the differences and will find the similarities.
  4. dianah

    Help name my business!!

    Moved to Entrepreneurs' section. Those are some good suggestions! Nurse Concierge Care? Good luck with choosing a name, and with your endeavor!
  5. dianah

    Needlestick accident

    Things happen. You work daily with needles, -- could say they are an occupational hazard! Sounds like you did the best you could explaining what happened, and why she needed to have labs drawn afterwards. Her needle phobia is what it is. You are not responsible for how she feels about the event. It's too bad she had to wait so long at the lab, perhaps that could have been avoided (but then again, you are not responsible for the lab's policies and their patient flow).
  6. dianah

    Cath Lab position should I take it??

    The first thing that popped in my head was: CALL. You will be on call part of the time, which means more time away from your family. You will need to pin down how often you will be on call (every third week, for a week? Every third night? Every other weekend?) and how often you can expect to be called in. Some labs are VERY busy after hours, with STEMIs and transfers. That said, I worked full-time and covered call most of the time my kids were growing up, and we survived. Dh had to pick them up and they had pizza for dinner sometimes. So far they are OK adults. And dh and I are still together. Might be good for you to observe in the Cath Lab, and pick the brains of those who work there. MOST important, too, is having a supportive NM and a team that works together. Hopefully others can think of more things to consider, too. Good luck making your decision!
  7. dianah

    Can I sue the school for not finding me a consolidation placement?

    Topic closed per Terms of Service.
  8. dianah

    Knee replacement

    Hello. What a predicament! Per the Terms of Service, no one on this forum may give medical advice. It seems any words of wisdom would be empty without a knowledge of your medical condition and needs (present and future), combined with the physical requirements of your position (which only you would know). Please consult your PMD and weigh all factors involved before arriving at your decision. We wish you all the best. Closing this thread now.
  9. dianah

    JTCC 2019 Fall Nursing Program

    Moved to School Programs forum. Best to you in your career/educational journey!
  10. dianah

    Blast from the past...

    Love old westerns! Movies and the series: Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Wagon Train, The Rifleman... can spot lots of stars in their younger days, putting their time in. Also love M*A*S*H reruns. I do admit to sometimes keeping the TV on for noise, tuned to The Brady Bunch and The Love Boat. Mindless fluff.
  11. dianah

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    Maybe that was the same president. And how, praytell, is a president to reduce stress??? Again, sad.
  12. dianah

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    I recall reading about one president who was diagnosed with hypertension while in the White House. No cure, no meds available. Sad.
  13. dianah

    UExcel exams

    Moved to the Excelsior forum. You might browse through the threads in this forum, for additional helpful information. Best of luck to you!
  14. dianah

    I have decided to retire!

    Enjoy the next part of your journey! (and stay in touch!)