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  1. summersent

    SUNY Morrisville

    Do not attend morrisville. As someone said, they operate by failing students while gladly taking their money. They also actively practice racial discrimination & racism in their program towards Black students, which has gotten them in serious trouble.
  2. summersent

    Failing Nursing School

    Leave morrisville state college, if you have not already done so. It is a horrible program(as you know). Racial discrimation in their program is also a serious issue there. Please listen to this. Leave.
  3. summersent

    accepted to Morrisville and Delhi program

    Do not attend morrisville state college. Their program is horrible. Racial discrimination is their program is also very rampant.
  4. Doing and being held responsible for almost everyone's job in the hospital(pharmacy,doctor,rt,social worker,therapist etc) including the nurses own job ....adds up. So one should be satisfied doing and being blamed for everything and everyone elses mistakes?
  5. summersent

    Career Change

    If I were you- I'd stay with accounting or look at other careers. There is NO nursing shortage or job stability as portrayed through the media and internet. Most professions are hit hard by the economy. Wait it out in your career. I've seen so many people sucked in by the "supposed" nursing shortage to come to find out there is none. Look around the board. You will see.
  6. In my opinion I think nurses really do probably get paid less that $8.50 after you realize how many jobs are factored in with the title RN. The employers might as well put -200 dollars at the end of each pay stub.
  7. I'm wondering when the people who flame others for asking questions about salary will come in and post on this thread. You know, the ones who state God came to them at birth and sent them a "calling" and saying it has nothing to do with money(so how dare anyone ask about salary) but just the genuine overwhelming great feeling of compassion.
  8. summersent

    Nurses' Rights

    Nurses have rights? lol
  9. summersent

    what to take nursing or pharmacy??

  10. summersent

    I am sad, I am numb, am I burned out?

    Wow, that is terrible. I have no words. You went through a lot. I hope that you are going to be okay. You sound emotionally scarred.
  11. summersent

    Options for Nurses who HATE nursing.

    Stress is normal in any job but to say nursing jobs are "stressful' is truly an understatement. Nursing is an abusive profession. Its not a healthy working relationship. I DO think that changing careers is the answer. I have many relatives and friends that work all types of jobs and I'm tellling you this right now I don't know know of any who come back after work crying like many nurses do. My family and friends get their lunch breaks and they get to go to the bathroom. I switched out of nursing and I'm telling you right now, its the best choice I've ever made. I can sleep. I don't have the "pounding heart", my body doesn't shake before I go into the hospital. I don't have the dreadful feeling that never goes away throughout the day. Nothing should make anyone make that way on a consistent basis. So I say yes. Yes to all the ones who want to get out of nursing. I now appreciate anything and everything I do much more because I know what its like to really HATE a job. I can say no job or program I have every been in has treated me and made me feel like nursing has. I love the new program I'm in and I have no fear of an mean instructor yelling at me for no reason. I know when I will graduate( before a lot of my "former" nursing classmates who are still getting strung along,money taken from them due to the petty "rules" and hurt my faculty and they will only have an associates!...I will have my BSN). I dont have to worry about catching a disease. I feel respected and valued by my professors:). I'm at a good place and I really feel its never to late to leave this. Cut your "losses" and go. Trust me you are losing more(emotionally and physically) if you allow yourself to say in such an deplorable environment.
  12. summersent

    Is nursing a sick , petty , vindictive world?

    No, its not. I've only done clinicals and I can tell you I got treated BETTER working at a cashiering job (I worked there in my late teens) then I did on a 6 hour clinical in nursing school. Once a customer came in the store and was threatening the employees and he was told to leave. Even the manager got very upset and was very close to calling the police. Even the employees worked together pretty well to get this guy out. I can't say the same for nursing. I was told nurses have to finish the care even if they are getting injured by a patient. I can't think of one other career that allows their employees to get beaten up and abused on a daily basis. And it seems when one nurse speaks up about the bad treatment that they all have experienced... most turn against her or dont support her. My mother,father,3 aunts,2 uncles and all my friends get lunch breaks on their job and are allowed to urinate when they need to. They don't need to feel sorry for their basic human needs. I even heard some places don't even need to tell nurses what they are fired for? huh? I guess harassing them off the floor is better. So many professions have unions and many employees feel atleast somewhat protected by their employers. Seems that the majority of nurses would beg to differ. Even during nursing school just stepping foot on the majority of nursing floors I could instantly feel the manipulation,rudeness and bad energy among the nurses. I didn't feel that way when I would visit my mother's job and the many others places of employment I've been. It seems that many nurses have had SO many jobs. Like a revolving door..... So much for retirement huh? I just don't understand it.... No job is perfect and many people don't enjoy going to work but nursing is about as bad as it gets.
  13. summersent

    Why do nurses get treated like crap? Is it everywhere?

    I don't understand why she didn't stand up for herself. She just took the treatment.... The doctor was wrong but she should have gotten her power and dignity back.
  14. summersent

    Is nursing a sick , petty , vindictive world?

    yes. during my time in nursing school, I realized this quick. Nursing also uses a lot of the propaganda that the military uses(except in the military many people have a IDEA of how bad it will be). It really is a sick profession. I also don't see how its rewarding. Nothing is rewarding about being physically and mentally abused all day. I've never seen so much manipulation,passive agressiveness and half truths. I remember one new nurse just started on the floor where I was doing clinical at in the past. She was pretty, in shape and just an all around positive person. I started to observe the way they treated her. They were so wrong to her. And as the days went by she started not taking care of herself. They really tried to break her down. I started noticing her talking to me more and we connected. We were like one of the few who wanted to see each other do good and help each other out. But I find those type of relationships are far and few between in nursing. I don't understand why they just couldnt look at her and inspire to be better and feed off her positive energy. NO. they had to break her down. Thats what really gets me about nursing. I knew either she'd have to leave QUICK or she'd end up miserable like the rest of them. What gets me are the people here saying "its life" and "its like this everywhere". Please stop. No its not.
  15. summersent

    Life is too short to be this stressed

    the "happy smiling nurse" is a nurse thats a good actress. The other nurses who express their emotions rather not put on a front. No one can be happy being yelled , pooped on, exposed to countless diseases and being paid pennies. My aunt even said she feels shes doing charity work after she leaves the hospital after every shift. She even tells me when she looks at her check she doesn't even see the money. Like its not even worth it.
  16. Your still in your first semester. You'll see what I mean with your very own eyes soon....