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  1. Nursie30

    Topic: Venting in Private?

    Thanks again to all that posted with words of kindness, I'm feeling much better now, its just the point of taking so long to get over not having that job, and then 7 mos later, this happening. It's like I said, it set my therapy back a bit, but I know I'll bounce back, and I know everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan for me......but thanx everyone....
  2. Nursie30

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    1. Corporate...nuf said 2. Cold food 3. Nurses eating while feeding residents 4. Not toileting residents 5. CNA walks in room, turns on light, pulls sheet back, 1 swift move resident is from bed to w/c, all done by scaring the hell out of them. 6. Lack of privacy for residents, not pulling curtain, pushing resident down hall only in towel 7. Having All residents in bed by 6pm 8. Start getting residents "predressed" when they come in and then have them all up by 3 or 4pm 9. Skipping rounds 10. When they do rounds, forgetting pericare and oral care 11. Families that are way to involved and need to get lives 12. Families that are waiting for them to die, to get the money 13. Shower aide that can do 40 showers in 2 hrs or less 14. No nail care, oh we don't cut their toenails the podiatrist does that 15. Walking down the hall and seeing a resident being pushed by an aide going faster than the speed of sound, hair flying behind them. 16. Pulling a gerichair backwards 17. Turn off the IV or feeding while dressing resident, but then don't let you know 18. Applying a nitro patch to find that the resident already has 3 stuck all over his chest and back 19. Resident comes back from hosp with FC, and nurse doesn't D/C it when there is no Dx for having it 20. I knew I could think of at least 20 pet peeves...........lol But, I haven't worked in over 7 months and can't find a job, I miss all of it.......lol Oh one more........Calling family member, telling them the patient has taken a turn for the worse, family member asks, how long, should we come on out or do you think it will be awhile..........
  3. Nursie30

    nursing school vs. romance

    Don't worry honey, There are toooo many men with all of those nurse fantasies......the be plenty............lol :chuckle
  4. Nursie30

    What to do when U know others are cheating...(in classes)

    I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. It is your duty to speak up, you could save lives...NCLEX has nothing to do with clinicals, actual pts during school that could be harmed because someone doesn't even know what a Gallbladder is........At this point, we are not in Junior high any more or "tattling" It is a duty as a professional, to report this, they aren't just hurting themselves, and hanging themselves, they could be harming a pt.....Yes it MAY very well be DO or DIE.....go speak with your instructor, in confidence, it is also her responsiblity to " hold in confidence all personal matters commited to my keeping" Just one of many ethical situations that your are going to be confronted with during your nursing career, doing the right thing now, will teach you that you can't always go with the flow, and your not always going to be liked, but you will be doing the right thing........
  5. Nursie30

    Working Nights

    I worked nights and prefered doing that, like you said saved on babysitting etc.... I liked it because if there was something I really had or wanted to do, I would just stay up, and get it done, and adjusted my body to needing very little sleep, the weekends are the same as usual I found...never needed to stay up late, or sleep in, and enjoyed the xtra time and the money I saved.
  6. Nursie30

    Your Worst Mistake

    Boy, admitting is hard, but we know we have to do that, forgiving ourselves is almost impossible. I was fresh out of LPN school, working evening shift by myself, pt chokes in dining room, I called out for a code status, the SSD went and checked the chart, running back in and yelling, "She's a Full Code" so I began CPR, the pt was revived, the EMT's arrived, and about 30 minutes later the hospital calls, and notifies us that the pt was a DNR on their records. I went to check her chart, and although there was no yellow flag in front of chart, or a sticker, or even an order on the current MAR, looking back about a year, there it was, the Doctor had wrote an order for her to be DNR d/t terminal illness, it was never pulled forward. She was in the hospital for about a wk, and I was so worried about the state that she would be in when she came back, but she came back as the same old fiesty lady, which made me feel better. But just imagine, the adrenaline of the code, excited about actually doing a code successfully, people patting me on the back, feeling 10 ft tall, and then the call saying that she was a DNR. So....my big ole soap box wherever I work is asking what the status is, asking what the family wants if they've changed their mind with decline in conditions, and making the SSD aware, nurses, CNA's, whoever what a pt's code status is.....it was a horrifying experience.... On the lighter side, I have inserted a foley in the wrong "umm" area, and reported no output at end of shift, to have dayshift find out, I wasn't a very good mark. And we all know how scary it is when you realize that you have given the wrong meds to the wrong pt, fearing the worse, not wanting to call the doctor, and kicking yourself the whole time knowing that is was just plain dumb, or rushing or whatever....... To the RN that quit because of the Insulin? You really need to get over this, 50 Units was a tad bit too high, but we all make mistakes, don't give up something you love......that is so sad......you are probably a very competant nurse, obviously caring if it has affected you this much, go back to doing what you love.....
  7. Nursie30

    tension between EMT and LTC nurses?

    I'm from a small town too, and the LTC facility I worked at, had always had problems with SOME EMT's. As there are some Nurse Rachetts out there, there are also some EMT's with Ego problems. You may have certain expectations when you pull up to pick a patient up, and expect things to work out just perfect with patient A sitting by the door, and the nurse standing there like Florence Nightengale with paper work in hand. But.....she is probably down the hall with Pt B, who keeps trying to get up and walk after a recent hip fx and keeps falling, and running to Patient C who needs a shot of Haldol to calm his behaviors, and trying to do the med pass so it is within the specified time, while charting on all 20 of her Medicare pts that require full body assessments. The CNA that is supposed to be there so helpfully waiting to show you to the room, is busy laying residents down, or trying to serve out trays and assist feeding residents, giving showers, whatever time it may be. EMT's in our area usually arrive as a team of at least 4, that is more staff than the nurse has that is supposed to have everything just waiting for them to whisk the pt away. What an EMT may see is the nurse isn't at the desk, the phones ringing of the hook and you called us, so come on, but many many things happen in the LTC setting, and usually happen all at once. If it is just a case of a nurse being lazy, then attack that nurse, not all nurses, as you say we shouldn't attack all EMT's. I read the link to the post, and usually don't get involved in these disputes of who is higher ranked, because as many have said, we are all here for a purpose, but the flaming about nurses was uncalled for. About DNR status, many times a patient will go to the hospital and is a full code, they are asked over at the hosp, and then they may decide to change the status to DNR, that information may never make it back to the nursing facility, but the nurses will get reamed if we don't have the DNR on file and the hospital does. But I think the debate about the CCU nurse is really senseless, DNR is DNR, she has stated she understands that, but comfort measures only is another story. I feel it would be cruel to push the pt out of the nursing home, where the rooms are often bigger, or even more private, their frail bodies, put through so much already, probably hurting with every move that they may make, and where they are surrounded by people and staff that have worked with them from day in and day out, if they are obviously dying. One more point....I was working at a facility for MR/DD residents and a resident was choking, staff just thought she was having a seizure and did nothing until she fell to the ground and started becoming cyanotic, they then called the nurses in, on the same grounds, not 200 yrds away, in another building was an volunteer EMT, who was also employed at this facility, but was not called in to this situation. He was obviously more equipped in critical care, and opening an airway, but wasn't utilized, and the pt died. So, I guess I am riding the fence here, we just need to have patience for each other, and recognize, the truley arrogant, or rude nurse or EMT, and also recognize the truly caring nurse and EMT. With much love for everyone that has decided to join any health related field, I now sign off.......
  8. Nursie30

    A royal red-in-the-face moment just now

    And also as a Care plan coordinator, I had careplanned for heel protectors to be on at all times while in bed, for a patient that was a bilateral lower amputee. Not so lucky this time, it was caught by the state surveyor lol :uhoh21:
  9. Nursie30

    A royal red-in-the-face moment just now

    Right out of nursing school, I was charting about a resident that had cellulitis and had drainage. I didn't know that it was called purulent drainage. I knew that it was pus, coming from this wound, so I charted that the patient had pussy drainage. Not realizing I was pronouncing it one way, and in the chart it looked like something totally different. Luckily I was working with my sister who is also a nurse and she caught the mistake, but that pesky little rule of only drawing a line through the word, still made it readable to others. But that's okay, because one day my sister was charting and she had her head somewhere else and charted that the patients IV was patent to DD, with clear yellow urine. So we all been there lol
  10. Nursie30

    Topic: Venting in Private?

    Thanks again for all of the support and prayers that I knew I would find here. I wanted to get the message to her, as well as just suggest to be more careful. I looked at all of my posts, I never have mentioned any particulars about anyone from this job, or about myself, but as I said I did vent a whole page worth of information about the day I walked out and how I had felt I was wronged. The main thing is, I have accepted the fact, after all this time that I was partly to blame for the events that lead up to my leaving. I think I had probably gotten "too big for my britches" so to speak, and maybe a little full of myself. When I walked out I fully expected them to beg me back, and that didn't happen. I guess I thought I couldn't be replaced. I miss working, I miss being a nurse and loved doing MDS's and Careplans. After 7 months and no return calls from resumes and applications, I am beginning to feel as though I will never be a nurse again. People are telling me to just apply at Wal-Mart, or wherever, just to get some money coming in, and I hate to even think of that, not that its beneath me, but just because of what nursing means to me. I got into this profession because of my oldest sister. She was an LPN, and was so caring and so patient, she was just a wonderful person. I would see her with her residents, and just be amazed at how wonderful she was, and what wonderful things she was doing. She taught me everything that I know, my first job was working right along side of her, and I felt I couldn't have learned from anyone better. (She also taught me that if there is drainage, its prulent drainage, not pussy drainage as I once charted right after graduation lol) She is no longer with us, she passed away in June of 2001, from a 2 yr battle with breast cancer, and I miss her dearly. I am the baby of the family and she was the oldest and was like mother to me. And in some silly way, I feel like I would be letting her down, if I never return to nursing again, I feel that a part of her is with me when I am out there with those patients and sharing compassion with them. God I miss her so much....I"m sorry, just a bit emotional after all of this has taken place. The loss of my job has really put a hurt on my family, and sent me into depression, for a long time after I had quit, I would have dreams of them calling me and asking me to come back, and I would hope that one day the phone would ring and they would say, "Well, we miss you, its been long enough, why don't you come on back. It was the best place I had ever worked, the relationship with the co-workers was wonderful, I looked forward to going to work, and new that my sister would be proud of me that I had an office, and a desk and a phone, and all that silly stuff that goes with it. I don't know what went wrong. I had my daughter in February, and my panic attacks got worse. I was afraid to bond with her because I had a horrible fear that she was going to die. I was put on medication, Effexor and Xanax. It seemed to help, but I didn't realize until reading an article about these drugs that they could cause irrational behavior. I had tons of withdrawal symptoms and was again miserable. I don't think I would have walked out of my job if I hadn't been on this medication. (Boy I'm really putting it all out there now huh? Oh well, they know who I am now, so it doesn't matter huh? LOL)I live in a small town, I because of my panic attacks and am terrified to drive on the highways, so I limit myself to the few surrounding towns, to look for employment and nothing is happening. I just didn't need this right now, I was even thinking of humbling myself and going to ask my former manager if I could be rehired. (Just be nice to the girls working in the drive thru windows at MC Donald's you never know it might be me, lol. ) Its just ridiculous that this had to happen at this time. Someone mentioned, trying to talk to my old manager about it, I guess after the person copied it and took it to work, the manager was the one that was letting everyone read it...so there you go there... I'm not a vengeful person, so I wouldn't try legal action. With all that I am going through I still try to remain upbeat, keep my sense of humor, and trust in God that we will make it through this trying time. I just want to be a nurse, do what I Love, make people laugh and be able to provide for my family. Sorry to VENT so much, its just that finding this out, has set my therapy back a few months I have a tendancy to only come to this BB when I have a problem, and even though I'm not a REG, I still feel so welcome, and I appreciate that so much right now, you just don't even know. Instead of playing that silly Roller Coaster Tycoone game I"m hooked on, I"m gonna spend more time in here. It's definately a place for healing, thanks for those broad shoulders.......
  11. Nursie30

    Topic: Venting in Private?

    It's been awhile since I've been on, just thought I would say Hi to everyone. I've been going through some tough times lately, and thought I would come in and say hello. Just a thought too....I know that we have ALL vented on occasion, and sometimes this is the only place that you can get someone to listen, or find someone that understands what you may be going through. Seems harmless enough, bad day at work, come home, vent online to your online friends, good way to get your feelings out, and before you know it, you've taken up a whole page, mostly because it feels good to get your feelings out, just by typing them on the keyboard. Vent about co-workers, pts, families, whatever the case may be. Using a Username, we don't really identify ourselves. But maybe someone looks at all of your posts, and puts the information together, that one time you say your from Missouri, then one time you say you have 3 kids, well you get the picture. Fellow co-workers could actually find a post on here, such as the one that I posted in September when I walked out of my job, they could copy it, and then take it to work with them, and share it with your old comrads, maybe even have a laugh about it. Your personal feelings, sharing them with your fellow nurses online that understand what you are going through, taken back to your previous place of employment to be viewed by all, refeuling a fire that should have been out so long ago. Oh it could happen, and it did, just recently. After not working at this place for 7 months, my original post, my venting, was recently copied and taken there for all to see. Sometimes when you vent, you don't even mean half of what you say, or later.............MAYBE 7 months later, your feelings have changed, your heart is not as hardened, you've gone through some really crappy times, especially since being unemployed for so long, and pounding the pavement for a job, just to be turned down time and time again, getting ready to lose your home, losing your heat in your house, going to food pantries and other places getting assistance just to stay alive, so different from the world you knew before. Maybe after someone has been through these things, maybe the stop holding grudges and just try to survive. It sickens me that anything I ever posted here has ended up there. It just sickens me. I know its a public board, I know complete strangers read what I post, but to be sought out, especially after so long, well it just makes no since to me. A fellow co-worker that I thought of as a friend, has been doing her math, put 2 and 2 together and came up with ME. Little ole me all the way out here in Cyber nursing world. Am I wrong to be so upset? Am I just venting? I guess I just don't like being the topic of their conversations, again. I hope that if your reading this, and you know who you are, that you feel ashamed of what you have done, and think before doing next time.
  12. Nursie30

    I've Had It! Nursing is NOT what it use to be!

    I am a fairly new nurse...I graduated in '99 from nursing school, but as a new nurse, I do remember the time when you are talking about, how wonderful nursing was, how glorious it was, because a younger child, and teenager, I remember being in the hospital and nurses were wonderful, repected, cheerful, not too overworked to sit on your bed and relate to you, not just empathize but sympathize.......I remember, because that is when inside of me I wanted to be a nurse Now after being unemployed for a couple of months, and still feeling the pain, and hurt over how my employer treated me, and disregarded me, after I had given so much of my self to them, I to am wanting a different carreer, but not feasible to go back to school at this time with 2 younger children, but you bet your but, if I don't find my niche' in nursing when my babies get in school, I will be persuing a different career........you can only take so much abuse..... God bless all of the "older" nurses, I know you hang on because you did remember the good times, and everyday, you try to get that back, I know you work hard and love what you do, even though it gets harder and harder to be a nurse these days, but remember, you all are the younger nurses mentors, and role models.......because we do remember the older nurses, you were the ones showing us compassion, and you were the ones that made us want to be nurses when we grew up.............. :kiss
  13. Nursie30

    nursing salaries

  14. Nursie30

    Photos of Wounds on PDA's

    The nursing home where I worked, kept the wound care chart seperate from the residents chart, yes we took weekly pics and measurements to document wound healing...no state issues with this, its quality measures
  15. Nursie30

    nursing salaries

    I live in Missouri and am an LPN, I started out in LTC doing MDS at $14/hr
  16. Nursie30

    Stupid med error

    I told the nurse I was working with what I did, and she told me not to worry about it and nothing else was said. I think most nurses have made med errors...but the biggest error, is not reporting it to the physician...even if its the smallest detail, you should report what happened...even if you think no one will know, the problem is, you know, and you would have felt better when you told the physician, and he would have told you it was probably not a big deal and to just observe the patient....and to go ahead and give the ear gtts to the patient, in the right route... We all learn from our mistakes........I've never worked agency and can imagine that it would be very confusing to just take over, I know just changing units in the same nursing home you have been at for a long time can be confusing.......hang in there... (Nothing like inserting a foley, reporting no output from the resident, and having the oncoming nurse tell you it was in her vagina all noc)

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