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  1. winsome08

    NCLEX Tomorrow! WHAT To do today?!

    Best wishes for you. Remember to relax, have a good breakfast and take along some power snacks. Keep us posted :redbeathe.
  2. winsome08

    failed Nclex for the 3rd time.

    Don't give up on your aspirations of getting to the next level! You've come a long way so give yourself some time, pick yourself up and get back 'in the saddle' to climb the hill.
  3. winsome08

    I got done answering about 3000 or some questions...

    A previous poster advised you to take a break today and enjoy the holiday celebrations! I am somewhat in the same situation you so you are sharing concerns that many of us as re-testers have so you are not alone .
  4. A well deserved congratulations to you and thanks for not giving up! You will make a great nurse.
  5. winsome08

    Passed Nclex 2nd time! WOHOO..tips for gamers out there

    :w00t: Congratualtions on your accomplishments and thanks for the advice about gaming, that is how time goes by without us noticing! Good luck in your job search..
  6. winsome08

    FAILED my exam today. Asking for HELP re: study tips

    Exam Cram is a book by Rinehart, Sloan & Hurd - it is condensed information. Saunders & LaCharity both have newer editions.
  7. winsome08

    I Remained Slient.............UNTIL

    Congratulations to both of you on your accomplishments!
  8. winsome08

    Failed NCLEX 5 times

    Don't give up on yourself! If your heart is set on nursing as a career, then keep trying one day you will get there. There are many on this forum who have been in your shoes and overcame the 'beast' that we have to pass to get to enjoy our passion. Consider all the advice that you've been given and chose what works best for you and go with it, just don't throw in the towel!
  9. winsome08

    Anxious about the NCLEX? Please Read!

    Thanks for sharing your insights. Congratulations on passing your exam, hoping to have the same experience this July.
  10. winsome08

    Exam Master Help

    Good Luck to both of you, sending prayers up for you both!
  11. winsome08

    Took my NCLEX-RN this AM

    :hpygrp: Congrats on a job well done.
  12. winsome08

    Your top study materials for NCLEX?

    Hi Sparkle, If you know your content very well you should be ok with Q&A; but it would not hurt to review as if it was your first time - that is what I am doing as it is my third time. Good Luck.
  13. winsome08

    Third time a charm?

    :ancong!: and best wishes to you.
  14. winsome08

    It's official, I'm a RN

  15. winsome08

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    @ jojonightengale and others who are getting ready to test: best wishes to all of you - prayers are not in vain.
  16. winsome08

    failed nclex twice..what should i do?

    Donovan, as everyone stated, take a break and find a different approach. What area/s do you need help with? If you go from there, you should be able to do OK on the next time. I have taken mine twice but I did much better the 2nd time around. I am now in the process of studying again for 3rd time testing and of course I will be focusing on content and making flash cards faithfylly. I hope to test in March and I know that it is devastating but we are all here for each other - we've been there with you