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  1. ExprisonRN

    Do you regret clinic nursing?

    Don't be strapped into the idea that one year of this or that is needed to be a competent RN. I've seen experienced ICU nurses look dumb-founded when entering new areas. Each specialty is unique and has it's own set of knowledge and skills. While more experience might make it easier to transfer to other areas, a RN who is thorough and has common sense will be able to learn any specialty. I am currently making a shift from dialysis and prison nursing into a hospital urgent care clinic. Two other experienced RNs and myself are being trained by a MA in medical office procedures. To tell you the truth it is alot of fun. Outpatient setting with hospital pay!!! I am not a traditional RN; I have never worked med/surg and received my RN from home study through Excelsior College. Nursing is changing; going more outpt, more follow-up, more patient education. So don't worry about experience, it will come from many avenues, and find something you like. There is enough RN specialties for everyone.
  2. ExprisonRN

    RN- Is This common practice in Dialysis Training?

    This is typical in dialysis training for RNs. I have 5 yrs exp as a tech and 3 yrs as RN in HD. Most of your techs are far superior at machine trouble shooting and difficult cannulations (sticks) as RNs are geared more towards assessments, medications, and orders. Learn as many tips as you can from your tech trainer, soon you'll be with your RN trainer. I worked for the 2 largerst companies (Davita & Fresenuis), and staff shortages are ongoing due to low pay, poor wage increases, and bad ratios. So plan on working as a tech when tech numbers are low, and learn their duties: machine start up, clean cycles, reuse, patient packs, machine set packs. I have recently escape HD for a hospital urgent care setting. Outpatient nursing with hospital pay; the best of both worlds. Good Luck in HD.