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None at this second...Brand New RN
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tracker2005 specializes in None at this second...Brand New RN.

I am a RN, & My husband and I have 9 children or now they are young adults. Have a Farm in MO.

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  1. tracker2005

    New Grad RN starting Job in LTC

    I have gained so much from this site...Thank You ALL! Joined Nov. 2006 when I just started nursing school..I graduated Dec. 10th 2009 and passed the NCLEX on Dec. 21st 2009. I have been searching for a hospital job since then but none responded so, On Jan. 15, 2009 I was offered a position at a LTC/Rehab Center in MO, which I accepted. Scared to death of course, but willing to do my best. Never thought I would be working as a RN in a LTC.. the upside is I Love the Elderly and I am hoping that I gain a good solid foundation, I plan on giving this 110% of myself. The unknown is scarey and also exciting all in one breath. Just wanted to say that I was glad these treads are on here, b/c searching through them helped me gain insite on LTC. I start tomorrow Morning... Thank you
  2. tracker2005

    Need spreadsheets or worksheets please!

    I am also new and would love the helpful information. Could you pls send it to me also? Thank You!