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  1. rhondaa83

    What I Wish I Had Known Before

    Don't get me started on Nurses wrongly using FLMA....
  2. rhondaa83

    Failed NCLEX-RN 3rd time :(

    I finally passed after failing twice. I swear by Saunders, do the CD every day there are over 1000 questions, do them over and over and i love that it gave me feedback, as to why i picked the wrong question. I swear It helped me pass my third time, I was also devastated telling people I failed because I was an LPN at the time for 4 years. NO what? Screw what other people think just try your best and do NOT listen to gossipy negative people. If you passed your nursing classes you can surely pass the NCLEX. Study Saunders over and over again, Do everything on the disk and the book. Good luck to you......
  3. rhondaa83

    nclex help!!

    Saunders discs that come with the book saved me......
  4. rhondaa83

    Potential LPN, Too worried to attend school?

    If you are having anxiety already, you might regret it. Being a nurse is very stressfull.
  5. rhondaa83

    58 years old - Am I too old to start nursing school??

    Yes........I said it........
  6. rhondaa83

    A must see to all nurses and nurses to be!

    Thanks for the hot tip, I can not wait to watch it!!
  7. rhondaa83

    Helpful Hints: Female Patient Urinary Catheter Insertion

    Excellent advice GrnTea..
  8. rhondaa83

    Working crazy hours

    I work 6 12 hour shifts in one week, and have the next whole week off...... I am lucky.... My kids are grown up so I can (Do what I want)...
  9. rhondaa83

    I can't do this anymore

    OMG find another job. I hated my previous job and thought that, this is life in nursing. I found another job and I love it. Please do not give up after all of your hard work. You do not have to like miserable, obese people for nursing. I hope the person that posted that has 10 very obese people that she has to shower "as a nurse" and then get back with me......
  10. rhondaa83

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired: Sleeping on duty

    On my 12 hour work day, I do not get paid for 30 minutes, so you can bet I will take a refresher nap... It does the world of good.
  11. rhondaa83

    Racial Refusals In Nursing

    OMG sick to my stomach, that in this day and age people are still acting like idiots!!
  12. rhondaa83

    im hating nursing rn

    I am sad that you feel "stuck". Please pick another career soon, because if I were in long term care and you were taking care of me under your own duress, I would not be happy.
  13. rhondaa83

    Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Go into patient room, two cups, one normal saline to cleanse a wound and the second tap water for taking meds. Patient states " this water is really salty tasting" ........ nough said.... Thank goodness did not have potassium issues..
  14. rhondaa83

    A Letter to Myself - My First Day on an Oncology Floor

    It is good to be humble.... God in his infinite wisdom did not give these people cancer. You are born with genes, some are awesome with long lives ahead of them and some are short, due to who knows what?? Live life to the fullest everyday, be thankful and kind to everyone... Most of all, as you already know, be humble.
  15. rhondaa83

    How many 12 hour shifts per week

    I work 12 houer shifts, mon, tues, wed, fri, sat and sun. I have the following week off. One week on and one week off. I am so lucky!! I really do not feel burnt out on the weeks that I work. Life is what you make of it. I can have someome dying, someone with COP struggling to breath, ect.... all in one nights shift. All that I can say again is that your world is what you make it.
  16. rhondaa83

    Fake nursing/CNA licenses or what?

    Right!!!!!!!!! Mind your own business..... What kind of person would look up that information??? How about volunteer your time instead of getting into your co workers business??