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  1. almoret

    California license

    Thank you miss Suzanne!
  2. almoret

    California license

    Hi guys, Does anyone knows about the application process for license by endorsement in California?I'm still waiting for my SSN and my green card is on the process.I already have a my temporary green card which is valid for on year while waiting for the real GC.Can i apply without my SSS?I will be going home to the Phils. in 3 days in 2 days .I hope i can begin the process while i'm on vacation.
  3. almoret

    Taking NCLEX-RN in one week and in need

    I just took my exam and i was really nervous and stressed.I know you're experiencing the same thing.My advice is just pray and try to calm yourself so you can concentrate. Good luck!
  4. almoret

    Interim permit

    How long before a non-NCLEX passer gets her interim permit?What if she failed the NCLEX and she's already working as a nurse?
  5. Good day to all.I already passed my NCLEX exam and planning to go there in US this June.Is there a way that i could get a job without first passing any english oral exam?I plan to take it after i get a job first so i could finance my exam and review.Do they really require it before they hire you as a nurse?
  6. almoret

    How long before i get my RN license?

    Thanks guys!Until now i'm still overwhelmed about the result of my exam.And i'm so excited about my license.God is really good to me!
  7. I just discovered that i pass my NCLEX-RN exam this week through the quick result and i don't know what to do next.Should i follow it up to the BON where i applied or should i just wait?Are they going to mail me the results together with my license?What does a RN license looks like anyway.Is it the same with the Philippine RN license or a driver's license or just a certification?
  8. almoret

    tight job market in CA of all places?!?

    Do you mind telling me what NP stands for?Thanks
  9. almoret

    Nursing or hospital jobs for foreign nurses in the US

    I just ordered the Saunder's comprehensive review for RN book.I still don't have it and i think Ms. Suzanne will only accept those who will first try to answer some of the chapters there.I hope i can still join her study program
  10. almoret

    bothered applicant of ATT....please advise me

    Thanks silver dragon..that made me feel better
  11. My problem is this.I filled-up the form for ATT using my maiden name thinking that it would'nt be a problem.I also sent the form which is to be filled-up by my Nursing school in the Philippines using my maiden name.But somebody told me that i should use my married name bec. in my application for my US immigrant visa and in my passport,i am using my married name.Now to change everything to my married name ,i sent another forms with my married name.But one problem is that my school already sent the form.What i tried to do is send again another form to be filled-up by my nursing school.I hope this would not cause any problem for me in the future.Please help me especially those who had the same problems
  12. almoret

    Middle and maiden name, what is the difference?

    Thanks guys!I decided to put my middle name and maiden name the same since i am already married.For example my full name is Ashley chua Rivera.And my husband's name is Ronald Estoista.I'll just put Ashley as my 1st name and then Estoista as my last name and Rivera on both middle name and former/maiden name.
  13. I just married 7 months ago and now i need to fill-up an application form which is very important.In the form is this:last name,first name,midlle initial and then former/maiden name.My problem is what to put as my middle initial.Should it be my middle initial when i was still a single or my middle initial now?For example my middle initial when i was still single is Gomez and since i married already it will now be Rivera which is my former/maiden name.So in the application,i should put my middle initial ang former or maiden as Rivera?Please help me
  14. I am married to a US citizen just 7 months ago.We are currently living here in Germany and i am applying to sit for the NCLEX exam.I din't use my married name in my application just so i don't need to provide other documents....proof of marriage etc.But in my US visa application,i am using my married name.Would that be a problem for me in the future?Don't i have the right to use my single name?Please i need answers until i still can change my personal informations.I want sure answers please
  15. almoret

    NCLEX in Gearmany

    May i ask where do you live right now that you need a German visa?I am still applying for my ATT.I will take the NCLEX exam in Frankfurt bec. me and my husband is currently living here in Germany.What possible problem would i encounter?Please inform me so i will get it ready before i'll go and sit for the exam.
  16. almoret

    CGFNS policies

    Thanks guys for all the information and for taking time to answer my questions.I'm really lucky that i found this website.It's really hard when you're living abroad and you have nobody to talk to.