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  1. fultzymom

    Does this concern anyone else?

    Our facility policy and my nursing school taught us to wear gloves whenever we are doing bathing. I think it is gross to think about giving someone a bath without gloves. The only person I bathe without gloves is myself and my kids, neice, ect. Maybe I am just weird but when I give a patient a bath, I am wearing gloves. Think about how many patients have BM's and urinate when they are in the shower. I want no part of that getting on me while I am bathing them. YUCK!!
  2. fultzymom

    diluted IM Phenergan?

    I have never diluted to give it IM. I have for IV because that it what it says to do. I can testify that it does burn when given IM because I had it one time. It burned for a long time. I guess it might not hurt to dilute with NS as long as you don't exceed that MLs for your injection site but I don't know if I would do it without asking a Pharm or the doc.
  3. fultzymom

    Does this concern anyone else?

    Well the whole thing bothers me because I thought you always wear gloves when doing patient care.......MRSA or not. I remember doing patient baths and wearing gloves no matter what. Sounds like she needs some re-education badly.
  4. fultzymom

    Out of Town Coworkers (long) Should it be my problem?

    I now live 40 minutes from work. I am not given any special treatment because I live far away. I am expected to be at work on time and it does not matter what weather, roads, ect are like. I hate it when workers use that as an excuse. I am one of the farthest away. If I can make it in and do my share so can everyone else.
  5. fultzymom

    Can student nurses work as a tech/CNA?

    I am from Ohio and work in LTC. I worked as a nursing assistant while I finished up my LPN. I did not have to go to CNA classes because of how far along I was in the nursing program.
  6. fultzymom

    Medication Errors-Why?

    i think there are several reasons for med errors. first, we are human and none are perfect. if there is a nurse who tells you they have never made one, then they have either always had a desk job or they are lying to you. i think a lot get made when people get in a hurry and are not paying enough attention. sometimes they are made because someone is tired/did not sleep enough before coming into work. some people do not do their checks to make sure they are checking the meds like you are supposed to. there are also many distractions around you. i do not like people bothering me when i am passing meds. if there is an emergency, stop me. if it can wait, please wait. if i think of anything else, i will add. leslie
  7. fultzymom

    Nursing Student needs your help

    Just completed the survey.
  8. fultzymom

    What do you bring to work?

    We gave a PRN night nurse where I work who uses his PDA to alert him of meds due at strange hours. For instance, when meds are due evenly spaced around the clock et end up needing to be given at 2 am. That way if he gets busy he doesn't miss giving something. He sits down looks through everyone's MARS and then programs in who needs what at any odd time.
  9. fultzymom

    What do you bring to work?

    When I worked the floor I brought a big bag too. It had reference books because ours always grow feet and walk away. I had my own BP cuff, stethoscope, a box with goodies (pens, pen light, scissors, sticky note pads, ect), spare change for the vending machines, a book for break (if I got one). They always laughed at me too.
  10. I have never worked in a hospital but I have been a RN in LTC for 6 years. I would say the stress is the same levels but just different. You will have more patients, less help, longer med passes. Ask what is your nurse to pt ratio. Ask what is the aide to pt ratio. Our n/p ratio is 1:25 and our a/p ratio is 1:10. If you have good co-workers and aides, it is a good day. If you are working with lazy people, your day is hard. What you are responsible for depends on what shift you are working. More meds, treatments, ect. on day shift. More cleaning/stocking/ordering meds on nights. Then on days you have to deal with docs, families, hospitals, ect. Also on day shift is admissions. On nights of course, you have less staff. We have one nurse to 50 patients and three aides for 50 patients. So if you have problems at night, you are busy with so much less staff. And it can be more difficult with the sundowners if there are any. Hope this helps some! Leslie
  11. fultzymom

    slow with papper work...I might be to slow for new job

    I have been in LTC for 6 years now. I remember feeling like everything was overwhelming and I would not get the hang of it. Now I think I could be on auto-pilot when I am doing those things. It becomes second nature to you. Give yourself some time and it will all come together for you. Hang in there. Everyone is slow when they first start. Good luck. Leslie
  12. fultzymom

    Reasons to give IV questions

    TKO is to keep the site good incase of an emergency and you need quick access. IV ATB are given because some are painful when given IM. Also it is faster acting if given IV. If you have someone sick then you want to give them the fastest possible route so the meds can work faster. Hope this helps. Leslie
  13. fultzymom

    Kicked out of NS b/c of broken ankle???

    It would be really hard to complete clinicals with a broken ankle since you are lifting, transferring patients and such. I would say she isn't getting kicked out of the program, just having to sit out of clinical until her ankle heals. I do not know how you would do your clinical work if you have a broken ankle.
  14. fultzymom

    Am I required to report med errors?

    Patient was fine so it wasn't a huge deal. But it could have been. At my facility there is an incident form that must be filled out. It is an inner office form. No one else sees it. A copy goes into your file and one is kept by the DON. I would say there would be some kind of form that you have to fill out for your facility to keep track of. I would ask your manager. Is it your policy to document in the nurse notes a med error? We do not put that it the nurse notes. Everything is kept seperate by the DON. Just currious.
  15. fultzymom

    Moral Dilemmas

    You really just have to not worry about what the home lifestyle is, unless it is a dangerous situation, and do your job professionally. It is really none of our business if they are a homosexual or heterosexual. We are there to provide for their physical needs.
  16. fultzymom

    drug testing in school

    We were never tested in school by the school itself. We did have one clinical site that if you went there you were required to take a drug test. I think random drug testing is good. Why care if you have nothing to hide? We are responsible for people's lives. If you are under the influence, how good of a job are you going to be able to do?