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    Bipolar kids or bad parents?

    I work with children 5 through 16,with behavoiral issues.Manymost of them come from very disturbing backrounds.We use a combination of medication and therapy.It is very sad though.Sometimes you wonder if they can work out thier issues without medication.Or for example,if the kid seems hyper wouldnt it make sense to let them play in the gym or outside longer?Very interesting article.
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    Newbies - Keep an eye on your drunks!!

    Great Story!! And very informative!!!
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    Digital Disimpaction

    I was thought you must have an MD. order for everything.Maybe check your facilities procedural manual.It might help clarify it.
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    If You Could What Halloween Costume Would You Wear?

    I would dresss as a nurse from the 70s.
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    Flu shots

    Hi everyone! I have a question maybe someone could answer.I work at a residential center for kids with behavioral issues.We get Doctors orders to give flu shots to the children.Flu shots are also available to the staff at a cost.I know we need a Doctors order to do anything.How could we leagally give flu shots to staff in this case?Would like the medical director or the staffs own physician write an order??What about those flu clinics??How does that work??(AS far as a Doctors order?) Any Answers would be welcomed.Since flu season is coming and Im sure ill be required to give some flu shots to staff.Thanks in advance
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    Where do the Happy Nurses Work?

    I think I just answered a similar question yesterday,but here goes again.I love my job am a nurse at a Residential center for kids with behavoiral issues.I work on a campus like area.Im responsible for kids 5 thru 16 yo .Ive done med passes in the garden,gym,pool,school,playground and a couple days ago,the Zoo!!Im independant,flexible,and love the autonomy of thejob .Very close to home and the money is good. What more could I want??HAPPY NURSE!!
  7. OMG! I absolutely LOVE my job!!! I work on a campuslike setting with children with behavoiral issues.I Love the flexibility,autonomy.I have done my med passes in the garden,at the pool,gym,why just the other day.I went to zoo with the kids and passed my medications there!Basically I am responsible for all the Med passes,minor illnesses and injuries.And administer first aid to them as needed.My supervisor is an RN BSN.She pretty much has the same duties plus the administration part.Yes there are people who love thier job!!!!That is why I went into nursing.Good luck!
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    Thank you ...

    Thanks for your acknowledgement!!What an uplifting letter.
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    Tech issues

    You sound like you could hold your own and you sound like you behave in a professional manner.Good for you.I wouldnt worry about working with her,wouldnt you be able to write her up for insubordination???( After you graduate)What about the other nurses?Couldnt they write her up??Good luck I believe youll be a good nurse!!
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    Did becoming a nurse change you????

    I think its changed my way of thinking life is forever.Ya know tomorrow we might have cancer,be paralyzed or have some other horrible life altering experience .Yes bad things can happen to us too.
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    Rich nurses?

    I dont think Im rich,but pretty comfortable.
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    How far do you commute to work?

    I live 5 minutes drive away from my job.I get to sleep in alittle due to my commute. Ilove it.I absolutely hate to drive far from home anyway.
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    LPNs/LVNs: What's Your Specialty?

    Residential center for behavoiral children.I love it.Campus setting,pool,playground,garden,gym ,school,houses.Its so cool!!Minor illness and injuries.Low stress.
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    Going Back To Nursing School at 42

    I say go for it!!! youll always regret if you dont.And It seems there are a lot of older persons going back to school for various reasons.Good luck!(And you are only going to get older.)
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    lpn a nurse

    Not to sound mean,but why are you taking a course to be an LPN if you dont know what it is???I dont consider myself the bottom of the barrell nurse,,A CNA is a certified nursing assistant.Good luck with your education to be an LPN.
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    greasy nurse :(

    I just wash my face with water a few times aday,my face never breaks out,But it seems to make it less oily when i wash my face with water periodically throughout the day.
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    Work a corporat 9-5 or a nanny?

    I think the nanny spot would be a great idea.
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    Who loves it??????

    I love my job and nursing.I love the autonomy flexibility of nursing.You could do agency,work when where,4 hours,6 hours 8,10,12 hours.I work at a residential center for children with behavoiral issues.A campus with a garden,gym,playground,school,all in the same place,How wonderful it is to do a med pass in the garden or at the pool.its pretty laid back.only dealing with minor illnesses and injuries.I would highly recommend nursing.Youll find a niche somewhere.Good luck!!
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    Doing the Happy Dance!!!

    YAY!!! Congratulations!!
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    leap of faith

    Im sure youll do fine,I was scared too when I went to school.I had four kids under 8.Good luck.Im sure youll do well when you put your mind to it.Definetly worth the sacrifice!
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    Preparing meds in advance

    Hi everyone! My first real post!!Might be long, but Id like to hear your opinions on it.I work on a large campus for children with behavioral issues.About 50 kids.We do have Medication techs that pass medications when the nurses arent there.Mostly psychotropics, mental health in comparison to physical ailments.Ive been in the medical field since I was 16. I have alot of experience under my belt and have been told by many people I am a great nurse,however I have a question which I know there is a lot of opposition.Here goes.. Like I said I work on a large campus.Kids are at the pool,garden,playground,gym,school,houses.therapy ,ect. I have found it is much safer,and more convenient to prepare the meds ,on my downtime,with no children in my face, calling out Nurse,!!Nurse!!Put them in coin envelopes,with their name on them,for the evening med pass when the kids are everywhere.I prepare the meds in a quiet room with no disturbances.Triple check at that time.I am extremely careful with meds.Almost obsessive with them.I do sign them off as I prepare them( I know youre not supposed to do that until you give them)Did I mention I am the ONLy nurse on duty all day ? I keep the prepared medicines with me until its time to give them. I also call out their names two or three times to ensure that child comes to get his meds. No one else is on the med cart until after they know the nurse is off duty and the med techs have to do the last med pass of the day.Opinion on this please??Also, the facility requires us to Prepare the 12 and 3 oclocks in med bxes for the week,and when a kid goes off campus, we need to pack them for the families.(Do you think this is legal)?Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated.I dont know anywhere else to inquire.Thanks so much!! I dont do this all the time.
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    Chat anyone???

    Happy BDay Triage Rn!!!Im sorry I caught your chat request kinda late. I was on my first chat room ever last Sunday on nurses.com.It was kinda fun.never been in a chat room until then,Happy Bday!!
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    CNA Student - clinical experience

    Hang in there!! We all start somewhere.youre always going to meet difficult ,judgemental people.No matter what career you choose.Just try to remember what youve learned and do it the best you know how.
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    Looking for some advice.

    I think each and every one of us has some sort of disability.Be it needing glasses,hearing aids,being in pain,ect.If you want to be a nurse go for it!!Why are you secretly desiring to be a nurse??Im PROUD to tell people Im a nurse.Good luck!!
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    It's all about image....

    This is a totally awsome idea too!!

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