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    private duty peds frustrations

    Maybe this family cannot afford to buy you Christmas gifts they might be struggling to pay for a half a million dollar house! :lol2:
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    RN from h#ll

    You meet all kinds of rude,judgemental people wherever you are.
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    Somebody HELP ME..Please!!!!!!!!

    Hi! Im sure youre smart enough!It could be done with kids.I personally had four kids under the age of ten when I got my LPN.I think you should try that route.since it is one year full time. And that was very intense.You will need a lot of familial support,to help with your kids.My husband was awsome!If you have your LPN you could work,flexible and still makegood money,and if then you want to go back for RN,you could try a bridge program.I say go for it! you sound like you need a little self confidence.You could always find astudy group in nursing school to help with math and science.Good luck
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    A Nurses' Week Thank You

    Thank you for acknowledging us!And thank you for volenteering what a kind gesture!!
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    Happy Nurses Week!

    Congrats INDY
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    Should I go LVN or RN route?

    It all depends on what you want.I wanted to be an LPN.I had four young kids and a husband when I went to school.It pays well and i love my job.You could always go back for your RN while working as an LPN making good money.Rns of coarse make more money and have more responsibilities.I personally am content with being an LPN at this time.
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    PLEASE get your screening mammograms

    Dear AlsgalRN,my thoghts and prayers are with you.
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    Has anyone gone to school with a new baby?

    I went to nursing school full time when all my four kids were under the age of ten.My husband was very supportive.where theres a will theres a way.
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    Standard Orientation vs Internship

    I dont want to sound stupid,but is there such internship programs for LPNs also?If someone would please reply Id appreciate it .Thanks
  10. Last night on 20/20 they were speaking about transgendered children.The one child was born a boy and kept insisting that he was a girl.The family is raising him as a girl.What are your thoughts on this?Do you think there is some chemical imbalance?It was very interesting.
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    40 yr old wanting to be a nurse

    Wow! How awsome to be 67 and realize your dream!
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    Living in Cleveland area

    Congrataulations to you!You need to check out Lake Erie also.I was raised near the lake and still LOVE it!!And the Rocky River is awsome!Cleveland is too a great town!God bless!
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    Living in Cleveland area

    See,This is what Im saying.The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.I live in supposedly "bad part of town,I have never felt unsafe to leave my doors open or walk somewhere even in the evening.People need to stop being so judgemental.
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    Did anyone watch 20/20 last night? transgendered children

    This story is so sad.
  15. allantiques4me

    Living in Cleveland area

    I think your above statement was extremely offensive.Ive lived in the city my whole life.I Own Two beautiful Victorian houses in a cleveland neighborhood where I know and Love all my neighbors!I feel the city people are too friendly!I live in a very diverse area with black,White,Hispanic Oriental People and I love it!DOwntown does not close at 6pm!! My son and daughter both have jobs downtown and they say theres tons of activity.in the evening Cleveland Cavs,Indians ,clubsPlayhouse Square just to name a few!!Please dont be so judgemental My own neighborhood consist of teachers,Nurses,Antique dealers Paramedics. Among others.I hope the OP does come to our great city.
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    How Helpful is Being Bilingual?

    You get extra perks at my job if you are bilingual!Unfortunately I dont speak Spanish.
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    Digoxin and Lasix

    Your policy manual should clarify that question.Our med pass hours are 8,12,3,6 and 8pm.
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    Feeling numb............

    Im so sorry you had that experience.I know I work with abused children sometimes the sadness overwhelms me.I usually do cry at a later time like when Im at home.Maybe itll effect you that way.I dont believe you have a tough shield.or have become hardened. God bless.Everyone has different coping mechanisms.
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    Wal-Mart to open 400 in-store clinics

    I think its a great idea.We dont have anything like this or the CVS minute clinics here.But they are building a new mall nearby that includes Walmart.I hope they do it here.
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    For sure try it out!There are many good nursing jobs out there if it doesnt work out.You might be surprised.Goodluck!
  21. allantiques4me

    Decision Made & Scared To Death!!

    Congratulations! And 4.0 is great!Good luck!
  22. allantiques4me

    pa bon

    I havent had any trouble,but good luck to you.
  23. allantiques4me

    Did anyone watch 20/20 last night? transgendered children

    I know.Its so sad.There has to be some underlying physiologic reason for this.You would think.
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    What did u buy your first year of nursing?

    I know this sounds silly.I already had a house and "running car".Not like that beautiful mustang!But Ive always wanted a cockatoo!Very expensive parrot.I bought PEACHES,my pet Mollucan cockatoo!And have had him and others ever since.!
  25. allantiques4me

    Graduation gift for new nurse

    I think you should get her a white fanny pack and fill it with things shell need for her pt. assessments such as stethecope,pen light,watch with second hand,ink pens scissors,hand sanitizer, ect..I know i use these items alot while Im at work.

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