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    The nursing process is driving me crazy!

    The Lpn idea is a good option.You could already be working as a nurse,get invaluable experience while you are waiting to get into the accellerated program for associate RNand be making good money as an LPN until you become an rN
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    Shaken Baby

    What a horrible situation you encountered!Dont give up your dream to work with children.I happen to work with children that have been severely abused and have behavioral issues because of it.i can say i truly feel I can make a difference in thier lives ,I bet you could too.Hang in there and try to find coping mechinisms to help you feel better when encountering such horrorible things people sometimes do to children
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    what's the appropriate name for this procedure?

    Ive never heard of a procedure to drain the fluid either.Allantiques
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    Letting CNA pass your meds, bad idea?

    And PS.It seems like nowadays you need aRN with wound care certification to do the wound care job I did as a(treatment aid)before I was a Nurse!Go figure.
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    Letting CNA pass your meds, bad idea?

    Ya know back in the day(I was a nurses Aid in the early 80s)they didnt require you to be a certified na.And back then it seems that the ones that were certified were the worst.I earned a promotion to do treatments.I was very conciencious and learned a lot .I used to do wound care,document on it,foley catheter insertions,irrigations,IPPD treatments ,Enemas,ect.I thought I was very knowledgable until I was in nursing school.For example,you know you usually cant drain more than 750ccs of urine at once,it could cause dangerous hypovolemia.Or to give albuteral, could increase the pulse,but the nurses always did the Med pass and we always reported to her.the little LPN team leader.then the rules changed where you had to be at least an LPN to do the treatments!Times are always changing.!!Its crazy
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    Letting CNA pass your meds, bad idea?

    I agree! tylenol can be nephrototoxic if given in large doses!
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    Question about actual responsibilities of a nurse(general)

    congratulations on starting clinicals,Ive always located the policy manual in the facility first.It usually gives guidelines on who and how to do procedures.also you need to know your state laws regarding your scope of practice.Im sure youll be doing head to toes(my favorite)catheters Ivs ,possibly NG tubes insertions ,wound care,medication administration(po,Iv Ng,gastro tube,most drug routes.,eye,rectal,ect.I know we have removed sutures,staples,but not inserted them,Trache care ,suctioning ,maintaining ventilators,ect.all of these probably canbe done after proper licensing and orientationGood luck to you! how exciting to learn something new!
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    Not Ready for being left alone...

    yeah llg,maybe you are right about putting the bird out of the nest.
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    Not Ready for being left alone...

    you poor girl.I know exactly how you feel.Ive been there done tht.I started having panic attacks and wanted to call nursing quits.I actually gave up nursing for a year.Looking back in retrospect,I didnt realize I could request more orientation.,which I know would have made all the difference in the world. Also the facility I used to work for started mixing patients together,instead of persons with similiar disorders which Ive felt more qualified.Everyone would tell me that I was a very good nurse,but I still didnt feel confident.I quit that position ,searched until I finally found one that Im comfortable with.I sometimes regret not sticking it out at the one facility,requesting more orientation so I could have learned more techniques.but I have a job I love now.Hang in there,dont give up.Im sure you have a lot to offer
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    There are no practical nurses in my country...

    I cant believe the unprofessional attitude of the RN you encountered!!Iknow,myself,Ive encountered RNs that didnt remember you dont put more than 3ccs in an IM injection.Also there were times I was the one criticallythinking .Anyways I take pride in my compassionate nature.I too believe you should try to be as kind as you could.Like I said in another thread,the person in the bed could be your mother,father brother ,ect.you know what I mean.Also ,some nurses need to remember to also be empathetic.How would you feel if you had a trache/Ventilator?I would be scared to death!!And I would alsoTreasure a compassionate ,knowledgable nurse to calm me(even aknowledgable Cna)Ive found in my many years in the medical field,the nurses that portray a know-it-all-attitude are the worst,and first to make an error.Remember your kind nature always.
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    I'm about to crack...read this and help!!!!

    Oh my God.I was in a situation like this.I have the same mentality .the poor person in the bed could be your mother.If only every nurse and aid thought that way.Patients would be treated great.I remember staying after for 2 xtra hours to get that dressing done,I know wasnt done for a couple of days,while I was off.Or the trache ties that werent changed since the last time I changed them (at least 3 days before)I always signed my work.I personally almost threw in the towel.I found a new position which I feel am making a difference.Sometimes thats what you have to do.I started having panic attacks causeI thought i was suppossed to do all these tasks on a time limit and by myself,which looking back in retrospect was totally impossible from any nurse.also I hated hearing from family members what horrible care there family member was recieving,when I ran fron7a till7p without more than 15 minute break(breaksand lunch)without much help from the n/as or other nursesI had enough.my coworkers and supervisors kept calling me to come back,but i had enough of that environment.Remember theres a nursing shortage you could go anywhere for a job. shop aroundAs far as that treatment nurse,shame on her!!I used to be a tx nurse till they did away with the position.I loved that job.Id love to be a treatment nurse again!!!Look for another position. you sound invaluable!!!
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    HH-have you ever been attacked?

    o my Gosh! this sounds terrifying!it sounds like it should have been reported to authorities.Maybe you should talk to someone medically too.something that horrible ,you could have ptsd.I cant imagine.
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    What do nurses really think of CNAs?

    I really wouldnt worry about what the 2nd shift supervisor thinks of you.There are many people in the world you will come across,some will like you ,some you wont click with.Thats fine too.I feel that by being an stna,you will gain invaluable experience that will make you a wonderful nurse.I was a nurses aid(back in the day we didnt have to be certified)I know that made it easier for me when I became a nurse.You will gain confidence in knowing you are a good nurse.Take in as much knowlege as you can.and you will be fine with some of the people who occassionally give you the cold shoulder
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    LPN Starting Salary

    I think it depends on what area of speciality you work.and what part of the Us your in .I make 20.00 at a job I absolutely love!!Ive also worked at places making 22.00 an hour which ive hated.Sometimes as long as you love your position its ok to make a little less.I cant believe 11 or 12 dollars an hour though.That definitely seems like a slap in the face.
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    Have you ever made a med error?

    I have made a med error,and I consider myself very careful and concsiencious with my med pass,Remember your three checks against the MARand your 5 rights each and every time.When I made the error,I called the child to the med cart and another child came up and was speaking with me,I accidentally gave him the pills!!!I was horrified called the DR.and was crying,I was so upset.Luckilyno harm was done I just had to assess him for excess fatigue.Now,as you say ive learned to call the childs name repeatedly as I give him the pills.It also keeps me totally focused,free from disruptions.I only concentrate on the task of med pass only.Also the staff make the kids be silent and orderly during the med pass times. Which helps immensly.Medication administration is a very important nursing task and it must be taken seriously.Remember what you learned in school and try to totally focus on the med pass only.theres plenty of time for other tasks.
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    Lowest of the Low

    Im so sorry about your negative experience.You probably know in your heart !!you are a great nurse.!Ive been through a similar experience as a new grad.I had very little orientation also.Thought thats how it was supposed to be.I worked there for 2 years ,learned as much as I could,from different disciplines,Respiratory therapists ,RNs ,LPns .I started suffering from panic attacks.I used to call the facility at 2,3 oclock in the morning fearing Ive forgotten to do something,(I pride myself with being very consciencious and caring)(I feel you are the same way)A strong trait of nursing is kind and caring nature,please dont suffer,especially at the expense of your physical wellbeing.I personally ended up shpping aroundfor a new position,which I totally love ,You might need to do the same.Please dont be discouraged..I know youll be a good nurse
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    Help I'm mobbed

    Dear SONN ,I am totally sorry that you feel Ive been inconsiderate to your feelings.Im kind of new to the computer thing.I hope you have more patience with your clients,I dont believe I deserved that rude response from you.
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    Help I'm mobbed

    SONN.Im sorry if you feel Ive been inconsiderate to your thread.Yes I do happen to be new to this computer thing.I just pray you are more patient with your clients.I didnt deserve that message from you.
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    Help I'm mobbed

    Hello fellow nurses. Im a nurse at a residential center for abused /neglected children.Ive been trying to find a video/dvd teaching video to instruct the children on puberty issues.I want to keep it very elementary level,since theyve been abused,Loooking for grade level about 6through 9th.Any suggestions from school nurses?? please respond.Thank you .
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    Cleveland Area Nurses?

    I agree with the RAINBOW hospital idea.Or Cleveland Clinic.They are both world reknowned hospitals and im sure you can find a wonderful preceptor to help you get on your way to what you truly like.Good luck!
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    How long before you were hired?

    I agree.There are a ton of long term care centers looking for LPNs.no problem here finding a position.And you could obtain a lot of technical experience.You learn a lot on the job.And if youre lucky,youll have a wonderful preceptor to teach you some of the ropes.Also you can try to shop around and not settle.Patience
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    How long before you were hired?

    congratulations on your new career!! I think you will definitely have good results finding a job in long term care .It seems like hospitals are always looking for Med surg LPNs.As for how long before I was hired,Ive filled out job applications ,and before I was home, they were calling me for an interveiw.Be patient and youll find your niche.and remember ,the door is wide open for you.If you find you do get hired,and are not totally happy,you could kind of shop around until you do find a job you love!Dont just settle.I know cause I ve been in some bad places,but I found a job Ive been with 5 years and totally love!!!There is a nursing shortage out there.You are in big demand.good luck and keep us posted.Deb
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    Medication Aids??

    Hi yall.I work in a facility which uses med techs.Mostly phyche meds,such as ritalin,adderall,seroquel,ect.Although our med techs seem very consiencious,I really dont like the idea in areas with more medical patients and medications they require,such as heart meds and such.70 hours definitely doesnt seem like enough time.As I recall my training as an LPN required 6months of pharmacology and math and passing of the nAPNES/OPNES.I also consider myself extremely consiencious and careful during my medication passes.One wrong pill could be disastrous!Just my opinion.Deb(these little faces are funny)
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    :) Hi,fellow Nurses! My name is Deb ,I am an LPN currently work with children that have emotional,behavioral issues.Ive been an LPN for ten years,have recently been researching study programs to become an RN.But thats up in the air.I totally love my job,but would like to prove to myself that I could obtain my RN.I ,too have been researching the collagenetwork,Excelsior and RUE.But also wonder if I should just go through the access progrm.Im really looking forward to talking to you all.Bye for now.Deb

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