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    I had to be a patient :(

    Hope yore feeling better.I know I Feel bad just going out of the house without a shower.Let alone at my worst moments. Im sure they wont judge you,they are supposed to be professionals.Wow, you were really sick!!
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    The GOOD things about nursing - why are we still doing it

    Possibly the impact Ive made .A patient Ive taken care of 25 years ago, still contacts me and remembers my birthdayevery year.Thats a long ,long time.
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    All schools closed except ours

    Im an ohioan too(Daytonite)My kids are off today D/T windchill Back in the day,our nursing school was opened,it was horribly cold, and lake effect snow,still had to be there.Tring to break us in for the real world!When youre working ya cant easily call off cause its cold.Patients need us and your peers will be left shorthanded.And once ya get through nursing school, ya could work part time or agency and not have to be out in this nasty weather,Im fortunate enough to work P/T and not be out in this nasty !@#?! today.Minus3 degrees.
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    New grad just got fired

    If you are really agood nurse you will continue to learn.There is no way you could retain in your head all the diseases,disorders, medications about your patients I think youve been treated unfairly.You will always be learning new thingsI cant believe they really didnt give you a chance.Sorry about thier loss!!Hang in there,Im sure youll find a much better place to work.
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    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Its really weird.I really dont know the exact reason.I very vividly remember when I was in kindergarden class, helping a fellow classmate who had a knee injury.the teacher stated I would be a good little nurse.I used to volenteer SP?when I was a kid,my older friend was a N/A,I used to help feed and talk with the elderly patients,When I was old enough to work,something kept pressing me to go to the local nursing home for a job.I was hired as a n/a{ dint need to be a CNA at the time was trained on the job}Went to nursing school cause I felt it was my religious duty to do.I still feel Im doing what God wants me to do.
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    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Youre silly.
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    still overwhelmed

    You might need to find another speciality. I have been in the same situation.Everyone told me I m a great nurse.But I started having panic attacks,calling the place at 3 in the morning,thinking I might have forgotten something,ect.I felt I was the only nurse running to get many extras done while the other nurses were all calm.I was working on a brain injury/vent unit /tcu /at the time.There was always things to do and families to deal with.I do take pride that I am so concsiencious Many persons tell me Im a great nurse Ive been in the medical field since I was 16 y/o. A lifetime.You might just need to shop around for a minute to find your niche.Good luck and God bless ,I believe you are a good nurse.You seem very compassionate n awsome asset to the nursing community .
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    sexual harrassment

    Wheres the chain of command end??Im sure there is a supervisor above the DON.Doesnt she have a supervisor?Anyways, has anyone confronted the DON?Maybe she is unaware of her friends behavior.Or maybe the DON isnt a personal friend of his at all.. How do you know that.?Follow the advice of the policy manual,regarding sexual harrassment issues.And,for sure be assertive to him. How dare he touch your breast!!!My husband would also have been alerted to that.And be sorry about that.Please be sure you document, have copies sent to numerous persons.Maybe even write some documentation and have it signed by all parties that have encountered this idiot.Very last resort ,the news.Youre a nurse could always find a well paying job.Good luck!!
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    Would you prepour meds for nursing assistant to admin later??

    How does the facility know its legal ???Do they have a copy of the board of nursing laws pertaining to your license??Anyone can tell you anything.Its up to you to protect your patients and license.Also just think about it , lets say just a mom.Would you leave harmful medicines laying around that your kids could get a hold of??Some patients,even in assisted living,can behave like kids.Need to keep it safe.Find out for yourself what the laws regarding this are.
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    Can Anyone Help Me Think This Through?

    Why would you feel guilty?? Think about it. Youve cared for people for a long time.Does this have anything to do with the supervisor you were C/o about?Dont let that person get ya down.
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    So Very Sad

    TRudyRn,sorry you have to deal with an unfair,cruel supervisor.Im sure youre a valuable nurse.If youre feeling burned out,find another area of nursing.There are so many options.Every once in a while you might run across persons that we genuinely dont get along with.dont let it ruin your career.Maybe find another area of nursing.Ya wont have any trouble finding another position.Good Luck Allantiques.
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    Do you trust automatic "vitals" machines??

    I personally prefer to do vitals manually,the "old fashioned way"you do use some of your assessment skills in this manner, You.can hear an irregular Pulse or heart rate Especially if the patient recives antihypertensives and I personally think it is quicker to do vitals manually.There've been too many times I would have to repeat doing BPs and HR because the machine would say error.We dont have time to waste like that.It really doesnt take that much longer to do it manually.
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    I personally would recommend being a CNA and working as one for a while.You gain many skills ,believe it or not Also nursing school will be much easier and more comprehensible.I was a NA as a kid,it gave me so much skill and opportunity,nursing school was a breeze for me and I know it was because I had the opportunity to be a NA.And there is much more to it than changing peoples diapers.You learn valuable people skills.And much ,much more .Good luck
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    When is a situation considered an Emergency?

    Sorry,People.I admit I was wrong to imply that you have difficulty breathing in order to be seen by a DR.Was kind of a dumb thing to say,but you dont have to be mean about it.I happen to own a victorian home loaded with antiques,hence the name.!
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    How do you handle innappropriate patients?

    Amy.Im sure youre a caring wonderful nurse.But in my opinion you might have crossed the line of professionalism.I dont think you should be that much in his personal space.
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    How do You Know?

    I think when you find no more satisfaction in your job,it might be time to explore new options.
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    When is a situation considered an Emergency?

    Very well said!!
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    When is a situation considered an Emergency?

    Im sorry about your horrible,scary situation.I think I wouldve called 911.They at least would have assessed him,and got medical assistance quicker.What ashame.also on behalf of the ER,they might see lots of persons who overreact or are drug seeking on a daily basis.Remember your ABCs.That is usually the precedence.Try C/O of difficulty breathing,youll have a better chance of getting to see the DR more quickly.
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    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    OMG!!! that is the creepiest thing Ive heard of!How horribly sad!
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    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    OMG!!Ive seen alot in my lifetime as a nurse,but thats disgusting!!
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    You Know You're an Old(er) Nurse If . . .

    Thanks Sonnyjohn for the interesting info on nurses caps.I kinda miss them although only wore them in nursing school.I know a few guys think thier HOT.
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    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    I see what ya mean.people like you are the reason were addicted to allnurses .com! :lol2: :lol2:
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    Why are nurses such back-stabbers?

    Same with me.Im pleasant and professional,dont bring my personal issues to work.People mite use that against you.So I just;) go to work and do my job.
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    If not bedside, where do you work?

    Youre lucky youre an RN,the door is open wideI,personally work at a residential facility for kids with behavioral issues.I totally love it!I medicate about 35 kids at 8am( or not) sometimes we have a medication aid that does that.I basically feel like a mom.I treat small skin wounds rashes,minor sicknesses,immunizations,hts,wts,v/svery low stress.I dont do a lot of physical exhertion,however alot of walking since it is a campus.Good luck in your search.
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    Should I go back tomorrow morning or not??!