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    Question boxes or bingo cards

    Hi everyone I just have a quick question regarding how your medications are delivered.We currently get a thirty days supply in boxes.Our facility is thinking of switching over to the bingo card type.I personally prefer the box delivery better.I feel its safer.Cause I could triple check my meds easier.Any comments from the nurses that use the bingo cards??Any comments would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.
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    Question boxes or bingo cards

    Thanks KTWLPN.There are a couple people whom would like to try the bingo cards ( some who arent nurses) the other coupl;e of persons are nurses who like the old box system.Also There are a lot of drug changes every week.Wed be sending the cards back to pharmacy very frequently.Thanks for the input.
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    I was just thinking about the child who was disemboweled

    OMG!!! Where did this happen?? that sounds awful.
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    Part-time nurse

    I too am a behavoiral nurse!Not a lot of us it seems.I personally work every weekend 20 hours total each week and PRN when the other two nurses are sick or vacation or need a day off ITs great!!!.I was originally hired in at 16 hours a week,but kept pushing for more time.Im lucky to do this.I love my job and the flexibility that comes with it.I guess you would speak to your DON.
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    I'm a nurse!!!!

    YAAAAYY!!!!Congratulations on your new career!!
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    Tips and Tricks that work!

    I have a fanny pack with me at all times while at work.I work on a campus of 10 acres and have found this to be indespensible.Also I dont work with a lot of infectious diseases so it does not act as a fomite.I put my keys,pens,penlights watch ect. in the fanny pack.
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    Oh yeah I agree.I did bedside nursing and learned a ton of things.I didnt mean to undermine other areas of nursing. We are all valuable.There are so many facets and personalities to match.
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    Is ER One speciality??I would think youd have done a huge variety of procedures and witnessed a lot of different diseases and disorders,and injuries.Which home care could be.Ive done home care before.I actually felt kinda bored.I mean Im more of a people person.It is always great to learn new things.Good luck with the new area of nursing.It sometimes is harder to move on and learn new things.
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    Why did you stay an LPN?

    Because I have a job I absolutely LOVE!!! make 20 bucks an hour,have two houses PAID for Raised four kids on.Am 44 yeatrs old,I know I could easily pass the RN course,Just dont wanna,Totally content with my life.LIfe is all about balance.Dont need to impress anyone!!
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    Yeah ,but Tazzy you probably have a world of experience under your belt working in ER.But I agree,Try something different,And ask for an extended orientation at that facility.
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    I am a nurse, but I dream of....

    I am a nurse,but dream of being an antiques dealer,horticulturist and a veterinarian.
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    how far do you drive to work

    It takes me 5 minutes to get to work.I live and work in the city.And love it!!
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    The smell...

    Hang in there!! I think the breathing through your mouth definely works.
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    home health vs. hospital

    I think you should work in a hospital and suck up as much knowledge as ya can,especially if you are physically able to do so .You could take that knowledge to homecare,where you are pretty much on your own.
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    Why you want to be a nurse?

    I love the autonomy,flexibiliy,medical issues,assessments interacting with a multitude of personalities.And have known since I was alittle kid that i was gonna be a nurse.And of course the money aint bad!!!
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    What do you think of the Med Tech route?

    Learn something new every day.I didnt realize that you needed a bachelors degree to be a med tech.
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    What do you think about this situation?

    Hi! Rnotoday!!I think you shouldnt burn any bridges whatsoever.I would think you could have a good chance of getting that job back.I left a highly stressful job,and the DON happened to work at another facility at a later time and did insist I come work for them.I did,but unfortunately the position I did was eliminated after a short while.But dont burn any bridges.Good luck in whatever ya do. God bless you with your upcoming surgery.Keep us posted.
  18. Probably horticulture or veterinarian cause I love to garden and animals
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    I had to quit nursing

    Ive been there done that too,cause of extreme anxity.I gave it up for couple of years until I found a much less stressful position. Now I love my job and look forward to going to work.Life is way too short to be all upset and stressed out all the time because of a job.Try another position after you take some time to raise your kids.Youll always be able to find work.(homecare)?Good luck
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    Pruritis at the movies?

    I dont Know why it happens, but suspect maybe Mites??Or allergic dermatits from the fabric??Ya mite want to watch movies at home.
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    Pruritis at the movies?

    Thats really funny!!!
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    Do you use the Nurse ProPack

    I use those ugly little fanny packs,however as far as being a fomite I work in a large campuslike setting. I dont work with a lot of physically ill Pts.They work great for me!!! I do have a few of them also.I wouldnt go to work without them.especially where I work everything is locked Id hate to lose my keys.!!It keeps me organized.
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    WE have a husband and wife at our place but different departments.
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    Stumbled Across

    Welcome i know youll love it.
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    Nicknames your pt's give you

    They used to call me Barbie(like Barbie doll)And my dear mom with alzhiemers at the time used to call me yellow head!She couldnt remember my name.Now its NursePaula.Not my name.