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    Who doesn't work in hospital & likes their job

    I chose the area of nursing because I was tired of the stress and aggravation of subacute.Now I love my job!!! I work with kids 5 thru 16yo.Campus environment,autonomy,(I love the autonomy)Low stress now,minor illnesses and injuries,See people get better and go home.See the kids at a later time,be doing well.Work close to home. just to name a few reasons why I love my job now.>Gardens,playgrounds gyms,Its so laid back!
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    Squirted in the eye with peg contents

    You should have filled out an incident report.I hope you flushed your eyes thoughly!Yes you can catch an infection!
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    Who hasn't inserted a foley or NG tube yet?

    Ive been a nurse for thirteen years and have never inserted an Ng tube.Some of these things you might learn on a job orientation.
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    Terrible Lost

    Iam so sorry for your loss.Hang in there Im sure youll have a lot of prayers said for you.God bless.
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    I thank you all

    Thank you for the acknowledgement!I love this site too.
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    recycling- seriously

    I was seriously thinking about that at our facility.I mean our kids here have wonderful gardens.Imagine the composted material that gets wasted such as potatoe peels,coffee grounds,ect.I personally have been recycling and composting for years.And we have the most beautiful garden on the block! But I think it might be against the health dept.for the kitchen to save such items.Im not sure what they do with plastics and stuff.
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    cleveland ohio RN jobs

    We have the some of the best world reknowned hospitals here in Cleveland.and of course the friendliest people.I know a few nurses that work at Fairveiw that state they really love it.And I was born there,had babies there and also went there for various emergencies and illnesses throughout my life and have always been pleased with the nurses there.Good luck in our wonderful city!!
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    Nurse nearly sucked from plane

    I saw this story.The Angels were riding with him for sure!!
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    Scrubs or street clothes

    I work on a large campus .with playgrounds ,gardens,gym,swimmimng pool.It is just more comfortable to wear street clothes.And i work with kids,the uniform might scare them a little.Im not required to wear uniforms.I suppose I could if I wanted to.
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    What should????

    HI!! I have always known in my heart I wanted to be a nurse,ever since i was a little girl.
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    Calling yourself a "nurse"

    One of my neighbors tried to pass herself off as being a nurse.I excitedly said to her Oh ME too! What school did you attend.She went on to say the red cross!!Some people!
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    Caught a 12-pounder!

    Never caught one but my neice was 12 pounds she looked like a three month old when she was born!
  13. Could LPNs request a residency program??When i was a brand new nurse I had like a weeks orientation.I know I couldve benefitted from something like this.Even today,I would like to learn new areas of nursing.
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    what in the world do i do?

    Im so sorry.God bless you.
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    Sometimes it is the Nurse who saves the patient

    Your letter is so heartwrming! Im a nurse for abused/neglected kids,most who are not with families.Ill try to be sure to give out extra hugs to the kids today.One day theyll grow up and maybe remember the kindness of a nurse.
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    Disposing of Used Suction Canisters

    Weve always thrown away the whole unopened canisters in Red biohazard bags.I beleive maybe you could reveiw Universal Precautions that might help.That sounds dangerous
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    Is LPN school really that hard?!

    I personally did not think it was hard.I would suggest you study some medical terminology though.Good luck
  18. Ive been in the medical field for 30 years and to this day ,I study and research diseases and disorders.Im smart but cant remember everything!I love to learn about diseases and disorders.
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    Whats the largest empyema you've seen?

    Do we have any idea what caused this??
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    Deciphering the MD follow-up report

    I would definetly request for the DR to clarify the orders!That is your legal responsibility as a nurse.
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    Questions about Ohio

    Im a lifetime Clevelander.And still love it!! We have an awsome downtown.Lake Erie.Metroparks,Museums,World reknowned hospitals.Cleve Clinic,Metrohealth,University hospital;s,Case western college,Cleveland state Universty,ect.Cleveland Indians,Cavs,Browns sports teams,with lots of fun night life.The down side is there has been a lot of crime lately,winters suck.Snow in winter.we do have all the seasons.Warm summer,decent spring,nice fall,I dont like winter here though.Lake Erie is really neat,can boat swim ,the Zoo is great!Good luck in Ohio!!!
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    Why did you stay an LPN?

    I agree 100%Who are some of these people to judge ????:angryfire
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    LTC nurse wage more?

    Ive done LTC in ohio and was paid pretty well but busted my buns!!!I have a much better position make a little less,but LOVE my job!!!
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    Any ideas??

    Jninifer.I too agree with becoming a CNA or Nursing assisstant or even a direct caregiver.We have these in the united states.Good luck.If they dont have such things in canada,maybe you could be a candystriper at a hospital.
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    new to allnurses