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  1. AlsgalRN

    The Five Patients You Meet In Heaven

    Thank you, thank you!
  2. AlsgalRN

    What does STAT mean to your Lab?

    I worked telephone triage for my clinic while I was undergoing chemotherapy. It was much more convenient to have my blood drawn in my clinic instead of driving to the oncologist's office. The lab tech called with critical results. Of course, I accepted those results. The tech asked for my full name. I gave it to her. She laughed when she noted that the patient and I had the same name. When I let her know that we were one and the same, she did not know what to do. I told her about the chemo and absolutely, positively promised to call my oncologist. I think she wanted to give those results to another nurse, just in case, but she did not insist. We draw all of our labs. At our lab, STAT is about an hour. Of course it depends on what is happening. If there have been several traumas called, we try to be patient. Our lab folks do their best.
  3. AlsgalRN

    Favourite Doctor Moments

    The patient had several daughters. Her husband strongly desired a son. This pregnancy was a boy who had been diagnosed with anencephaly. The patient and her husband believed that God would cure the little guy so he would be born healthy. The doctor spoke to her in her native language while he did the kindest, loving delivery. The peds team confirmed what we already knew, the little one had anencephaly. It was very important to Mama that her son be baptised in the family baptismal gown before he died. The doc helped me make that happen. Mama and Papa were too upset to hold him so he died in my arms. I have been present for many, many deliveries. The compassion, kindness, and caring of this doctor will always stand out in my memory. Yes, Dr. A.S. in Raleigh, NC, I am talking about you. You were awesome that day! I have cared for this patient several times since her son was born. She has several new daughters--------------and a new husband!
  4. AlsgalRN

    Need advice about care of a consumer

    Hospice is giving good care to my husband who is losing the battle with ALS. I think you should give them a call.
  5. AlsgalRN

    Defining nursing with a single word...

  6. AlsgalRN

    Loans, loans and more loans

    Canesdukegirl, I think we are in the same general area of the state. My husband has ALS. That caused financial issues that I never expected. Are you able to send me a private message with the info about your financial planner? Thank you, AlsgalRN (I picked the name Als gal since his name is Al. I never thought it would read ALSgal. I hate the %^&* disease.)
  7. AlsgalRN

    Ethical Issue -Missing Prescriptions

    Would you please post the info about the safes for all to see? My husband is receiving care from Hospice. While he does not yet require narcotics, I would like to be prepared when that day arrives. To all of you who work with Hospice, THANK YOU! Our providers have all been a blessing to this family. Thank you for the information. AlsGalRN
  8. AlsgalRN

    What happens to your PTO

    I would recommend that you check the policy from HR. My hospital will pay half of your PTO, if you give proper notice. The other half is forfeited. You may no longer donate PTO to coworkers either. If you die, the full PTO balance is paid to your heirs. (I had to ask because I was undergoing treatment for breast CA. My husband has ALS and I will be sure he is cared for if something happens to me. I currently have 9 weeks saved. I would have been very upset if he lost half of it because I died.)
  9. AlsgalRN

    Honors BSN unable to find job. Can the college be sued?

    Tankweti, It is a matter of common sense to expect that it is expensive to hire and train new grads. Your school is not responsible for the economy or your inability to find a job.
  10. AlsgalRN

    New graduate Raleigh NC

    If you are interested in a WakeMed facility, you can search on http://www.wakemed.org. I know that Rex and DukeHealth Raleigh also have websites where you can find your information. Good luck!
  11. AlsgalRN

    Wake Forest/Raleigh maternal child homecare?

    If you are interested in doing the maternal/newborn visits, you should look at the Wake County job listings. The Wake County Health and Human Services (used to be called the Health Dept) nurses are the lovely folks who do those visits.
  12. AlsgalRN

    Let me hear your raves

    Unfortunately, my hospital no longer allows PTO donation. The hospital CEO told us that allowing PTO donations is too expensive for the hospital. The funds are available, though, to hire a company to manage all FMLA and disability claims. Our hospital signed on with them effective 1-1-10. My husband has an appt with the ALS clinic on Tues. I have submitted my request to the company for it to be FMLA time. (My manager approved it 3 months ago but only if it counted against my FMLA time.) I have to call on monday to see if the company approves this visit. If they do not, I may not use FMLA. If I go to the appt anyway, it is an unexcused absence with all of the disciplinary action that would go along with it. I am sorry this post turned into a rant. If they were allowed to give PTO, I know that my coworker would do so.
  13. AlsgalRN

    Let me hear your raves

    In April, 2007, my world came apart. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. The same week, my beloved husband was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. I have to give my thanks to my AMAZING coworkers! I worked full time through the surgery, chemo and radiation because I needed to save my paid time off and FMLA to care for my husband. My lovely coworkers were awesome. They cooked meals, said prayers, rubbed my bald head for good luck, held me when I cried.........................the list of their kind acts just goes on and on. My husband is no longer able to do any of his own personal care. My stepsons have been my saviors. They have put their lives on hold to come help me and their Dad. One of them cares for him during the day so I can work. I would prefer to stay home to provide his care. I have to keep the bills paid and keep myself insured so I go to work. I do not know who to thank but we received an anonymous money order for $1000 during the Christmas season. I believe it came from my peers at work. They continue to support me in innumerable ways. Sometimes it is just a kind word, a hug, a smile.....................lots of small kindnesses that have helped more that I can say. If you are looking for a rave, just look my way. MY COWORKERS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AlsgalRN
  14. My father was dying of lung CA. He was admitted to the VA hospital for pain control. Even with the assistance of Hospice, he was never pain/nausea free. My brother took him some marijuana. He smoked it and noone said a thing. (This was 7 years ago. I don't know if patients can smoke in a VA hospital now.) I don't know if it helped but I think he enjoyed it. He died the following week at my brother's home.
  15. AlsgalRN

    Newly Grad seeking RN jobs in Raleigh

    Thank you, NC Girl, for the correction. I saw the listing but obviously did not read it! Sorry! AlsGalRN
  16. AlsgalRN

    Newly Grad seeking RN jobs in Raleigh

    If you are interested in WakeMed, please go check the job listings at Wakemed.org. There is ONE new grad position that has been posted. You have to make your application online. Good luck! AlsgalRN:specs: