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I am a mother of one:)

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  1. Jennipherlynn

    Care of post abortion pt

    I have always dreamed of working in ob, i am a recently graduated practical nurse who has just been offered a position in a womens health clinic taking care of pts who have just had an abortion. i have reviewed my material from school but cant find alot of information on how to care for these pts. I would appreciate all feedback. I am not sure if I will take the position or not, this is not the ob position i always dreamed of but it would open some doors to me this is a large clinic that does prenatal care and many other aspects of womens health. Im concerned that it will close doors to me in future interviews. in short, im a mess trying to figure this one out and could just use some advise and opinions. please help.....I do not want to turn this in to a pro choice or pro life discussion. I only want to know how to care for these pts and if anyone feels that this would be the right or wrong way to start a OB nursing carreer I plan on going on for my RN as soon as my little boy is old enough to start school and then go on for my CNM. I have wanted to do this since i was a little girl. it means alot to me. you can reach me by email at Jennipherlyn25@yahoo.ie
  2. Jennipherlynn

    Best Study Tips Please!

    read the highlights of your chapters outloud into a recorder, on your way to class, the grocery store, or while making dinner, listen to it. I used to go to sleep starting with "A" and on to "Z" I would try to recall something that started with that letter that I learned. songs songs songs! ie, all of endocrine is stuck forever in my head to the tune of the ants are marching lol. find one that works for you. also there are a ton of medical mnemonics those are great for things like the 12 cranial nerves, (oh oh oh to touch and feel very green veggies, ah heven!) I used everything i could think of, as a mom of a two year old, i learned bones muscles by doing the hokey pokey with my son. I passed with an overall average of 90 and have yet to take my boards, but am fairly confident as these learning techniques really stuck with me... Good luck!!!!!!!!
  3. Jennipherlynn


    THank You all for your congradulations- I take boards in about 60 days !!!!!!!
  4. Jennipherlynn


    I did it. holy cow its over. I am now officially a Graduated Practical Nurse. Now its on to Boards.........:)
  5. Jennipherlynn

    Pinning ceremony?

    Anyone have one of these yet? just wondering what to expect, really excited only three weeks to go now till graduation! We have to wear a white uniform no makeup hair slicked back in the bun no jewelery ect... typical clinical attire for us except for the white uniform (our school uniform is blue and white and the word sailor comes to mind when looking at it) ugg cant wait to get rid of that thing! Just currious though .......... Thanks!:roll
  6. Jennipherlynn

    Nursing school hellions!

    heres one for you, we just finished endocrine, Just took the Unitexam and this poor girl looks up and says Whats IDDM mean? However, this girl is not stupid and will make a good nurse some day, I think the problem is to many hours trying to work the night job and it was a friday afternoon...... lol
  7. Jennipherlynn

    LPN to RN

    I dont know much but I can tell you that my instructor (LPN) told us to stay away from Regents programs she said that they were in many cases unfair and that she had heard of alot of problems with them, thats all I got, sorry cant give more info... LPN GRADUATION IN 18 more school days....:)..............

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