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Pat_Pat RN has 8 years experience and specializes in ER, Med/Surg.

Husband of one, Father of two.

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  1. Pat_Pat RN

    Freaking out over needle stick

    I've had sticks, but no one every came back positive for anything. That would be scary.
  2. Pat_Pat RN

    TB test readings

    Have you taken a class through ALA? That would be your best bet. A positive test not only depends on the size of the induration, but on the person being tested. Here, I grabbed this off the 'net:
  3. WRONG! We most certainly are our brother's and sister's keepers.
  4. Pat_Pat RN

    Shift work and dating

    I met both my wives online. I met my current wife in college via the Unix 'finger' command the first time around, Purdue, 1994. We dated for a couple of months, nothing serious. Several years later I met my first wife on an email group about ZR2 equipped Chevy trucks. She lived in PA, worked for Aetna in the fraud prevention department. My dad and I (my sister wouldn't let me drive out alone, stolen kidneys were a thing at the time) drove to PA so we could meet her and her family. About a month later she started monthly flights to see me in Indiana. She'd stay a week at a time. Several months later she moved in to my parents house, my room, but I moved into the garage. We got married a few months later. We had a little girl a year later. She was diagnose with primary pulmonary hypertension a couple of years later. Five years later, almost 5 years ago now, she passed away on Thanksgiving day, she was 36. A couple of months later, I reconnected with my current wife on FB. We have been married about 4 years now. So "online" but not through a service x2 for me and both worked out very well.
  5. Pat_Pat RN

    Heparin Flush vs. Saline Flush (PICC and CVC)

    Your employer should have a policy covering this.
  6. Pat_Pat RN

    What is the drug of choice in your area?

    Oh I know, I didn't meant they weren't real seizures. It's just that the calls for the ambulance is always "25 y.o. male having seizures." Like they have a seizure disorder...they don't mention the "drug overdose".
  7. Pat_Pat RN

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    Our "gift" was a little insulated lunch bag, a ear-muff/headband thing and....a pen. But, someone from administration was here every evening to make sure night shift got in on the food and such. They area really very good to us here. We are a tiny hospital (20 beds) in a HUGE system. Locally we are taken care of, system-wide, not so much.
  8. Pat_Pat RN

    How do you deal with verbally abusive pts?

    Gee, I wonder why.
  9. Pat_Pat RN

    Change of shift admissions

    I've worked both ER and Med/surg and it IS a thing to admit people at shift change, which is ridiculous in my opinion. As the OP said, it is a safety concern.
  10. Pat_Pat RN

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    We've supposed to have a whole week of stuff, but it is for "Hospital Week", which I guess is next week? There is a banner on the nurse's station today, other than that, nothing yet. ETA, just found this hanging on the break room door: Monday, Special Food: BBQ Chance to win Firepit BBQ basket (firepit, smores, forks, fire starter sticks) Tuesday, Special food: Soup and Wraps Chance to win: Spa gift card/basket Wednesday, Special food: Popcorn bar Chance to win: Movie night basket Thursday, Special food: Pizza and salad Chance to win: Pizza basket/gift card Friday, Special food: Nina cake and punch [Nina is a LOL that has made cakes around our area for YEARS, my wedding cake came from Nina.] Chance to win: Heavy metal Tools and Lowe's card. Also, each employee will receive "a gift"....
  11. Pat_Pat RN

    So I kind of messed up

    Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
  12. Pat_Pat RN

    Infection Control

    Don't exactly follow your question, but.....we check everyone admitted if they have been in another facility within 30 days (even if it was OUR facility) or if they have a long-term MRSA flag in the chart. Hope this helps.
  13. Pat_Pat RN

    Random question of the day: What's your baseline blood pressure?

    Usually 120's/70's. HR is always in the 80-90 range.
  14. Pat_Pat RN

    What is the drug of choice in your area?

    Lots of heroin and spice causing "seizures".
  15. Pat_Pat RN

    Will an ER tech help me land a job in the ED?

    That's the way I did it. Worked on the ambulance as an EMT-B. Moved to a UC job to get a raise and better hours.. Then went to nursing school and continued for a few years as a nurse there.
  16. Pat_Pat RN

    Leaving nursing. Has anyone else done it? How?

    Is that legal?