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  1. nor902

    A Nurse's Hands

    Beautiful memory filled article. I have been retired for a number of years myself! Viva have you ever considered writing professionally and publishing your work? Your stories are wonderful.
  2. I worked on a surgical GYN/Oncology floor. We had to float someone every evening. No matter where we floated it seemed that we were given the worst of the worst patients. What was especially difficult was the nursing staff! They were by no means helpful or even polite. It always felt like I had 8-9 patients while they had 4 and were sitting at the desk all night chatting. I happened to see the nursing supervisor and pulled her aside on one of these fun nights and showed her my assignment. She was absolutely shocked! She told me these were all patients that this staff have been complaining about that they were too difficult. I am usually the evening charge nurse on my unit so she knows I am reliable. This happens every evening when my nurses are sent to float. They come back the following evening and tell me how bad it is. From then on my evening nurses were not sent to other floors such as ortho or neuro or peds, as our floor was considered a specialty ICU. i
  3. nor902

    The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    1)__ Do you take the flu vaccine yearly? If you do not, what is the reason you do not participate (if you don't mind answering this question)? Yes, I get the vaccine yearly. 2)__ Does your employer have a mandatory influenza vaccination policy as a condition of employment? If yes, where do you work? No my employer does not have a mandatory policy but I really think they should. We are an OBGYN office. 3)__ What concerns do you have about the flu vaccine? none! 4)__ Do you know if anyone who has been released from their job because they did not get the flu vaccine? yes I have heard that they have been fired for refusing.
  4. nor902

    What did you do before nursing?

    I was a Teaching Assistant in Special Education!
  5. nor902

    Need help with graduation gift idea for new RN grad

    This would be a great present. Scrubs are expensive as well as comfortable shoes!
  6. nor902

    What is the freaking deal with OB?

    I agree totally! When I did my OB rotation it was so bad I knew I did not want to go home every day with the sadness that occurs there! Only one out of 6 births I assisted at ended happily.
  7. nor902

    My Nursing Career: A long look back

    A very touching and inspiring article!
  8. nor902

    CDC Unveils New PPE Guidelines for Ebola

    I am afraid hospitals are going for the cheapest equipment they can get away with. It was highly suggested by the CDC that drills are run with actual garments. One hospital decided it was too expensive? How will the nurses learn the proper method unless they practice with the real thing. This is certainly not something they should be allowed to get away with.
  9. nor902

    allnurses Ebola Preparedness Survey Makes the News.

    I think each city should have a protocol and stockpile of necessary supplies and go to person. In our city we have 3 large hospitals plus a VA. I think that only 1 should be designated to receive these patients (hopefully it will not come to that) with trained teams.
  10. I think this Texas Hospital has more issues they need to take care. Shame on them for allowing this nurse and Duncans info splashed all over the news. Blaming the said nurse for breach of protocol without full investigation of the actual facts. Sending Duncan home without thoroughly working up his case. I think they are trying to deflect these issues off of themselves.
  11. I wish someone would tell me what happened to patient confidentally? How is the hospital, CDC and media even identifying and discussing her or any patient for that matter. My prayers and thoughts are with thes nurses.
  12. So sorry this happened to you.
  13. nor902

    How do you feel about mandatory influenza vaccines?

    I agree that nurses should get the flu vaccine. I previously worked on an oncology unit with in house chemo. Do you realize what it is like for them to get the flu? Their immune systems are zilch. There are also other debilitated patients in the hospital that are at risk. I believe that it is negligent not to. We are suppose to protect our patients. I also believe there should be severe consequences for nurses to refuse unless they have an allergy. This business of some of them being sick for weeks and months after a vaccine is in their head.
  14. nor902


    Wow ! You need to report this ASAP. Think of how you would feel if something serious happened to one of those patients and you did not take measures to report it and hopefully avoid a tragdey.
  15. nor902

    Chronically late patients...

    I worked for years in a GYN office. Despite the best efforts of the staff to keep everything running smoothly it rarely happened until we got really strict. We instituted the 15 minute late reschedule appointment. For the first few months it was rough going. In our office patients most of the time try to use us as their primary care with such excuses that they do not like their primary doctors. They would save all their problems up for a year and present them to us at their appointment. We had to put our foot down on this as well. A 15 minute appoitment would easily turn into an hour appt. What a mess. I must say that now since we became stricter we are pretty much on time every day, unless their is an emergency or delivery.