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  1. CaliRN29

    From Adult ICU to PICU

    I made the transition from adult ICU to PICU a year ago and love it! The kids are so much happier and tougher than any whiny adult! Patience is the key! Blood pressures on a 3 year old can take a few minutes b/c you have to earn their trust first where as adults, you can just walk in there and slap a cuff on and walk out. Also getting used to different vital signs. You will have to know vitals from everyone to a neonate to adult for your teenagers. "Manual of Pediatric Critical Care" is a great PICU book as a resource. The other big thing that is very different from adult ICU is that the kids all have random problems. With adults they all have HTN, DM, obesity, etc but with kids they are usually a clean slate. Of course you will have your broncholitis/RSV kids and others that you become familiar with but there is always one that will throw you off your game :) You will LOVE PICU! Good luck!
  2. CaliRN29

    pregnant flight nurses

    I was offered a flight nurse position but would like to be pregnant soon and wanted to get everyones feedback on how well (or not so well) that might work?
  3. CaliRN29

    What do you read?

    I was wondering the same thing ... I am a current member of AACN and I know they cover critical care but their journals rarely have Pediatric specific things ... any advice from the seasoned PICU nurses?
  4. CaliRN29

    UC Davis Sacramento

    Re: UCD PICU - I did clinical rotations there and one of my friends is an attending there .... they are a great hospital in general and the PICU nurses are some of the smartest nurses I have ever known! They get some very sick kids so they have the chance to keep their skills sharp. Re: Kaiser PICU - Kaiser is opening a new Women's and Children's hospital, schedule to open in Jan. 09. They have a PICU but it is less acute than UCD or Sutter's. I used to work in the adult section of that ICU and some of the PICU nurses we catty ... they might be better when they aren't forced to share an ICU with adults. The doctors seemed good ... but since the patient's aren't that sick, your skills might not be so sharp. Good luck!
  5. CaliRN29

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Intensity Questions

    In my opinion, SMC grads are just as well prepared for a new grad RN program as an associates or traditional BSN program (possibly more prepared because this is not your first degree and you have more "life experience"). Nursing school is truely just a "basics" and you will learn most everything in your first job.
  6. CaliRN29

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Intensity Questions

    I went to SMC in Oakland when the economy was better and went to work as a new grad in Sacramento (my choice). My friend just graduated from the SMC Oakland program and is having a tough time finding a job in the East Bay because of the hiring freeze. (she was initially accepted to the San Mateo program but was offered a spot in Oakland before the program started which was better for her b/c she lives in Concord, just FYI). The SMC program is very fast pace. Typically classroom stuff 2-3 days a week (sometimes 8-5 other times 1-9 etc.) and then 2-3 days of clinicals (sometimes on weekends). It depends on if you want to get done in 1 year or 2 years. I don't know anything about CSU EB though ... good luck!!
  7. CaliRN29

    Mission or Saddleback PACU?

    Saddleback PACU here .... send me a personal message if you still want info :)
  8. CaliRN29

    Saddleback Nurses?!?!

    oh b/c I heard her talking on the phone to someone last week about a position and was wondering if that was you. What kind of experience do you have?
  9. CaliRN29

    Saddleback Nurses?!?!

    I am working in the PACU right now ... are you interviewing with Maria?
  10. CaliRN29

    Cedars Sinai L/D Program

    I was wondering the same information! ARe you going to the open house in Dec?
  11. CaliRN29

    Hospital reputation in North Calif

    Wow Yosemite RN ... sounds like you work in my ICU!!! I have not worked as a RN at other facilities but this is how my Kaiser is and I have heard it is that way other Kaisers too
  12. CaliRN29

    So Cal L&D RNs - Question for you!

    HI ... I am a Northern California RN with 1+ years experience as an NeuroSurgical ICU RN ... I am considering moving to So Cal (most likely Orange County) and wanted to know the best places to get trained and work as a L&D?!?!? Thanks for your help!
  13. HI ... I am a Northern California RN with 1+ years experience as an NeuroSurgical ICU RN ... I am considering moving to So Cal (most likely Orange County) and wanted to know the best places to get trained and work as a L&D and/or PICU nurse?!?!? Thanks for your help!
  14. CaliRN29

    Hospital reputation in North Calif

    I work at Kaiser Sacramento and like Redwood City, we specialize in Neurosurgical ICU. IF you are a new grad or looking for a new speciality, I would not suggest Kaiser because they don't have the best training programs. However, Kaiser does pay the best so if you are looking to stay with the same speciality, go for it. Also, we mostly work 12 hour shifts in the ICU but every where else is 8 hours! Good luck and feel free to message me any more questions!
  15. CaliRN29

    Aneurysm after giving birth?

    I work in a NeuroSurgery ICU and we just had a patient who had the exact same thing happen! It is very unfortunate timing! However, I am not sure if the labor had anything to do with the Aneurysm rupture. I have had patients who sneezed hard and had it rupture so anything can set it off. As for the question - why are they waiting 5 days - typically the most critical time is the first 72 hours. As for the hole in her head - is there a drain coming out of that hole. Typically with aneurysm rupture, the blood enters the subarachnoid space and causes the CSF not to circulate properly causing increased swelling in the head. By inserting the drain, we can drain off the excess that the brain is not able to handle. Since the event happened on Sunday they should know a little more starting Wednesday. If her coma state is not medically induced they may be discussion of how much treatment and how aggressive the family wants to me. Typically with younger patients the outlook is more positive than with older patients so they might not even bring that up. If the coma is medically induced then one of the previous posts explains very well why that is needed. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me. Also, with this type of injury the physicians at our hospital keep patients a minimum of 14 days because of the risk of the blood vessels in the head going into spasm. This typically occurs between days 4-14 after the initial injury. Take care of yourself and your family and I am hoping for the best outcome!
  16. Questions for Chicago L&D nurses!!!! permalink ICU RN wanting to start in L&D in Chicago permalink Hi Everyone in Chi-town! I am currently a California RN with over a year of Critical Care/Neurosurgical ICU experience. My husband and I are thinking of relocating to Chicago and I would like to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. I want to know from all of you: #1 Which is the best hospital for Labor and Delivery in the Chicago area? #2 Which hospitals offer the best cross-training programs in L&D? #3 Any contacts for L&D nurse managers and/or Nurse Recruiters at the good Chicago Hospitals! THANKS SO MUCH and I can't wait to hear all there is to know about Chi-town L&D!!!!