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MaleICURN has 46 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care, PICU, OR.

A nurse from 1974, originally from Europe, RN in US since 1991.

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  1. MaleICURN

    PCU or ER as a new grad

    I would rather go to ANOTHER hospital. Why? Remember, in YOUR hospital people remember your previous position, so even subconsciously they may treat you as "a unit assistant".
  2. MaleICURN

    I Am A Sober Nurse, But Only for Today

    One day at the time. Congratulations
  3. MaleICURN

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    Something new from "Dr. Kildare". This is from 1965-66. Already intubating patients. Pt. with approx. 60-70% 3rd degree burn first TRACH. Almost immediately able to talk (short sentences) occluding trach. After few days no trach (dressing), pt. talking without hoarseness, like nothing happened before. Surgery - this patient intubated. Another patient. Sudden PE (embolism, not edema). ACLS - chest compression about 20-30 compressions/min. On the screen fine VFib. Even student suggested shock. Dr. Kildare shocked his head as "no". In nest few seconds - asystole. Stopped CPR. No ABC, but only BC (pt. on facial mask, vent on "positive pressure")
  4. MaleICURN

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    Recently I'm watching very first "medical movie" from early 1960's "Dr. Kildare". Relatively few mistakes, of course there's 1960's so AMI 3 week bedrest, general anesthesia on mask, almost never ETT. For acute respiratory failure (even on the field) - trach (metal obviously). But yesterday I saw order: 10 mg Morphine SQ (patient not on vent) and 100 mg (!!!) heparin (way not specified). Hmmm
  5. MaleICURN

    funny charting errors

    Happened just minutes ago, Pt. with lots of ectopy. I charted" Frequent bigeminy and trigeminy". And.. "bigeminy" was automatically corrected for "BIGAMY".
  6. MaleICURN

    Syringe driver terror

    I had a beautiful 23 months old girl. Trach, vent. Unable to breath on her own, vent on AC mode. Days by days, rather hours after hours her PIP increased, finally reaching > 50 cm H2O. Family decided to withdraw treatment. We placed her on Fentanyl drip. In maybe 2 hrs she was gone. Having her that night only as one patient, I was happy, when my Charge Nurse sent me home after "all". It was probably my most difficult to accept night. I drove home with tears in my eyes. It happens few years ago, but I still remember HER.
  7. Sign with me to CYP OR file for Chapter 7.
  8. MaleICURN

    "The Good Ol' Days!"

    Isn't that "Dr. Kildare" scrubs?
  9. MaleICURN

    "The Good Ol' Days!"

    The hospital that I worked in in Ireland when a pt died we opened the window to let the spirit of the deceased out. That still happened in hospitals serving Native American population. The Spirit of the deceased MUST leave the room.
  10. MaleICURN

    Calling off :-(

    Not as bad as to find own replacement (sic!) but, to call in we have to make at least 2 calls: FIRST the manager (day or night), then House Supervisor. Good idea to call Charge Nurse on the unit. Prior to that experience I just called the Charge Nurse.
  11. MaleICURN

    Do you have a free charge nurse on your unit?

    In a big, teaching hospital, ICU - 33 beds - we had totally FREE Charge Nurse AND frequently a Resource Nurse. They were obviously to help, answer questions. If they were paid for Charging/Resource duty - honestly I don't know. Now, I'm working in very small ICU - charge has regular assignment and (obviously) not paid extra.
  12. MaleICURN

    Charting Bloopers

    Pt. intubated, on vent. Condition fair. Plan of care discussed with patient, who verbalizes understanding
  13. MaleICURN

    Words You Hate

    QUIET and EASY (as shift). ADENOIDECTOMY - argh, much easier T&A
  14. MaleICURN

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    So much horrible mistakes, so I decide NOT to watch any of this "medical" movies. Just a few most characteristic: 1. Always scream, newer talk (esp. in code situation). 2. Extubation WITHOUT weaning, ABG,s, just - suction, extubate and ... place pt. on O2 by NC (presumably 2 L/min). 3. Pt. on permanent HD - no AV fistula on any extremity (that was not medical movie). 4. And my most favorite (!) which I'll probably never forget: - Blood pressure dropping! (scream, of curse). - Start nitroprusside drip!! (scream). Ugh. Nipride for hypotension!!!! I saw in my imagination producer of this "movie" with BP 40/0 and with Nipride at 4 mcg/kg/min. No more movie.
  15. MaleICURN

    Sacrificing church to study instead SMH

    I'd just say the motto of Benedictine monks: "Ora et labora" - "Pray AND work". In the past, they often asked the candidates which word is the most important - and the answer was "AND". Be balanced. If you work on Sunday, you are praising God also by your WORK, more, by your SERVICE.
  16. MaleICURN

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    You're a nurse if: You eat a five course dinner in a five star restaurant in 5 minutes - happened to me. Any time I'm with some nice guest on a fancy dinner, I'm done, when they hardly start maybe second course. You use your scrubs as a PJ. As a matter of fact happened to me too. I do not even own a pajama at all; happened to be a patient in a foreign hospital (in one of East European countries, where the required patient to brought their own PJ). What I brought - a pair of scrubs. You sign your Credit card receipt or a check as J Doe, RN - happened at least several times. You look on somebody arm and said to yourself: "Gosh. What a vein. Easy for 16".

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