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  1. TrudyRN

    Held Down and Forced to Take The FLu Shot

    Call the ACLU.
  2. TrudyRN

    Patient advocacy & legal liability

    Maybe you can just leave some literature lying around where your coworker can find it. Or talk with her, off of hospital grounds and on your own time, about any information that goes against whatever the docs have said. docs and institutions feel hugely threatened and insulted over stuff like this. do not get yourself in trouble trying to help unless you can afford punishment, firing, etc. Just not worth it. I know it's very frustrating and you can try the approaches I have suggested but let it alone after that.
  3. TrudyRN

    CDC - Why Most Nurses Don't Get the Flu Vaccine

    I have always been in awe of how some new virus knows exactly when to come out of hiding (Fall/Winter) - just in time for its "season". And how can vaccine makers know against what virus to prepare the shot each year unless they are also involved in making this virus appear? I took a flu shot a couple of times, was ok. But I simply do not trust that there isn't something nefarious in these damned vaccines, put there intentionally by evil people. Call me crazy but I just don't trust people the way I used to, including "scientists". There has been too much told to us about who funds drug research and what happens to those who perform it when their research results are not "acceptable" to the funders - fired, ruined careers, defamed.
  4. TrudyRN

    Vaccinate your kids, or go to JAIL?!?

    How about the concept of government obeying the Constitution, too?
  5. TrudyRN

    Dementia relief, with a huge side effect

    Of course there is a time for each of us to die. However, you might not be as complacent if your own loved one were involved. Furthermore, doctors have a responsibility to INFORM patients and/or their guardians/POA's about side effects. How many ever do?
  6. I think a lack of education is a large cause of the frequent visits for minor, non-ER problems. When I recently had an Ortho situation on Saturday, I called my primary and he ordered an X ray. I went directly to Radiology, bypassing ER altogether. They sent the results to him and he told me I needed to see Ortho, which I then did - on Monday. Saved an ER run, an ER fee, which I'd have been charged for using ER but not being admitted, and saved an office visit co-pay to primary doc. Feel sort of guilty that primary didn't get paid for his role but not that guilty. Why should I clog up the system with my painful, urgent, but non life-threatening, fairly minor problem and why should I have to spend hours and bucks to sit in an ER and still get the same treatment I arranged for myself? Hmm, maybe they should pay me the copay! Anyway, education on how to treat cuts, scrapes, minor trauma, and the like could de-clog the ER's a lot. Another thought: bill charity recipients for ER usage for non-ER stuff. Make them pay a co-pay, just like we have to if we are insured. Enforce this, force payment by cutting out some of their benefits until the ER charges are paid. Must be careful, of course, to not cause death or disfigurement by this policy, or starvation. But I know lots of welfare recipients who somehow always have money for beer, cigarettes, hair extensions, cell phones, and acrylic nails. How do they do this yet not have money for ER????? I think they (at least, the people I personally know) buy stolen goods (DVD players, computers, etc.), they run up cell phone bills that they never pay. I say this because I see them with the phones this month but the phone is gone next month. Then in a few months, they have another one - different one, different company, then that one is gone shortly. I do understand their plight, I do believe there are plenty of white collar criminals that go unpunished, it all just makes you wonder.
  7. TrudyRN

    Vaccinate your kids, or go to JAIL?!?

    Maryland most likely does not want to spend the money to jail all these parents. They likely hope that the threat will work to force the parents to either vaccinate or fill out the objection/exemption form. It's a tough question, really. We need to protect the public health but we also need to zealously guard our Constitutional rights. Rights are limited, of course, as in Someone's right to swing his fist stops at the next guy's nose and you can't yell "Fire" in a crowded theater and cause a stampede - if there's no fire. The price of liberty is constant vigilance - and taking action when someone, including government, especially government, tries to flex its muscles. We can't sit around being nice, as so many of us were taught to do, and compliant and expect someone else to protest and win liberties for us.
  8. You really need to learn the HR policies at your facility. Read it in the HR Manual. Do NOT tell them you're pregnant a single second before you absolutely can't hide it any more. It is not their business. You need a lawyer so you can learn all of your rights. That said, just get through your orientation and be a good worker and keep the lines of communication oopen between you and your boss. Let her know exactly when you are going to go on Mat Leave and exactly when you will be back. Do this in WRITING, perhaps via email, so you have a record that you absolutely told her and that she received your notice. I still say you have no obligation to tell them ANYTHING about your personal life until you absolutely must. You should read up on the history of maternity leave and other feminist issues. Your foremothers fought long and hard so you could be treated with dignity and respect at this time, over this issue and others that are peculiar to women. GET THE FACTS from 2 or 3 attorneys and from your HR Manual and keep your mouth shut and good luck.
  9. TrudyRN

    Should I say anything?

    Maybe she's tired from work, kids, stress, heaven knows what. Keep absolutely out of it. If you do keep a "suspicion" log, keep it totally to yourself, never tell anyone you have such a thing. A suspicion is just that - unproven imaginings. You can easily, easily, easily people by your suspicions, particularly when you verbalize them. To me, it is cruel and unconscionable to speak your thoughts on topics like this unless you have true proof. A lie repeated often enough becomes believed. People are lazy and/or love to gossip. Do NOT partake or indulge in this deadly sin. I really hope you stay out of this mess. And since your boss said nothing to you about it and did not accuse you of any wrongdoing, I think you are probably not a suspect or person of interest. Why open a can of worms by bringing it up? What do YOU think you should do? What will you accomplish by keeping silent? By going to your boss? Who left the dang bottle on the counter anyway? There's no proof of how much was or wasn't in it at any particular moment, since there's no proof anyone counted it. No proof that there were even a certain number when dispensed by Pharmacy.
  10. TrudyRN

    OMG I just got fired...what now?

    I think you need to ask the person who fired you what the specific reasons are for the firing. If you ask enough often enough, you can likely get some answers. Do file for unemployment money right away.
  11. TrudyRN

    OMG I just got fired...what now?

    1. The nurse fired you? Not the doc? 2. You believe she lied about it being a joint decision by the doc and herself. 3. You stormed out. Not to be critical but if you thought there was a lie afoot, why get furious and storm out instead of going to the doctor to clarify. Who is really the boss there? That is, who is sleeping with whom? Ahem, pardon my indelicacy, just that, so often, it seems that that enters into these situations. But leave that out, of course, when you calm down and go back to calmly discuss this whole thing. If you want to just leave it alone and move on, learn this: Don't mention either job if you've only been out of school since March. You took time off to rest. right? Once you are on a new job, get daily feedback, if need be, on how you're doing. Do not accept a Charge position, although it might be hard to find anything else, as that's how these facilities tend to do. Maybe you can work a shift when there is, at least, an RN in the building and you are not the only licensed nurse. Rome wasn't built in a day. You are not going to last if you try to correct every problem at once. Take on bite-size goals. And master your own skills before you try to change anything. Lead by example. Model good sense and maturity and kindness. Silence is golden. Be patient, keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut (I mean it. No gossip, no sharing of personal business, no complaining about anyone else. NONE). Try to figure out what went wrong and avoid doing it again - if, indeed, it was anything on your part. Might have been impatience on the part of the dentist's nurse (is she an actual nurse?) or jealousy or who-knows-what? What was the trouble on the first job? Best wishes to you. File for unemployment if you are eligible. Go online in your state and check it out.
  12. TrudyRN

    Funny OB things people say

    Not to be un-funny, but those who have been castrated do have just one opening for urine and blood.
  13. TrudyRN

    Funny Names for Nurses

    We had Dr. Bonebrake, Ortho Dr. Bones, DC Dr. Butcher, surgeon Nurse Baggy, who was perpetually pregnant LOL
  14. TrudyRN

    MD for DUMMIES

    I know where you're coming from but, as the other poster says, if they're unconscious and have no vital signs, they probably aren't feeling it anyway. Frankly, I think we were better off before any of this (CPR), tube feeds, transplants, and the like, ever came into widespread use. But who can really say? Each case is different. And people are, I like to think, being dealt with by God on the issue of their eternal souls while they are this side of the grave. Also, not to be disrespectful or morbid, but students learn a lot by practicing on corpses and others close to being corpses. It sounds harsh but we all know this is true - at least, where I went to school and have worked (teaching hospitals).
  15. TrudyRN

    Heart warning added to Avandia

    This is old news. How nice of them to first get around to it now. Reminds me of Alex Haley's book about the pharmaceutical industry and how they hid the truth about thalidomide and other drugs from the public for seriously long periods of time, when they should have made it known yesterday. Hooray for the FDA!
  16. TrudyRN

    Held Down and Forced to Take The FLu Shot

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. People who let fear rule them are already defeated. Hitler, the Czechoslovakia thing, appeasement, toss him some crumbs and maybe he'll leave the loaf alone - that kind of thing. Except it never stops there. Not only did he take the loaf, he took the bakery and the wheat fields and hen houses, too - from half of Europe and into Africa. The goose-stepping monster even sailed a U boat right up the Hudson River!! Refusing to band together. Victim mentality that so many of us have been taught, to the point where we feel unworthy to challenge authority. Guilt, shame, fear of disapproval, fear of being fired or of falling out of favor, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. "Nice girls don't buck authority." Ever hear that one? "Those in authority always have your best interest at heart." Government, your boss, your religious leader, your teacher, doctor, parents. All of them just love you and want the best for you. How about that little lie? Maybe they really do want the best for you - what they THINK is best. Except it turns out to not be best. Nor, probably, is the motive so altruistic. So often, those in power want to keep power, institutions just want to keep control of their staff and maintain their world as it presently is. Ever run into that? Read Machiavelli - "The Prince" - "Fear is better than love" type thing. As for a quick fix, your Mom can say she is allergic to eggs or state some other contraindication to the vax or say she already had it, of course they will want some written proof. If she had a doc's note, it would also work. Pisses me off totally that a grown person need's a doctor's note and can't just be honest and say she doesn't want the blasted shot, but it will do the trick. Seriously, though, those who were assaulted and battered need to get a lawyer NOW! :angryfire:angryfire