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lpn 17 years long term care

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  1. tigger2sassy

    Overcoming for Mario

    hello there mario-- good to see you back-- keep the faith-- look at the pros and cons-- where there is a will there is a way-- listen to the above posts-- good luck to you-- if i can be of assistance please let me know
  2. tigger2sassy

    Licensing in Two States

    nurse2b-- i pm'd ya
  3. tigger2sassy

    Licensing in Two States

    i have held as many as 4 at one time-- arkansas, minnesota, michigan, and wisconsin-- sure does get expensive to keep them all renewed though-- yes, arkansas and wisconsin are both in the nursing compact-- take heed though-- when i moved back to wisconsin with my arkansas licensure-- i was given an extremely hard time trying to get a job in wisconsin (superior) to be exact-- every nursing home around refused to accept my compact license-- i called the wisconsin state board-- they said the nursing home could take them if they wanted to-- as for the thirty days that you could work on your compact license-- (should the facility decide to honor it) you could starve to death and go homeless before your license was approved and mailed to you-- i said to heck with it-- went to duluth minnesota-- applied for renewal and got my license in a week-- but am going back to home state of arkansas this week-- so will let the other two licenses expire and not renew them-- gotta get some home roots!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. tigger2sassy

    incident reporting

    could someone please clarify this-- when an incident report is written up does it become a part of the patient's chart and do you chart " see incident report" in the nurses notes instead of charting the details in the nurses notes? i was always taught that the incident report was used as a tracking tool and not placed in the chart and also you did not chart the word incident report in the nurses notes--BIG RED FLAG-- but now i am seeing it charted in the nursing notes incident report filed and the incident report itself is a part of the record
  5. tigger2sassy

    arkansas nurses

    are there any nurses from arkansas out there? will be locating to northwest arkansas around the first week in june-- i would line to know how the job opportunities and how the housing is any help would be appreciated:D
  6. tigger2sassy

    "Nurse Appreciation Week" gifts from employer

    i guess that people tend to forget what it means to be sick and needing someone to take care of them-- i became a nurse to take care of people-- i appreciate the gift that i have been given-- nothing from the facility i work at-- the gift that i am talking about is the pride and dignity that i have gained through sharing the experiences of life with my fellow human beings-- god gave me a great gift and i pray everyday that i can fulfill the trust that people put in me with their lives-- they depend on me to shoulder their burdens in life-- for a little person i seem to have big shoulders to carry those burdens-- nurses, i salute each and every one of you-- may we all be united in our strength, compassion and love of life so that we can give back to those who have so generously given to us happy nurses week
  7. tigger2sassy

    Happy Nurses Day, you wonderful nurses!

    happy nurses day to each and every one love ya all a bunch
  8. tigger2sassy

    Nurses Day

    wolf-- the card was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sent one from it to another nurse friend of mine-- what a lovely thought for nurses day-- allnurses-- you gotta check this out!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. tigger2sassy

    Drug @ Alcohol Nursing

    i work in a similiar environment-- with young adults from ages 30 to 60-- what a change from geriatrics-- my facility deals with residents on a long term basis-- it is really a challenge-- you get to wear many hats on my unit-- from social worker to nurse to whatever may come up-- it can be heartbreaking a lot of the time-- but for right now i am proud that i made the switch-- ya gotta think fast on your feet to stay ahead of these guys-- what really gets ya is having someone who is the same age as you-- you can really appreciate what you have in life-- after all it could be you
  10. tigger2sassy

    This Was My Day...Have you had one like it?

    love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! i needed this for the change over garbage last night-- i wonder could we hook up an answering machine with these options to the call light system--- just a thought--
  11. tigger2sassy

    Full code status in LTC

    no one could say it any better-- god bless you for saying something that needed to be said-- i lost my father a year ago today-- it took a lot to talk my family into letting him go-- i knew what he wanted all along and the family could not accept it-- at last, my father is at peace
  12. tigger2sassy


    well said night owl-- i think i'd rather have you for a nurse-- i feel exactly the same way about staff sleeping on the job-- i work nocs and i get tired and sleepy too-- but i have a fear of getting caught if i fell asleep-- never know who might have a camera
  13. tigger2sassy

    This is my first time here

    hi there gracie o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the boards hope that you enjoy this as much as i do may you get as totally addicted to this as a lot of us are looking forward to hearing more from ya
  14. tigger2sassy

    Burnt out or fed up!

    belinda-- just remember that the grass is not greener somewhere else-- believe me, i am living proof of that-- as has been stated before-- if you don't take care of your patients who else will-- until nursing is able to stand united as one the only difference we can make in ltc is what we personally can give in the eight hour shifts that we work-- but remember one thing-- YOU made the difference for them during your shift-- thank you for caring tigger2sassy
  15. tigger2sassy

    Anyone have cheese? I need to whine !!!

    love the attitude to use when job hunting-- what can you do for me-- worked agency for a while at the end of last year-- had made a major cross country move-- agency was a good way for me to find out what other facilities had to offer-- gave me different avenues to look at too-- learned a lot about myself-- it gave me more independence and the guts to do something i wasn't used to doing-- asserting myself-- had been stuck in the nursing home syndrome for years and was burning out-- this i feel was very much self inflicted -- so until i did this-- i didn't have a right to b***h-- am now working in a facility on a different type of unit with different age groups-- am truly satified that i made the switch-- good luck to you tigger2sassy
  16. tigger2sassy

    Glad to have this forum

    disabled nurse-- my hat goes off to you-- have been a nurse for 19 years now-- my little aches and pains that i have when i come home from work are nothing compared to what you are going through-- you are truly an inspiration to the field of nursing-- talk about dedication!!!!!!!!!!!! i can only hope that maybe someday i can say something that might help someone else-- you have truly inspired me this morning-- and yes, there is a place for you with us-- keep doing what you are doing-- inspiring others and lifting spirits of those who think they have it rough-- feel free to pm me at any time-- i work night shift but will get back to you asap-- may god richly bless you tigger2sassy