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    CNM job outlook in Kansas

    I'm in the kansas city area, and I do think CNM jobs are slim pickings around here, not many places hiring, but then again things change on a weekly basis around here, new groups popping up and such. Ya never know, let's just say I don't plan on finding a job in the KC area, but will take it if I do, I'm fortunate enough to be able to relocate and I graduate in December, from an online program.
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    UCSF CNM program

    yes, that's a good point, i'm just the opposite, i'd rather do things on my own and get through the material at my own pace. there is more interaction with your peers and instructors online than you think, tho. some programs even require group projects and such.
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    ER Pet Peeves

    I suppose you feel the same about those with diabetes, heart disease and strokes..since we know those could be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle??? I don't disagree with you, but you have to admit, if people didn't drink/smoke/do drugs and lived a healthy and active lifestyle, lots of diseases could be prevented! I'm no picture of health myself, but I think it's unfair to NOT include obesity(which leads to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke) along with smoking and doing drugs has a disease the could be prevented.
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    UCSF CNM program

    I'm just curious as to why if you didn't get in, why are you waiting an entire year to reapply there? Why not consider a distance learning school? I'm curious to know people's reasons for choosing one school over another, other than location? Is that something particular about the program you are interested in?
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    University of Cincinati Online CNM program

    Thanks for your response, and that's great to hear! Fortunately for UC, everyone's clinical experience is going to vary so much. I actually live in Kansas, and will have to find my own clinical sites here, I'm also willing to travel to get the experiences I need, so that's not much of a problem for me. Congrats to your friend!
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    University of Cincinati Online CNM program

    I like the small class size. I like the way the curriculum is set up, it's different than frontier. You don't have to visit the campus, at all. I've been very pleased with them so far. I know Frontier is the Gold Standard for this forum, but there are some people out there that are interested in OTHER schools.
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    University of Cincinati Online CNM program

    I'm curious to know anything about this school as well. What do you mean clinical placements? I thought you had to find your own preceptors and such, much like I thought how Frontier worked?
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    Is this birth plan reasonable

    There is no reason to do a full head-toe assessment and weigh and measure the baby in the first 5 minutes. We not only allow our moms to do skin-skin for the entire first hour, we encourage it! We do nothing other than the normal drying/stimulating, assess apgars, help breast feed and band the baby for the first hour. Yes they have an entire lifetime to hold the baby, but they will never get that first hour back. Having to watch baby from afar, while it cries and gets poked and prodded.
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    Time: in room to epidural?

    I feel pretty lucky, the last 2 places I've worked, we could probably get them comfortable in Both places require only an IV, as long as no hx or sx of pih. I get the important questions, and do all the rest later. The only consents they sign are for a c-section. Anesthesia can generally be in the room in 5 minutes, unless they're tied up somewhere else. If a patient comes in super active, usually other nurses will help, and we can have an IV, delivery set up, etc pretty darn quick.
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    Computer Charting

    I am at a hospital that just did "go live" with Cerner, and let me tell you, it SUCKS big time, it is NOT user friendly for OB, it's tedious and stupid, NOT to mention the program for our OR, called "surginet" it's a joke. I've used Cerner, for little things at other hosp, and it wasn't as bad, because we still used our paper flowsheets. Here, they're doing physician order entry, and it's kinda cool, no more paper orders. I've used watchchild, before and LOVE IT, also QS is good, too. There are so many better systems then Cerner, that's for sure.
  11. I'm looking for up to date info on the guidelines from the NICHD regarding fhr moniotring, 3 previous hospitals I was at, had changed to the new guidelines. Referring to charting about the FHR. For example you refer to the baseline by 1 number not a range, there is no short-term variability. variability is absent,minimal,moderate or marked, etc. The hospital I am at now, has not changed, and none of the nurses know what I'm talking about when I correct them, I tried to look online but couldnt' find anything. thanks so much
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    NICHD and AWHONN fetal monitoring guidelines

    at our hospital, the physicians were inserviced as well, that's the point, so that everyone is speaking the same language, of course, the old time physicians, still think like back in the old days anyway, but honestly, its' NOT a new way of thinking or interpreting trips, it's just a few new ways of documenting, it's actually easier in my opinion
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    NICHD and AWHONN fetal monitoring guidelines

    Aye! I don't have the time or the desire to organize it, but if I can just produce the info to the manager maybe she will get on it. I took the updated class just in June, but about a year prior to that, we had a seperate inservice regarding the new info, I'm just so surprised that noone here as even heard of it, THis is Stanford University, for goodness sakes! haha
  14. I'm an L&D nurse, looking to go pretty much anywhere for the right money. I want a sign-on bonus and relocation assistance. Do jobs like this exist? WHere do I look? I'm finding nothing but travel jobs when I do a google search. Any advice?
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    if you want to deliver at home, look into professional midwives, they are not nurses, so it's not illegal for them. don't rule out homebirths just because a cnm can't do it, how about crossing over state lines? or even unassisted birth?
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    Ever transfer credits from Univ of Phoenix?

    thanks trauma, I appreciate your input, but I'm leaning towards not going to Univ of Phoenix. I just feel a bit pressured and looking at my ultimate goals I dont think it's for me. Now I feel more confused than ever. Not sure what im going to do
  17. I'd like to start at Univ of Phoenix, I like the format and schedule and so far am pretty pleased with the application process and such. I eventually want to obtain CNM, but I'm not ready to get into a CNM program right now. How do I find out of credits from Univ of Phoenix would transfer into a CNM program later on? I realize not all of the credits would transfer, but surely some of them would apply?
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    My 2 cents on natural birth/birth plans

    Personally, I don't mind a birth plan, I'm all for natural birth if that's what you choose. I will do whatever it takes to support a laboring mom, and help her have the birth experience she would like, but they also need to trust me, that I/We know what we're doing, and if we're suggesting something there's a reason. I think new nurses especially get so flustered in trying to take care of someone who doesn't want CEFM or epidurals, because they don't know what to do??? A few nights ago this girl came in and was 7cm with a bbow, and did not want anything done. Everyone kept saying..."oh she needs an epid" her nurse was saying "i wish she'd just get an epid, how do i monitor her intermittently, blah blah" it was lack of confidence. Frustrating to me
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    Lompoc, CA?

    I've worked at the kaiser in Panorama, I wasn't impressed. Very standardized care, everybody gets internal monitors, pitc, and inevitably a section. I got a patient up to walk once, and they looked at me like I had 4 heads "our patients don't walk" they said. They have Kaiser doctors that are in-house and manage the patients. So it's not very personalized care.
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    What is your unit's Uniform Policy

    where I'm at now, we have to wear whites and we aren't supposed to wear them in, the hospital does not provide them. It's such a crock. I've been here 3 months and my scrubs are disgusting! I will never go anywhere I have to wear whites again! I have a problem with hospital provided scrubs because I need a larger size than they normally have (4X).
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    strange request?

    i had a patient's significant other (half-jokingly) ask me to teach him how to "check" his wife. ewww
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    My patient was complete for 7 hours :(

    I am SO exhausted, what a night. Poor girl. Wanted to go natural, but very reasonable and flexible patient. They were self-pay, planning to go home in 24 hours, etc. She was 5cm when my shift started. I kinda had a funny feeling when I first met her, that this wasn't going to be easy. She's short, with short legs and arms, but average size. SO, la dee da, she's doing it all, birthing ball, tub, standing, walking, etc, no progress, at 2100 we arom, ok fine and dandy. at 2330 she starts involuntarily pushing while squatting in the bathroom, OK, GREAT this is going well. at midnight, she's complete, yeah! at 0100, we've had some variables mom has a temp and hasn't made much progress, despite pushing in all sorts of positions, she's just not relaxing, she's fighting her body. So, we get an epidural and rest, she has some lates, they resolve, but overall things are "ok" at 0315, we start pushing again, head has moved, yeah! At this point, ive never checked her, the midwife has been at the bed, almost continuously, so i really dont have a feel for things, other than what I can see, which isn't much other tahn some occasional bulging I've not eaten other than a half of piece of pizza and a few sips of water, im getting tired! at 0515, she's still not made much progress, she's squatted, s-s, all fours, every type of pushing I know how, she has a great epidural, she can move, and feel pressure but she's comfortable, still feels tense to me and i finally checked her and it feels like a tight fit and baby feels OP SOO, at 0545, variables continue, overall reassuring, mom's temp hovering around 100. she's getting exhausted, obviously, doc has seen strip, evalutated things, ok with continuing until 0630. She really is starting to proress and crown, maybe a smidge. baby is really decelling more, does'nt l ike mom's back at all but she pushes better on her back. Doc finally comes in and evaluates again, agrees to try kiwi, but is hesitant, she tries, 2 pulls, baby comes to crowning and just sits there, doesn't budge, 2 popoffs, and baby slides right back up, doc says it's just caput coming down, FINALLLY AT 0650 we wheeln into the OR and of course it's shift-change and there's not enough help, we need 4 RN's to go into the OR, because there's no tech and we need an assist. THis poor patient, she's doing good, tho, very stoic, dad is crying she's not said much of anything the whole night. SO, you'd think this baby would have a nuchal, be big, acyclytic (sp) SOMETHING, but nooo, straight OA, 6-1, no nuchal and the poor midwife, has to work all day today and nearly dislocated her fingers pushing up on the head, there was an audible POP when the suction was released becuase that baby was wedged in there so tight. mom and babe were fine when I left, but WHEW, I"M POOPED and poor mom just did everythign we asked of her and pushing her little heart out. Sometimes it's just NOT meant to be
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    My patient was complete for 7 hours :(

    I'm all for laboring down as well, and it's just so weird, cuz everything was going so well with this patient. She went natural and started pushing involuntarily while squatting in the bathroom (using the bar to hold onto) then things just started going down hill, she really wasn't in labor that long, but we started an IV because of the low-grade temp and she seemed dry, even tho she had been drinking fluids all day. After some time of pushing and not much progress, despite pushing in SEVERAL different positions, baby started with d-cels. so we opted for an epidural, and let mom rest, decels continue, temp of 100, uterus getting tired, ctx's not that strong, and irregular, not much progress, start pit, overall reassuring but not a great pattern. She did make progress after resting with the epidural and then began pushing again, i really thought a whiff of pit would do it, but no such luck. yes she was hoping to avoid the cost. that baby only weighed 6-1, i really hope they aren't too upset with the outcome and aren't too stressed with the cost, I honestly haven't ANY idea what her delivery cost. I remember hearing it was around $4000 for a SVD with epid? but how much for a c-section?
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    The cheerleading is NOT helpful

    I'm very laid back, easy to get along with, pretty much can get along with anyone, but I've been at a new place for 3 weeks and mostly it's ok, tho they do some things kinda weird (like the whole unit running into the room for EVERY d-cel) but, wow, I wanted to ring this girl's neck, and our personalities are clashing BIG TIME> She busted into my patients room after knocking VERY loudly and shouts. HIIII (in a squeaky obnoxious voice) I'm ______I'm here to catch your baby" and then immediately comes over to the bed where myself and the midwife are pushing with the patient and starts CHEERING "PUSHHHHH, PUSHHHHHH" and CLAPPING HER HANDS, I kid you not! I looked at the midwife and we both turned around and GLARED at her. Mind you this patient was going natural, we had the lights dim, we had a very good environment going on and she ruined it all. Mind you we were NOT close to delivery, far from it. I never even called out for help. She proceeded to STAY in the room for a few minutes, we did NOT need her help and finally I said, "Uhm, I'm good, I'll call when I'm ready" and she got SOOOO offended. She has an attitude and a chip on her shoulder and she is sooooo incompetent, she said she's been an L&D nurse for 5 years but she just graduated. I had to "orient" with her, and granted, I only get 1 day of orientation becuase I'm a traveler, all I needed to be shown was the computer system and wehre they kept their "stuff" i'm pretty keen on the aspects of birth, etc. And she couldnt' keep her mouth shut or get out of my way or anything. I really am not good at confronting people and I dont want to make any waves, but this girl is really going to be a problem if she keeps busting into my rooms and acting like that. I'm really just venting here and for anyone who managed to read all this, please vent with me about obnoxious, unhelpful coworkers :)
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    The cheerleading is NOT helpful

    LOL, I ONLY WISH the patient would have said something! Sadly, i don't even think she noticed, but I sure did!