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  1. echota

    I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    Wow congratulations!!:yeah:celebrate and enjoy this moment!! *cheers* and hello suzanne nice to see you here again :) Thanks for all your support during those times :)
  2. echota

    I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    Wow....I had this website link in my favorites and thought I'd stop by and check it after posting this one and a half years ago!!I'm very happy that my experience has inspired to many of you even upto this day :)...Looking back it was such a struggle to see myself fail 3 times and thinking that I can never make it...but here I am...an RN for one and a half years already :) Many of you may not care how I'm doing after I passed the test but I'm currently an ICU RN :) and being an RN for 1.5yrs has been so rewarding and everyday is a learning experience in my life. I will never forget the time, energy, tears, and happiness that made me who I am today :) I will check my private messages as often as I can from now on...To those who need support, encouragement, and prayers....I will be here for you guys...I'm currently a Preceptor to new RNs in our hospital's unit so don't be shy to ask me anything...even if you just need someone to listen to. Study hard, eat healthy, rest enough, and trust in God.
  3. echota

    Canadian Nurse... wrote the NCLEX

    Congratulations to you.....RN!!! :)
  4. echota

    Yay! I PASSED the NCLEX-RN!!!

    Congratulations to you and have a merry christmas!!
  5. echota

    I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass. For some people, answering thousands of questions alone may work for them but it doesn't for some. I think what's more important is for you to understand/study the rationales of each question rather than count the number of questions you've answered. What really helped me in doing the questions was focusing on one subject/area at a time. I made sure to get 75% and above in that area before moving on to the next. I used the same concept while using saunder's cd and kaplan qbank. Goodluck to you Mabuhay and don't give up :)
  6. echota

    Just took the Nclex-rn today

    Congratulations nindot, RN!!!!!!! Have a merry merry christmas!
  7. echota

    feel like i did so bad..

    Don't give up yet!Sometimes it's hard not to worry but try to do alot of christmas shopping and hanging out with friends to keep your mind off the test. It will come when it comes :) Best wishes to you.
  8. echota

    wrong answer at my last question

    wahooo!!!!congratulations to you!!!*cheers*
  9. echota

    I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    Thank you again everyone!!!I still can't believe that I'm already an RN!It hasn't hit me yet coz I'm too busy spreading the news and wrapping some christmas presents! For now I feel that it's more important to let others know never to give up no matter how many times you've fallen. Pull yourself back up and make sure you're around people who love and support you at all times. You may have heard this alot of times but it's true that if you do your best....God will do the rest :) Happy Holidays!!!!
  10. echota

    I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    Thanks everyone!! Born2bRn, hardwork will pay off in due time. Just have patience, determination, and believe in yourself. PM me if I can be of any help,...keep trying and don't give up.
  11. echota

    i am unhappy!!!!

    Make sure you prepare for the test differently next time. Give yourself some time off and when you are ready to study again, try doing a different approach. I passed my test on the 4th try and for me, doing saunder's and kaplan Qbank was what helped me. Keep praying also and believe in yourself. If I can help you in anyway, PM me I will be glad to help you.
  12. echota

    i did it again....

    Hi hamburg, yes 3 days is just minimum so try to relax...I was like you when I waited for my result and I finally stopped checking my name online because I didn't want to worry anymore. After 5 business days, my friend called me and told me that my name was posted :) just hang in there!
  13. echota

    Freaking out!!

    hope&faith, I understand it's hard not to worry. Try to keep yourself busy and don't look up anything because it will just make you worry more. Hang in there and keep praying :) All the best to you.
  14. echota

    The LORD has done it for me

    Congratulations to you!!!God is good. Time to celebrate!!
  15. echota

    I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    Hi everyone! This was my 4th time to take the RN test and I passed it finally!!:yeah:I answered 75 questions, took about 2 hours, 4 select all that apply, one calculation, and alot of priority questions such as who to see first, and infection control. I took Kaplan along time ago but I failed twice. I finally used Saunder's and purchased Kaplan Qbank. For me, those two materials helped me pass this time. I recommend using Saunder's book, do about 3500 questions on the cd, and get kaplan qbank (I know it's expensive but it's worth it!). And finally, keep praying...Don't ever give up because God IS always watching us and his plan is greater than ours. To those who have failed their tests, please don't give up because your time will come!No matter how many times you take it, just continue to study, spend your time wisely, and do as many questions as you can. I think I've done a total of about 4500-5000 questions total and it really helped. I can't believe I did it!!!!I'm from california and I was about to think that I failed after not seeing my name after 3 days. My name came up online after a week. I was out of state having a vacation and my classmate called me to tell me that my name was posted!!!!Tears just started to run down my cheeks and I couldn't stop saying thank you to everyone who supported me, especially to God for making it happen :) I FEEL SO GOOOOD!!!This is really an unexpected and best christmas gift for me!!!Thanks for reading my long story but I'm just so excited to share it to everyone!!Happy holidays!!!!I feel like doing the monkey dance:rotfl::monkeydance:
  16. echota

    Am I an odd?

    Hello rags, I'm probably the first one to tell you that what happened to you is the same exact thing that happened to me. My first test of 265, all were "near passing"...second test of 261 which I ran out of time were "near passing"...and my third test last Aug. 22 of 75 questions were "below passing"... It seemed like I have gotten worse. I paid for kaplan twice on my first 2 tests. My 3rd one however, I just reviewed my book and practiced the trainer cd over and over again. I still failed. Same as you, I was lost on how to study differently this time. I'm currently doing suzanne's plan. I have to be honest, it's a very good place to start studying. You should try her plan and hopefully it will work for you :) Pull yourself up again and keep going. The battle is not over yet. I also had a 3.5 gpa when I graduated but that really doesn't matter now for what matters is if we pass or not. It will only take a matter of time that we'll do this so keep going! :)