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kmarie724 has 5 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. kmarie724

    Pregnancy, Graduation, New Job

    I was pregnant during my last year of nursing school. Our last day of class was a Thursday, my daughter was born the following Tuesday, and I went to my pinning ceremony that Friday, the day after I was DC'd from the hospital. I took NCLEX after my maternity leave and started working as an RN at the same facility I had been working at as a CNA. This worked out well for me, but if I would have had any pregnancy complications it probably would have disrupted my schooling.
  2. kmarie724

    How do you get your first nursing job?

    My first nursing job was at the LTC facility I worke at as a CNA while in nursing school. Ten years later I am still there, now as a nurse manager.
  3. kmarie724

    Holiday rotation

    Every other holiday. If the holiday falls on a day that would normally be your day off, you still work the holiday (e.g. if the holiday fall on your weekend off, you still have to work even though it's not your weekend). Holidays are: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Since it's an odd number, the holidays you work are opposite every year. This seems like the most fair way to do it.
  4. kmarie724

    Maternity discrimination

    Do you have a job now that you can stay at until you have the baby and pass NCLEX? I was 9 months pregnant when I graduated nursing school. I had my baby a few days after finishing school, took 6 weeks maternity leave, and then went back to my CNA job while I studied for NCLEX and looked for a job as an RN. I think finding a job as a new grad while pregnant will be difficult for the reasons already described by other posters. If you already have a job, I would suggest maybe sticking to that job until after your maternity leave.
  5. kmarie724

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Orthostatic BPs. I don't know why, but I hate doing those! Feeding pts. Again, I don't really have a reason for this, I just don't. I also hated feeding my own children baby food. Packing wounds. Stuff everything in there really grosses me out! Gowning up to go into isolation rooms. It's already always warm in our facility, so adding a gown and mask makes me feel like I might pass out.
  6. kmarie724

    Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    I'm not a school nurse, but my (fully potty trained) kindergartener took a trip to the nurses office yesterday because she wet her pants. Why didn't she go to the bathroom? "Beause I was trying to set a world record for the longest time holding my potty."
  7. kmarie724

    Is anything at your work that puzzles you

    1. When somone scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday PM shift calls in on Friday, stating "I'm so terribly sick, I won't be able to work today or Saturday but I know I'll be better and able to work by Sunday." 2. The nurses can be trusted with access to the narcotics, but not printer paper and other office supplies.
  8. kmarie724

    whats for lunch

    If I don't have any leftovers to bring, I usually grab some crackers and string cheese along with some fruit or yougert.
  9. kmarie724

    Would You Stop to Provide Medical Care?

    If police/fire were already there, I would not stop. I'm not trained as an EMT/first responder and I don't know the procedures/policies so I don't think I would be helpful in any way. If there was no one else there, I would call 911 and if I could safely stop, assess the victims and render any basic first aid I was able to.
  10. kmarie724

    Changes in language

    My 6 year old was playing with one of those old fashioned Fisher Price toy phone (the rotery type one) and kept calling it a clock and asking why it didn't have the right numbers on it. I told her it was a phone and she couldn't believe it. I guess she's never know a phone without a touchscreen!
  11. kmarie724

    Holidays ????

    I am always happy the years I have Christmas off because it is my favorite holiday. But if I do have to work it, we just celebrate on a different day. I never felt like I have "missed out" on Christmas because I was working. I like having the 4th of July off because we always have a BBQ and fireworks with family, but even if I do work since I work days I can still participate in the evening. Memorial Day and Labor day I don't really care about having off and I would rather work and get paid time and a half.
  12. I always let calls from work go to VM. If I want/need extra hours, I call back and offer to work. If not, I don't call back. If it asked in person if I can work another shift and I don't want to work, I say "Sorry, I have plans that day." They don't have to know that my plans are parking my butt on the couch and watching TV all day!
  13. kmarie724

    weekend work Harder?

    I worked in LTC. If there are no call-ins, new admissions (we get short-term rehab admits on weekends sometimes), emergencies, or hospital readmissions, weekends are pretty low-key. But usually it's not that way and when the crap hits the fan there isn't nearly as many people around to help out as there is on a weekday.
  14. kmarie724

    Bedside nurses and pregnancy

    Both my babies were born around 39 weeks. So before my EDD, but not technically early. My first pregnancy I was working nocs as a CNA. She was born at 39 weeks. I worked until the end, I called in for my shift one night because I was the labor and she was born the next morning. My second I was working as a nurse in LTC. Thanksgiving was my last day of work (I was around 38.5 weeks). I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and had the weekend off. I went to my 39 week check-up on Monday and she was born 2am Tuesday morning, approximately 10 minutes after I arrived to L&D!
  15. kmarie724

    Help me feel better about this - Full time 8 hour nights

    I worked full time 8 hr nocs for a few years and I actually kind of liked it. On my nights off, I would stay on my awake at noc, sleep during the day schedule and stay up until 4 or 5 and sleep until noon. Of course, I didn't have any kids then, so it was easier to sleep whenever I needed to sleep. I now work .8 day shifts and I dread getting up at 0500 4 days a week, but i do it because it works better for my family right now. I would much rather stay up all night than get up early. I'm considering going back to nocs when both my kids are school age and I can sleep all day while they're at school.
  16. What I usually do is put the call light one and start the process of getting them to the BR and then let the CNA take over when they get to the room.